New rumours heard throughout Oscura

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  • Some Oscurans have gone missing over the past few days... very few people noticed or cared. General assumption is they probably fell into a pit or got stabbed in an alley or something.

  • Posters are placed in various street corners in Oscura

    Oscuran Peacekeepers Are Recruiting!
    The Oscuran Peacekeepers require able bodies to help preserve Oscura's prosperity.
    Qualities in ideal applicants include:

    Competent combat skills
    An even tempered and collected disposition
    A proper understanding of the Cruentus Pactus (You will be quizzed)
    A respect for Oscura's reputation, inside and out of the city's territory

    Hopeful applicants are to seek out Verika Evrilla for interview.

  • Dozens of used black (and other colors potentially) candles have slowly accumulated at the temple ruins. Occasionally Raazi will light a few either at the base of the rubble or at certain aesthetic areas amongst the debris where she will hangout reading or minding her own business probably eating spicy wings from The Brawling Bodak. To the suspicious she explains ruins are the hallowed grounds of Beshaba. She encourages others if inquired about her behavior to light candles for their Gods and Godesses too and will add that..
    "...the candles themselves will flicker out inevitably just like how we have no authority over our misfortunes."
    To those that want her further guidance or delve deeper in her babblings: she states to stoke out their own candle with their palm somewhat slowly as a metaphor for how easy it is to be snuffed out by Lady Doom, and that our increasing suffering as a reminder of her constant grasp over the realms.

  • There are rumors relating to Verika Evrilla's frequent meetings with the Herald Lyonson. Nobody is particularly sure the reason, but there are a few theories. Some, such as them being an item, are far more horrific than others.

  • *The Oscuran inquisitor and Banite priestess Liriana was seen leaving the Temple of Caverns, walking in an angry stride headed for the surface.

    Some may have noticed she had not been seen in a number of months. None had seen her enter the temple and as she left it could be noticed her armour was not only covered in blood, but also frost and ice.*

  • Rumors slip through the town in hushed whispers that a newcomer to the city has bought up a significant amount of real estate within the undercity. The man who seems to spend much of his time indoors while his many staff and security tend to his needs seems to be a mystery but for those who are perceptive enough may have uncovered that they are from Thay and that they are worshippers of Waukeen. Further investigation would reveal the mans name being Ahnum Khahrud and that he is an extremely wealthy merchant.

  • *Liriana was seen entering the gaol at the West Gate. A short time later a elf, covered in blood and severely hobbling was seen staggering out and headed to Banes temple.

    Liriana followed closely and was seen headed into the Wailing Banshee. Rumours circulate that she disappeared somewhere inside shortly after and several hours later re-emerged from a portal, snow covering her armour.*

  • Rumors spread of a raid on a manor in Oscura, done not just by the Peacekeepers but by another group as well. The raid ended with most of the manors guards dead, with the survivors rounded up by the Peacekeepers, who keep a tight lip on the reason for the raid. Some rumors speculate, however, that it may have... something... to do with the rumored party on the horizon.

  • *The Inquisitor Liriana was seen leaving the Temple of Caverns and heading down to the crypts.

    The workers down there state she spent some time sifting through the corpses ready for disposal in the fires. She clearly found the one she wanted and was seen carrying a body wrapped in linen into the Temple shortly after*

  • Activity appears to be humming around the Temple of Caverns. The Inquisitor and Imperceptor Liriana was seen carrying various heavy bundles into the temple and not reappearing for some time. Some say it was bodies of the dead, others rare materials and one rumour was that it was a new statue of Bane

  • Folk report seeing Chaevre' Vaelen sitting in her usual spot in the Shiny Coppers reading a book as usual, though none were able to approach her as the unnatural aura that once surrounded her has become significantly more discomforting to the point that normal people dare not approach

  • Rumour has it that Liriana was seen walking into Oscura one evening. Her armour scorched and a few spikes on her helmbent out of shape. The strange thing is that she stank of brimstone and smoke. Behind her she dragged a sled with a blanket covering the top, whatever was underneath she seemed to want to keep quiet, making her way quickly to the Undercity

  • Anar has left her spot at the inn.... *
    waves goodbye *

  • @karion_silverbow said in New rumours heard throughout Oscura:

    Not long after the Half-orc Tanner, Buurbag, can be seen leading the dead beholders to the morgue to be "put on ice". Then she walks to the library in search of information on the anatomy of beholders.

    Buurbag would find books on aberrations but might find it difficult to garand their anatomy. Being creatures created with unnatural means they tend not to hand the same anatomy as most animals.
    Their outer shell is relatively soft and their bodies seem impervious to any form of magical restriction.
    Curing the hide though isn't overly difficult, similar to curing a beetle or umberhulk shell.

  • Not long after the Half-orc Tanner, Buurbag, can be seen leading the dead beholders to the morgue to be "put on ice". Then she walks to the library in search of information on the anatomy of beholders.

  • A hin gets off the boat from Peltarch, holding a rope that has three dead but floating beholders attached to it. She heads quickly and quietly to the Undercity, where after a brief discussion with one of the guards, she is escorted to the craft hall and back out again, leaving the dead beholders behind.

    Seems someone has commissioned a special work from a half-orc tanner...

  • Recently a number of dark and hooded people, all wearing matching tattered and battered robes have been seen entering and leaving Oscura. Whilst they have kept themselves to themselves, the stench of death and plague has been noted by any who pass to close to them

  • Safiya of Skuld is visible in the taverns and the public library looking to research a puzzle she encountered in Oscura's Crypts.

    It involves 6 thrones and 6 tomes, labelled for the 6 major elements (Life, Negative, Fire, Frost, And... 2 others she forgot)

    Perhaps there is ancient wisdom within!

  • Chaevre' announces she is ready for more enchanting requests. She may be contacted for prices.