New rumours heard throughout Oscura

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  • The people of Oscura chatter about an incident on the Raven Rift the other night. Apparently, an armless guard was circling and cawing crazy talk! And worse, after being shot down by some adventurers, exploded into some sort of giant crystal! Which was then obliterated by a divine blast from the adventurers, somehow killing and wounding themselves and a few more guards in the process!

    “Ah, but Mella just returned from Peltarch? He’s got both arms back and is tidying his garden again. Sounds like nonsense to me.”

  • Cormac is seen entering, and exiting the Leviathon. On what business is anyone's guess. Rumor suggests there was an exchange of gifts.

  • [Cray sits at a table in the open bar, located in the Oscura docks. He quietly drinks at a slow pace for hours, upon hours on end. In between sips, he is often sitting with his elbows on the table and his chin in his hands. Just drinking and contemplating. The entire time Cray stares directly across the table at his helmet of “Brainkill”, which seems to sit there staring just as blankly back at him.]

  • [During the visit, any of the Leviathan crew visible above deck, seemed nervous or on edge to say the least. One of crew members even double checked and tightened the dock ropes, as if they expected vessel to suffer a sudden leak? After the meeting, things settled down to normal and the crew seemed back “at ease”.]

  • A tall man stands before the gangplank of the Leviathon, he meets with the Captain. Both go inside. One man emerges after a short time. The visitor.

  • For those that frequent the docks. Everything appears to have returned to normal on the Leviathan.

    Cray spends a lot of time in the Oscuran library all of a sudden. Completely engrossed in some new area of research. When not at the library, Cray can be spotted at the west gate, having long talks with the Priest.

    It also appears that for the moment, Cray is currently staying at the Black Sails guild house. Yet Abe, the Leviathan’s Swabbie seems to be working double time to keep the Leviathan’s galley stocked with foods of all kinds. Allegedly, a guest may currently have run of the Leviathan’s captains quarters. And poor Abe is at their beck and call at all hours of the day.

  • The last night and day, every single light of the Leviathan burns, brightly at all hours. Cray paces the upper deck relentlessly without sleep, looking out over the docks with a worried face. The Leviathan’s crew have suddenly dropped all their duties. Rather they’ve been spotted at all corners of Narfell, searching every pub, tavern, drinking hall, bawdy house, house of I’ll repute, drug den, hostel, inn, hotel. gutter, nook and cranny.

  • The ship known as the Leviathan has recently returned and docked in Oscura for the first time in ages. Still flying the flag of the Black Sails, ta boot. The Imaskari wizard Cray was seen disembarking the ship, then heading into town...

  • "Hey....nhyeyh, tendie, whats...tant ta know somethin' funny?"

    Rosie is drunk as drunk can be at the Mithril Mug as she is paying out her tab at the end of the night. For what ever reason, she pulls outa globe like structure instead of gold- perhaps this shiny sphere is a gift?

    "HOW MANY LICKS DOES it take...T' get. T'. TH'. CENTER. O'. THIS!. MARIGOLDt!. CANDEH!!!"

    It looks like the pair of boots contained within this Crystaline Relic is only 1 lick away from revealing the treasure within the treat!


    "But, what isa lick?"

    She holds the orb in contemplation, looking deeply into it with a dry, flattened- but amused expression.

    "Are all licks equal? Is it th' act o' lickin' that is important? Should one be so boggedt down by-"

    As her voice cracks, she finishes her drink in a few gulps.

    "-semantics of sciences so much as to not enjoy a simple confectionary's surprise?"

    She looks to the entire bar regardless of their commitment and participation to the bit. Speaking primarily to the bartender due to their obligation to 'tolerate' a reasonable amount of beligerance.

    "Perhaps it is th' science that brings joy, or hope! 45 they saidt! 45 licks to th' center! But lemme tell ya!"

    Raazi puts the the sphere under her armpit like a sportsball while she finally fishes out a healthy handful of platinums and waves her hand to deny change offered in return.

    "I saidt lemme TELL YAA! IT took................LIke 15 generous licks full of intent! andt one:"

    With just the tip of her tongue, she gently presses it against the the structure. It has been so thinned out by previous 'licks' that the structure shatters and bursts like a Prince Ruberts Drop tapped on the tail! Within it are a shiny new pair of boots, which she puts on and walks out drunkenly and hopefully not into one of Oscura's many pits and crevasses...

  • Legion

    A hooded halfling discretely makes her way about town, asking the less sinister citizens around Oscura about the recent rumours regarding earth tremors. From the Illmartarian balm trader to the Gorgus the rothe keeper and the dwarven miners drinking at the Mithril Mug, she tries to determine the extent of the tremors, their intensity, and any other information she can about the elemental disturbance.

    Marty finds a quiet part of the city away from watchful eyes, and summons a small earth elemental. This time she has a Terran language phrase book ready that she had picked up from a local dwarf. The dwarf snickered as Marty handed over a heavy pouch of gold for it, so she was pretty sure she had been ripped off. Even so, she figured a few phrases of Terran could help get some useful clues out of an earth elemental.

    As she finished casting the summon spell, a small earth elemental crawled up out of the ground. Marty went to a marked page of her phrase book and began clumsily speaking from it.

    MARTY: -makes some grinding and clacking sounds- {{My ... Cart .... isfull ... of eeels?]}

    EARTH ELEMENTAL: - Blank stare -

    MARTY: -Makes the same grinds and clacks again- {{Mykart ... is full ... of eels!]]

