Entering the fallen Hold

  • After many weeks of non stop digging through,the Council of Moradin members along with Z finally pass through the fallen Hold's entrance.There they witness a macabre scene but being more than determined,they immediately get to work. Some of the structures still seem intact, testament of the dwarven craftsmanship. Guards are placed to control who goes in and out, ale and food is distributed around to raise morale and tasks are being assigned. Some adventurers are eager to help after communicating their intention and so the huge Quest begins...

    //There are guards placed who control the traffic in and out of the fallen Hold.This post is to keep updated who does what in general,detailed lore will be available to those who participate every time. Council members and Z can add or remove any PC they find trusted or otherwise. Please do not mine if not accepted in character by the above mentioned PCs as the placement of NPC guards prevents it. There will be a continuous updated list of the involved PCs in this topic after in game interaction (IC lore for some and OOC for others). Please pm me or any of the players with Council members and Z for anyone who is not shown on the list. This post was approved by DM Stuiped.

    Miners/Council Members:


    Outsiders help:

    8.Vick Blake

  • //Do we want to try and do this here or in game? I can do it either way.

  • Upon Vick's request, the needed items are provided and placed in the Hall according to his directions. Then Thorin stands by and ready to coordinate with or watch Vick.

  • When or if the time comes to question the assassin, Vick asks for a short list of items and the services of a magiker dealing in influencing the mind

    Heavy wood table suitable for a dwarf to sit at
    Heavy wood chair with high back, suitable for a dwarf
    A chair for Thorin and himself
    3 empty buckets
    3 buckets of clean water
    30' of steel wire

  • Vick is escorted into the Hold by Thorin and is there as the final major blockage is removed by Z, Alavaniel and Thorin. He helps search for a bit but is mainly there to look at the prisoner. As he and Thorin stand outside the bars, watching the duergar, he asks Thorin if he might "work" with him on the questioning. Upon Thorin's agreement and with his permission a solid meal and ale is brought to the prisoner. As Vick states, "a reminder of the better things in life" and smiles a hard thin smile that does not touch his eyes. The last thing the prisoner hears as they leave...."he will need his strength for what is to come"...

  • With a final, determined push, Z, Alva, Aramis, and Thorin take out the final few boulders. Now begins the clearing of the smaller pieces, dirt, etc.

    No more picks. Now we need shovels and wheelbarrows...

  • Alvi would be more than willing to help since Gnarl and Aramis already are

  • The badly injured man is now being treated at the camp. He was somewhat delirious and dehydrated, and likely couldn't have lasted much longer. While no more survivors are seen or heard, the two that have been saved were only saved because of the fast and dedicated efforts of the miners.

    Plenty of rubble still remains. One could start clearing it near the entrance to the caves, to get a picture what the amount of materials needed for the eventual rebuild is.

    The structure at the north end of the cave seems a bit too unstable for rebuilding, but most of the former cave area can still be used.

    The mood in the dwarven camp is rising. Silent submission to the devastation is subsiding, and turning into determination. The dwarves believe they can make it work. It's as if a battle of morale has been won.

    Meanwhile, a duergar prisoner remains at your hands. Several different approaches seem to be available, and it is up to you which ones you want to pursue.

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  • Gnarl Horst and Aramis continued working in the Hold trying to reach the last trapped dwarf that they were sure was there, after many long hours of back breaking work they broke through to the survivor, healed his wounds as well as fed him, gave him drink then escorted him to the encampment to recover from the ordeal. Much more rubble remains and Aramis can be seen stalking through the collapse, listening for the slightest noise trying to locate any further survivors. Thorin Goldenaxe as well as Master Z have been seen often coming and going from the hold, bringing badly needed supplies to the rescue effort as well as bending their back to the task at hand.

  • //Said map has now been updated. You can enter it. It's mostly collapsed, but some of the equipment (once that are not blocked) are usable. It's also being used as a jail for duergar prisoner atm.

  • ///The Dwarven Hold crafting shop map is normal. Did it survive the attack? Is it usable? If not, is it in a repairable state to help with the dig? Are the masters in there (and other sturdy buildings) more survivors or is that all OOC?

  • After trying to recruit folks from Peltarch to help with the dig, Z heads back to the Dwarven Hold to continue helping Aramis clear the path to the survivors, but it's slow going...

  • *While continuing to clear the Hold, another groan is heard in the distance - to the north.

    Workers pick up the pace and push north trying to reach the survivor (survivors?) in time.*

  • The dwarf returns after a day of rest, joining the two guards at the entrance and guarding the ruins of the hold.

  • *Squeezing through a narrow opening, Z is able to reach the near death Moradin's Hammer and heal him.

    Once stable, Z gives him some food and drink before going back to open the gap wide enough to get the Dwarf out.*

    Chauntea be praised...

  • In between strikes with his pick, Z hears movement in the darkness...a weak groan.

    By Chauntea, we got a survivor! He bellows

    New strength charges his arms as he now clears the rubble with a new purpose...life.

  • Diadne would like to volunteer her help. If there's anything she can do, even if it's simply guarding, please let her know.