• A bit of a call of awesomeness for the bunch of players that joined in exploration expeditions through the weekend, and a special mention to DrD for the new bugbear mine dungeon under Blackbridge. The atmosphere and the setup are amazing, and it was great to find a new place and advance through it with the thrill of threat and discovery. I only regret I brought my higher level character, it would have been even more terrifying otherwise! Good job!

  • Indeedy-doo! Once again my mind was blown by XG's creativity, narrative, and ability to create deeply entertaining stories that stand out all on their own. I loved very much the Saturday inch-to-the-left shenanigans, and I only hate that I had to leave a bit early last night, but I can't wait to experience what will come next!

  • Kudos to DM Xanatos Gambit and Gatekeeper, for their respective contributions to the weekend's plotty goodness! A varied and tasty bag of story treats as always, but I must admit my favourite moment was poor luckless Harlow's lamentations. Snort-giggles behind the screen and on it, tehehee!

  • Swoopin in early for the weekend Kudos to hand a very well deserved bundle of em out to DM Fe2O3!! We all know Seisan runs absolutely bonkers events, and this one did not disappoint or go against the reputation. Between getting to see my favourite shack gnomes again, ogle lots of shiny things, and do some tERRIFYING spelunking of the underdark that I don't normally get to, with lots of ooze based issues, it was some INCREDIBLE fun, and plenty challenging to boot!!! For all the claimed rust, he shakes it off well!

    Obligatory pats all around for players as well, esp the new players PoisonLove and Critter, who really toughed it out in lots of tough spots and were huge troopers!!!

    And way past overdue for me to say again, and thus time for a new round of it-

    They've been going above and beyond behind the scenes lately with all sorts of things, fixed and new. I'm really excited about a lot of things upcoming and a lot of things made better. Nonstop appreciation for all of you! (esp for putting up with me and answering all my questions on how to do things lolol)

  • Echoing the resident Karnivor (Isolde would soooo disprove of that moniker, by the way!) through another succulent, meaty weekend that included many memorable moments, both DM guided and player-driven! Kudos to everyone involved as usual, and special mention to Xanathos Gambit for another episode of heart-thumping action (pun intended!) and the crew that showed Vernadetta the depths of the Lost City.

  • Kudos to DM Xanatos Gambit for a nitty, gritty, gory and overall intense fighting event into the literal bowels of mother Earth (or rather 'Meat'). Varied and innovative monstrosities, good tempo and intensity and as ever a compelling part of the storyline. We had a huge and able party, but were still pushed to the limits of what we could handle!

    Kudos also to DM Lazarus, for opportunistic seizing of the reigns in my mad hatter's obsessive search for the 'Mother Lode' of sweetness! That mean ol' spider is truly terrifying, and so are its little 'princelings'... thank you to all the players too, for much fun was had in both events and non-events too fรถr that matter! ๐Ÿ˜„

  • Hear hear to all of the above, plus a relaxing trip to Lantan with a plethora of quirky details and colourful NPC's, curtesy of DM Unholy. It provided a nice balance to my weekend to have Isolde play the sunny tourist one day, and spend the second terrified and drenched in blood. ๐Ÿ˜…

  • I wanted to tone down the kudos because doing it too often feels like it may lose meaning, but really, the alternate reality / paralel worldlines plot just hit all my buttons. I love the topic itself and I love the way Xanatos Gambit is weaving his marvelous, top notch storytelling. The way my mind can travel through all these settings, the tension and palpable sense of inescapable threat in that last one... I just can't wait to see where it all leads, I have the exact feeling after watching a great episode of a favourite show I'm hyped about and now I have to wait days or weeks to watch next!

    And kudos as well to the participants from the player side, both for that plot, and the bloodbath that came after! You guys all add a special flavour to every adventure, and make it worth sharing and remembering. 10/10!

  • On my part, one more Monday I find myself coming back with my mind blown by DMs and players alike. A bit of a belated bow to Caoihm for the timehunting spider shenanigans during the week in his eternal quest to never let our party reach Uthmere! ๐Ÿ˜‚ That creature is genuinely terrifying.

    And for sure, kudos to Xanatos Gambit for the incredibly intricate and well laid up dungeon delve, with both puzzles, deadly combat, and goosebump-inducing revelations, always with some of the best company in the player side. I am both amazed and humbled by your talent, ingenuity and ability to create entertaining situations.

    And in a nutshell, thank all of you who make Narfell wonderful, for being so inspiring as to incentive someone to spend most of her vacations time into creating material related to Narfell and its inhabitants. ๐Ÿ’— ๐Ÿ’— ๐Ÿ’—

  • Kudos to DM Ophanim for lighthearted fun with the purrfect quest giver, and to DM Xanatos Gambit for a dungeon crawl which served up everything from atmospheric chills to brainteasers and intense combat. The final reveal was a real rush, and the party's exit a literal one!

    Finally, a special thanks to Laurykat, for a beautiful rendition of my character Isolde. I want that dusty purple jacket for my own!

    Edit: and of course shuddering kudos for the Spider King, whose villainy clearly knows no bounds!

  • All my bias evident, but I canโ€™t not gush and have to scream somewhere about all this feeling in my chest!!-

    But a huge kudos to DM Cilba for packing the weekend with a puzzle to chase, a brunch party with surprise guests, a dangerous mountain hike, a song for the lost, Cormac-ian โ€œdiplomacyโ€ with frost giants!!! and letting us piece together a heartwrenching draconic tragedy from ages past that still has my eyes stinging.

    Plus, a big one for all the players that helped out, with an extra helping for Goddess of Spite!! Raazi is the best cheesy-handed buddy and puzzle assistant, who I canโ€™t thank enough for getting as excited as I do, and committing to the ride โค

  • Hear, hear! I was really tired from having a long Saturday and not nearly enough sleep and still managed to enjoy it thoroughly - kudos to all parts involved for being a non-stop supply of good feelings and memories.

  • Kudos to DM Xanatos Gambit for ~cool~ plot development last night!

  • Legion

    "The Edge" in Peltarch looks great!

  • Chiming in on those kudos, and adding two more rounds for DM Ophanim's slime popping research session, and DM Xanatos Gambit's drunken spree turned accidentally into Ambrosia hunt. Poor, poor Harlow. His Gigantinas were just too good! XD

  • Kudos to DM Gatekeeper for rescue Maeve event. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Legion

    I've got to say - loving the scenery art!
    Whoever is doing this - thumbs up. Placable placement is on point! That's harder to get right than folks think.

    Nice work!

    alt text

  • Kudos to DM Lazarus for another intrepid delve into the rich past of the server - I'm loving all of these segments, and last night was no exception. Being half zombiefied will just have to be worth it... yaaawwnnn

  • A heartfelt kudos to all faces, both veteran and not so veteran that made me feel welcome and have a great time already in the short time I've been back around. A especial mention to the helpful players and their characters that have taken young Vernadetta under their wing to show her the ropes and explore the unbeaten paths; as well as the DMs that have already made me fear, wonder, laugh and almost cry in all ranges of good-natured emotions!

    Thanks for being great!

  • Thank you DM Cilba for the fun planar hops and the now unsettling phrase, "You look familiar."