Player owned housing, shops, ps, etc READ

  • Narfell DM

    Everyone who has a character that owns anything in the module post here what it is, where it is, and whether or not you have proof of ownership.

    Gnarl Horst - Owns the Edge in Peltarch, and all within, proof of ownership: keys, access items, forum posts regarding ownership.

    We will be doing an overhaul on all the PS and private property in game and if you don't step up to assume ownership we will clear the building and sell the property to active players.

    If you own something and don't want to post about it for secretive reasons or whatever then post here that you own Something and send me a PM with the details.

    This will close at the end of August, after that the property will be sold or assumed ownership by npc's.

    If a player returns and has found their property is gone they can contact the DM to see about getting it back IF no one else has bought it up.

    Were not trying to screw anyone out of their hard work, were just trying to clean up some clutter and make it available to active players.

    To clarify I only need what you OWN, guilds and organizations can deal with their own storage.
    I also don't need to know what you want or are waiting for.

  • Droibo's PS #11: Yana

  • Droibo's PS #3 : Caling Rydrion

  • Droibo's PS number 12: Cormac Randolph

  • Aramis Card has Droibos chest #2

  • Narfell DM

    M5 PS in the Bardic College Masters Quarters is claimed.

  • Narfell DM

    Mercenary's Appartment is claimed, as well as the PS storage inside of it.

  • I did poke Johant to write in this thread, but he hasn't gotten around to it: so on his behalf, let it be known that the one and only Horbag Hurkink is the owner of the Rats and Bats restaurant, located conveniently at the chasm known as Sam's Hole. A locked personal home area exists in the same establishment, with PS storage.

  • Atel owns the Spear Estate - Key (Spear House Key) located in her invintory, does not have a PS

  • Raúl Owns the bottleneck appartment # (have to check). Key and stuff in the PS inside of it as proof.

  • Narfell PG

    Talyna and Benji both had a tent with a PS chest in the Silver Valley. Not sure if we can still claim it, but posting that here just in case.

  • Z runs the Crafters Union and has access to all of the unlocked PS resource bins inside the hall. He also has access to the Guild PS store, the masters chest in back, and guild storage chests #8, 12, and 13. He also has his own personal PS Chest #1 - Member, master, and shop keys, guild forum moderator, posts, etc.

    Z owns a farm in Norwick (No PS) - Deed and key.

  • Narfell DM

    Aelthas owns the temple lighthouse no ps chests there

  • Amil's got the Markeplace PS Shop.

  • Ros Underhill has Droibos chest #18

    Fadia uses druid circle PS

  • Narfell PG

    Lorelai/Tindra technically had the Fuzzy Den in the Rawlinswood, which a DM (Benji) had started a plot with goblins tunneling underneath that was supposed to be a temporary displacement, but that never got resolved. Other people have also been given keys (though the Den is currently unlocked).

    Also tied with that Fuzzy Den was a PS chest that was moved to the inner Druid Glen, marked as "Lorelai's Chest".

  • Ginger B Tealeaf has a guild-owned PS chest in the Crafter's Union building. She also has access to the Master's chest in the Crafter's Union building, and the Phoenix vault.

    Bitsy Troff has a organization-owned PS chest in the Dwarven Hold interior map.

  • Brumir Silverhammer has chest 11 in the Dwarven Hold interiors map.

  • Anna Blake, OWNER of Hedia's house, proof key, and RP Deed (given to her by Clandra's NPC)

    That being said it might be sold at some point but currently its being shared with Kathea (to which if I sell it to her possibly I'm going to need a replacement PS chest)

  • Telinus has PS in Oscura - Keep of the Fallen