    EARTH ELEMENTAL: - Blank stare -

    MARTY: -flips over to a different page- {{Would YOU like ... to bouncy BoUncy!}}

    EARTH ELEMENTAL: - Tilts head slightly -

    MARTY; {{Would YOU Like - }} -tosses book and mutters- This is pointless. You can go ... -makes gestures to dismiss the summoning- you are released to return to your realm.

    EARTH ELEMENTAL: -begins to disappear back into the earth- Thank you. To be honest this was getting a bit awkward. -vanishes underground-

    MARTY: -Blank stare-

    alt text

  • Rumours swirl around a string of assassinations taking place in Oscura. Several guardsmen, and some even claim Sisters of Bone were amongst the targets, though the latter are as ever tight-lipped about any details.

  • Meanwhile, at the Mithril Mug in Oscura, Raazi converses and stuffs roasted Rothe meat in her mouth... "Oh you heard about that'sh? Oh no- thatsh all wrong, swallows food What actually happened is: I told Cormacs if he didn't let me into his vampire cult, I'd tell everyone. He took exception to that and decked me right in the SHNOZZ! Heh, but then some Agent of Corellon took his hand off- I KNOW RIGHT?! He was all "Owies, I needed that forw axing and wripping meh meh meeehsays mockingly''"

    One recent afternoon at the Brawling Bodak, Raazi eats an excessive amount of spicy wings while getting tipsy on spicy alcohol, she speaks loudly and brazenly as she talks to the bartender in between fights in the arena. "Lemme tell ya, up topside, there's this gorgeous dragon-lady..No no not a real dragon, like, a half dragon all glittering with sapphire scales n' stuff. Wull SHE said, if you commit heinous acts of violence the vampires will come out and feast on the misery er some shite. So I'm all thinking ''why not this guy? He's an alright fellow- surely stabbing this Cormac guy will get some attention." I did my best but some do-gooder drow lady stepped in and broke us up and separated us. She cut his entire arm off in the process and took the guy off somewhere. Foiled all my hardt work. Oh well.. We all try at some point y'know?"

    Raazi speaks to the guards near her new alley way that she's decorated with an impressive amount flowers in the north side Oscura before she passes out for the night "Saw a man fight himself the otherday, literally like, break his hand against his own face and started to gnaw on a fence post. I think he had rabies er somethin- anyway if'n any o' you see basically an Axe-Being-Carried-By-Sentient-Meat wandering around my alleyway, can you do me a favor and stall him so I can relocate? I'll give y' both a shiny plat-tin-nuuuuuum! Tell 'em not to disturb th' locals er somethin'. Shouldn't have to exert yourselfs too hardt, just distract him while I make myself scarce.''

  • Some Oscurans have gone missing over the past few days... very few people noticed or cared. General assumption is they probably fell into a pit or got stabbed in an alley or something.

  • Posters are placed in various street corners in Oscura

    Oscuran Peacekeepers Are Recruiting!
    The Oscuran Peacekeepers require able bodies to help preserve Oscura's prosperity.
    Qualities in ideal applicants include:

    Competent combat skills
    An even tempered and collected disposition
    A proper understanding of the Cruentus Pactus (You will be quizzed)
    A respect for Oscura's reputation, inside and out of the city's territory

    Hopeful applicants are to seek out Verika Evrilla for interview.

  • Dozens of used black (and other colors potentially) candles have slowly accumulated at the temple ruins. Occasionally Raazi will light a few either at the base of the rubble or at certain aesthetic areas amongst the debris where she will hangout reading or minding her own business probably eating spicy wings from The Brawling Bodak. To the suspicious she explains ruins are the hallowed grounds of Beshaba. She encourages others if inquired about her behavior to light candles for their Gods and Godesses too and will add that..
    "...the candles themselves will flicker out inevitably just like how we have no authority over our misfortunes."
    To those that want her further guidance or delve deeper in her babblings: she states to stoke out their own candle with their palm somewhat slowly as a metaphor for how easy it is to be snuffed out by Lady Doom, and that our increasing suffering as a reminder of her constant grasp over the realms.

  • There are rumors relating to Verika Evrilla's frequent meetings with the Herald Lyonson. Nobody is particularly sure the reason, but there are a few theories. Some, such as them being an item, are far more horrific than others.

  • *The Oscuran inquisitor and Banite priestess Liriana was seen leaving the Temple of Caverns, walking in an angry stride headed for the surface.

    Some may have noticed she had not been seen in a number of months. None had seen her enter the temple and as she left it could be noticed her armour was not only covered in blood, but also frost and ice.*

  • Rumors slip through the town in hushed whispers that a newcomer to the city has bought up a significant amount of real estate within the undercity. The man who seems to spend much of his time indoors while his many staff and security tend to his needs seems to be a mystery but for those who are perceptive enough may have uncovered that they are from Thay and that they are worshippers of Waukeen. Further investigation would reveal the mans name being Ahnum Khahrud and that he is an extremely wealthy merchant.

  • *Liriana was seen entering the gaol at the West Gate. A short time later a elf, covered in blood and severely hobbling was seen staggering out and headed to Banes temple.

    Liriana followed closely and was seen headed into the Wailing Banshee. Rumours circulate that she disappeared somewhere inside shortly after and several hours later re-emerged from a portal, snow covering her armour.*