• New Kudos Thread, due to trimming of forums.

  • Kudos to the intrepid group of masochists that braved the middle dark to have tea with the drow. Also to some touches from the DM. Also kudos to Fight Night Dm for having to reschedule since we kidnapped the entire player base to go exploring.

  • Kudos to characters Noemi, Atlas and Anathema for an enjoyeble, relaxing, stroll to Gaunttown. ...

  • Absolutely. Big kudos to our devs and mapmakers who add features, squash bugs, and help us immerse ourselves in this 20 year old game.

  • A standing ovation to the mapmakers of Narfell. The detailing is amazing and makes the areas feel alive. Keep up the good work. Know that it is very appreciated. Thank you.

  • Kudos to Maythor for another great Fight Night!

  • Another big ole kudos to DMs for spicing up our trip to the Lizards as well as our Fight Night. Thanks to the players for jumping into both of these things and re-growing our population and interest. I am having a great time.

    Also to the continuing Devs and their work that is going on. I tripped over the new fight night map a little bit ago, nice to see it being used already.

  • Kudos to DM-Guthook for tunneling under and adding some excitement to Norwick. Thanks to all that were there, we had enough that it even spawned a rumor 😛

  • Kudos to Wolfe & Clownbaby for handling my item reskin request! 🙂

  • @speedy_z_ said in Kudos:

    Huge kudos to the DMs! I look forward to getting in on the action this weekend! 🙂


  • Huge kudos to the DMs! I look forward to getting in on the action this weekend! 🙂

  • Big ole kudos to DM_Guthook for coming out to play with a couple of roguish types in Norwick. It really was a blast from the past.

  • I can but chime in with the above - I've loved this plot and all its different elements, so intricately and elegantly woven together over time. I hope to do it justice through Isolde's pen at a future point, but for now, massive kudos to Flom and as always to the players. Even with something a time crunch on our hands, everyone clearly brought their A game and the RP flowed throughout, including mid-combat. Well played all, and thank you.

  • The whole Desolace plot was an experience unlike anything else! A milestone in seven (!?) years of mystery, ever deepening and convoluting as we went. Just last week, my Sunday PnP group discussed why we've seen so little high level play, and I brought up @Flom as an example of how to do it well. The Sign of One was the perfect backdrop, because I don't believe any monster stat block could make those levels feel rewarding. The thrill has been in watching the world change in response to our choices. The debates. The betrayals. The loss. The victories. The fractal glass plot really made it clear who we were and what we'd achieved, why our differing visions mattered, why our arguments and friendship were important. All of it, down to the books we found, the sort of storytelling that's difficult to fake with freshly baked characters.

    So thanks to Flom, and thanks to all the players. I'm ever eager to see what you do next.

  • Big kudos to Flom and the company of heroes that saved reality, and more importantly, created a new array of great moments to remember. Thank you for having me in the finale of another epic story, and thank you for all the hours of great work that go behind setting everything up, from the event preparation, to the toolsetting of those custom items with flavourful, endless descriptions, and everything in between. I know well the amount of work and mindfulness it takes to prepare elaborate, year-long, deep plots, and I feel privileged to be able to experience it without really doing much more than playing the game and enjoying every moment of it. My feelings of gratefulness and appreciation can't really be expressed with words.

    As for the player side, one would think that there has to be a point where living unique experiences with a group of creative, intelligent, and talented people ends up getting old, but it really doesn't! Well played, everyone, I'm looking forward to see more of each of you.

  • Hear, hear! Extra gold stars for going above and beyond with the diary of one of our "villains", which proved a real storytelling gem to bring tears to the most hardened adventurer's eyes!

  • Big shoutout once again to Flom and all the selection of wonderful people and talented roleplayers who participated in the weekend's events. A different flavour of fun, and the usual thoroughly enjoyable experience. I only regret deeply that I had to leave early (damn real life!), and I can't wait to see more of it!

  • Legion

    Hey Flom!

    Made a Persuade skill check for the first time ever - after about 15 years of play!


    Not sure if the persuade check impacted the outcome of the scenario at all, but it was great to see that skill finally get a roll in game!

  • Kudos to DM Xanatos Gambit for yesterday's Unit 3 adventure and all those that participated in gleefully portraying our maverick Kront guards, complete with lollipop sticks dangling from mouths and busting both chops and doors down with equal gusto! And for the spooksome storytelling that followed, a nice way to round off the evening.

  • Seconds on everything said about the Crimson Crossroads! I'll be worried for poor Constance until we meet again.