• Kudos to DrD for High Hold night nr 2, much fun and even more near deaths were had!

  • Kudos to EVERYONE!!!. Yes all of you behind the scenes, all of you running events, all of you getting in the game and playing.

    I know that sounds broad, but everyone contributes in their own ways, and if you are participating at any level, it breathes life into this game.

  • Narfell DM

    Kudos to Drd for a very successful High Hold night, the first of many I hope!

  • Kudos to DrD for importing rp-item for chea.


  • Kudos to DM Lazarus for unexpected vampire shenanigans on a Monday's eve!

  • Kudos to DrD for stirring adventure over the weekend, and to Seisan and anyone else who made all these exciting new beasties happen, that happened across our PCs. Exciting! It's hard to pick a favourite, although Owlbear is for sure the craziest looking. 😄

  • Kudos to the Devs of Narfell for continuing to work on this "old" game, adding new content, and keeping it fun!

  • Kudos to Flom for giving the Dwarves almost as much as they could handle in the Underground. 🙂

  • Kudos to DMs Bastage and Xanatos Gambit, for their respective contributions to a fun weekend's Narfin' experience, and to the players I got to share it all with (including the foot stompin' rant)!

  • Kudos to the Crafters Union/CoM Dwarves group who consistently get together every Sunday morning. I have a great time adventuring with all of you, and it's always entertaining! See you next Sunday! 🙂

  • Kudos to DM Bastage and the adventurers on the Whispering Children plot. Thanks for sending Samwell the invite and for letting him tag along. I had a blast - even when Isolde yelled and stomped her foot at Sam. cringes Good times! 🙂

  • I just wanna give kudos to our players and DMs in general. My oldest character on this server is nearly old enough to drive IRL and this place is still my favorite server for my favorite game.

    Love you guys.

  • Kudos to DM Bastage and the intrepid crew that braved a long and exciting Underdark crawl to Guanttown. Wave after wave of rust monsters, cloakers, dire displacer beasts, ropers, and some very horrid umberhulks stood in our way. We survived and made it to the ferry. Great job by Scott, Rika, Vick, Salin, Natha, and Shesarai.


  • Kudos to DrD for a well narrated end to King George's reign - and to the PCs present who added to the solemn and touching moment.

  • Kudos to DM Xanatos Gambit for the conclusion to Monsignor Abelard's tale - a moving and befitting end to a wonderfully flawed and intriguing NPC. Top-notch storytelling!

  • Kudos to all involved in the Dwarven drinking contest!

  • Narfell DM

    @davidnwn said in Kudos:

    Just a general kudos to those currently improving and expanding Narfell in different ways. Notably @Tpickles , @Dorakhan @DrDreadLock @Dermin_Lantaional

    I'm gonna second this one. These guys are doing the work, and we're getting new stuff to play with! Kudos indeed.

  • Narfell DM

    Just a general kudos to those currently improving and expanding Narfell in different ways. Notably @Tpickles , @Dorakhan @DrDreadLock @Dermin_Lantaional

  • Thanks to a great party for one of the longest dungeon crawls ever. (3 hours Real Time), Scott, Dermin, Salin, Kethro, and Shesarai braved the Middle Dark to check out the new maps. Luckily, we did not encounter Vindictive Phaerlocks. We did run into six Mauls (giants) with two dire bears for pets at that spot. When we first got below, I was disappointed because we went through about 8 different screens where I got no exploration xp. I must have been there once before, But then we got lost and wondered through another five or six screens which gave tons of xp. There were many, many spawns and we used up lots of healing potions (and ultravision potions). I also fired more than 600 arrows and used nearly all of my spells. There is one spot where you can rest, but we didn't take it because some had just put up stoneskin. The rest of the trip had to be done with minimal magic. I will not give spoilers here, but be prepared for anything if you try going through there. Eventually, we found our way to a cave that comes out in Guanttown. Epic adventure. Shesarai earned 34,000 xp from both combat and the half dozen new maps. Others got much more and two leveled.