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    Kudos to @Robyn for entrusting me with such a delicious RP hook! I wish you much fun with the outcome. And thank you to @Flom for not just adding some DM magic but for making the effort to understand what 'Atonement' could mean within the scope of a windy religion.

    Kudos you you and Flom for doing it! I had no idea what to expect and for a moment, actually considered the spiked man's offer. Thank you very much.

  • Kudos to @Robyn for entrusting me with such a delicious RP hook! I wish you much fun with the outcome. And thank you to @Flom for not just adding some DM magic but for making the effort to understand what 'Atonement' could mean within the scope of a windy religion.

  • Great event yesterday from DM Serendipidy, always interesting to get an impression of the nexus war event from long ago, as i didn't get to be involved in that at the time. Nice to come back after a bit of a creative break to a serious danger and consequence event as we did yesterday. A shame you didn't get to see any of the MCPlay Shar events fairly recently, it had a similar vibe about them. Some dangerous encounters, and plenty of learning experiences about preparing for places i've not yet been to IC.

    Nothing we like more IC than seeing Balor's run.... 😉

  • I'd like to shout out kudos to the group that went to the Plane of Elemental Earth last night, and in general to those that have been participating in my "A Dance with Demons" Plot.

    Last night was a harsh romp with some of the most dangerous creatures that you can fight, and you guys pulled through and were really great sports all around about the deaths it took to get there. Thank you for being the best players that a DM could hope for. ❤

  • Kudos to DM Wildling for keeping us on our toes throughout the weekend. A Balor a day decidedly does not keep the doctor away, but it DOES keep boredom well at bay. Yikes! 😨

  • Kudos to DM Lazarus for a two-part trek into far-away places. Wonderful ambiance throughout with horror and wonder in all the right doses, as well as rich story stuff and spiceful detail, all the way down to the heavily accented locals!

  • Great big gushing kudos for the wonder that is Marigold Vale - where I happily spent the entire weekend with Isolde, after dragging my feet all through the week in setting off to find it. Extra thanks to my kind co-players who did not spoil a single surprise. ❤

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    Kudos to the demon hunt Wilding ran. I missed an important meeting for it XD (It was reschedulable so all good!)

  • On that note, kudos to the group of players that showed up for being so patient and lovely - I didn't go easy, and it was all dealt with in the best of spirits, even though I had a few fumbles that shall not be spoken of!

    It's good to be back, and I can't wait to keep sharing wonderful adventures with you all.

  • Kudos to DM Wildling for a demon flavoured blast from the past - a well executed event with none of the rust showing! Of course, I would've liked to have SEEN more of it, but those big bad demons will ruin a bard's day by cruelly blinding them to the show! shakes fist

  • Kudos to everyone who's contributed on dev work. You guys keep this 20ish year old game amazing and have made it stay my absolute favorite game.

  • Kudos to DMs Lazarus and Underhill for ladling on the mystery over the week, good stuff by both!

  • @goddess-of-spite

    More Flom for trying, and Dora for succeeding. 😉

  • Kudos to WouldBeBard for his detailed reports on things!
    I wish I made it to the fractal glass finale! I read the report last night befor bed- seemed like an awesome one!
    Kudos to Xanatos and the DM's and players involved claps

    And kudos to Dora and Flom for trying and succeeding in some enchantments for Seth and I recently!

  • Kudos to WouldBeBard when George braved the Bugbears with Meadow in the Mines of Blackbridge. Just the two of us. This is includes the stone bridge, where several times things got dicey. Nevertheless, we emerged bloody but victorious.

  • Late kudos for fractal glass serie of events, to DM Xanatos Gambit. 🙂

  • Kudos to DM Lazarus for continued vampire shenanigans, as well as endlessly entertaining NPCs. Mildred Dunderstone is Peltarch's favourite well-meaning guardswoman I dare say! XD

  • Fractal Glass was weird and complicated. Thank you to all the players who made the effort to participate, follow-up, write on the forums, and work well with one another over the past year. Thanks in particular for the team spirit, the dynamic between you and the group, the good faith you guys gave each-other, the character growth you allowed to happen, and for buying in.

    It can be unwieldy to DM for so many people at once, but you made it easy and fun for me. So thank you:

    • Karnivor
    • Attentus
    • its_a_fire
    • WouldBeBard
    • DarkHorseman
    • MCPLay
    • Caoimh
    • KingCreeper
    • Robyn
    • Goddess of Spite
    • DrDreadlock
    • Fadia

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    Big ole Kudos to Dora and all our Devs who keep the grumpy old beast running and exciting. Also for keeping up with the game.


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    Massive kudos to DM Xanatos Gambit for a worthy and masterly orchestrated finale to the Fractal Glass plot, challenging in both the mind-wrangling and combat department! Well played to all my co-players too! 👏

    Seconded! Just a wonderful plot! It's even sad to see the fractals go too, so I hope they pop up again.