• Kudos to Void, and King all the players involved from Abigail to Boz for that awsome quest you guys put on for us on Friday night. Even with the issues we had getting things go you guys made it happen. Always appriciate you guys taking the time out of your lives to serve the community. Great plot, amazing characters that I -hope- will show up in the future. Totally catered to our MGS style of play and made it super challenging. And also our favorite part was "Hubbib and his many wives!"

    I've been playing nwn for a looong time, played on every server in and out of the book, even DMed for a few of the big ones back in the day. Very, very few dms know the art of a proper quest, and I know someone taught you guys and I have to say you guys do it right. 9/10 easily and it wasn't a 10/10 because we want more Hubbib!. Keep up the great work

  • Kudos to DM Braveheart & Void for peppering the side of steak that was my weekend with fun times, and to all the great players who showed up for it!

    Highlights include Rude the Pixie and the "fat hair" conversation, as well as Krovel and Isolde's epic battle of the snakes. "We don't need a proper fighter, we'll just go exploring…" :lol:

  • @fced8165fe=Mooncandies:

    Kudos to void and all those that participated in the hobgob town attack and retaliation!

    Echo'd it was quite well done and well balanced, we almost died, we almost won, we ran dry on supplies and it was wonderfully fun.

  • Kudos to void and all those that participated in the hobgob town attack and retaliation!

  • Kudos to void for being awesome and making trips fun as usual.

    Kudos to all the new players as well that are helping to breath life into this server!

  • Pssst… hey, kids... "Wanna buy some strawberries?" :lol:

  • Sssshhhhh. I'm not supposed to spawn those. :oops: :lol:

  • I want to give a shout out to Cardman for is rp with Rico Swift Junior. Played him very well. And also DM void for his intervention with the harpies trying to take all of Rath's loot and DM Braveheart for that great interaction with the succubus and bringing the bowl to get us to drink from the bowl!

  • Huge Kudos for Void and Hen's event. Even when I couldn't stay long for the loot share, I had a blast with the thrilling deformities and the last epic battle.

    Also I'm sure some of us shall never forget that hellball. 😛

  • Giant Kudos to Void for a fun filled nearly 3 hours of last night.

    Also Kudos to everyone who showed up and endured!

  • HUGE kudos to KingCreeper/DM Braveheart! That event was a blast. Great storyline.. very well balanced and challenging.. every party member got to contribute with the epic battle against the raiders! 10 out of 10!

  • Hear, hear! I typically don't log in on Fridays, being my phew-work's-done-for-the-week day, but last night was decidedly worth it. 😄

  • Kudo's to KingCreepers first technical and AWSOME event, it was extremely well balanced and well paced. Buffs dropped as soon as we engaged the badies was almost so evilly planned love it. :twisted:

  • Kudos to DM_BraveHeart & to everyone involved in Archmage Kiol'basa's demise event.

  • Kudos to Emerwyn for the sinister Sahuagin plot (so RUDE) and the safe return of the wizened river hero, Captain Sticks! Great fun so far, can't wait to see what comes next. 🙂

  • Kudos indeed. You could say…. Evil had its day :twisted:

  • "…maybe if I drink another ale she'll be pretty again!..."

    Sigh. How the hell did she even survive? :lol:

  • Kudos to the Infinite Void for casting Isolde in the role of Maiden In Distress! It's clearly so well suited for her that her two would-be-savours both just HAD to roll a 1 when trying to figure out what to do. Hilarity! xD

  • Yes! Kudos to Emerwyn for the mining trip. What an epic "boss battle!"

  • Kudos to Void for event stuff progressing after the Easter Drought.