• Chiming in on those kudos, and adding two more rounds for DM Ophanim's slime popping research session, and DM Xanatos Gambit's drunken spree turned accidentally into Ambrosia hunt. Poor, poor Harlow. His Gigantinas were just too good! XD

  • Kudos to DM Gatekeeper for rescue Maeve event. 🙂

  • Legion

    I've got to say - loving the scenery art!
    Whoever is doing this - thumbs up. Placable placement is on point! That's harder to get right than folks think.

    Nice work!

    alt text

  • Kudos to DM Lazarus for another intrepid delve into the rich past of the server - I'm loving all of these segments, and last night was no exception. Being half zombiefied will just have to be worth it... yaaawwnnn

  • A heartfelt kudos to all faces, both veteran and not so veteran that made me feel welcome and have a great time already in the short time I've been back around. A especial mention to the helpful players and their characters that have taken young Vernadetta under their wing to show her the ropes and explore the unbeaten paths; as well as the DMs that have already made me fear, wonder, laugh and almost cry in all ranges of good-natured emotions!

    Thanks for being great!

  • Thank you DM Cilba for the fun planar hops and the now unsettling phrase, "You look familiar."

  • Kudos to DM Xanatos Gambit for nightmare fuel environments and nailbiting combat (avoidance) last Friday!

  • Kudos to DMs Ophanim for nice events!

  • Kudos to both DM Ophanim and Xanatos Gambit, for their respective plots, one concluding and the other unfolding over the weekend. Well played by all involved, as well! 👏

  • Kudos to DMs Ophanim for Angel without throat event!

    ... 🙂

  • Hear hear, plus the more chilling flavour of the "Three Sisters" plot, stirring Sunday. Apologies for my head being in the clouds, still can't believe Isolde forgot Lady Red of all creatures!

  • Kudos to Flom for the ever more intriguing ambrosia hunt, and for the chance to get Socratic in the fantasy agora!

  • Kudos to DMs Ophanim and Xanatos Gambit respectively, for great and different contribution to a weekend's worth of wonderful stories. And as ever to the players who partook in the events!

  • Legion

    I thought that Digit's (?) idea of having a quest inside a pot genie style was really cool. So sorry I couldn't make it to the end of that one but I'm sure everyone else had a great time!


  • A very special kudos to Godess of Spite and its_a_fire for their respective characters heroic efforts in protecting the no doubt highly collectible statues of two bards in their best combat poses! And for DM Lazarus' unexpected attempt at doing the collecting… 😅

  • Big kudos to DM Lazarus, for the chilling experience of encountering one of my own characters in a what-if past Peltarch! Loving all of this chronomancy shenanigans 😹

  • Kudos to DM Cilba and Ophanim respectively for spicing my weekend with plotty goodness! And, as ever, to the players contributing their own magic to the mix. Slumming it in the Brass City with such a big party could've been sheer chaos, but somehow it worked out! Though we may have left Cormac to an uncertain fate, in one or the other of the dusty alleyways…

  • Kudos for the continued endeavours of the Ambrosia Crusaders, this time in Amn, in a gladiator arena that had me muffling the urge twice over to yell out: "Are you not entertained?!" I certainly was, behind the screen. 😸

  • Agreed on both counts! I was sorry to have to dip out for a spell, but was fading hard for lack of food. Luckily it was swiftly foraged in the leftover department. 😄

  • Seconding digit - the Blue City was so cool, I wish we could make it permanent. >.>

    And though I already told Caoimh privately, but I thoroughly enjoyed the silvery barbs thrown across the table at the Autyarch dinner. Plus it was a laugh watching everyone's varied table manners.