• Kudos once again to DM Lazarus and the players checking in at fang o'clock for the Red Communion - well played, one and all, and here's hoping for a just as exciting time to follow!

  • Absolutely! I love the cast of varied bloodsuckers we got going, each with their own quirky personality and traits. Looking forward to more!

  • @karnivor Yes yes! Seconded! It's such a wonderful idea and change of pace. And I don't know if I'm more excited for the coterie to feel like family or to start stabbing each other in the heart.

  • Kudos to DM Lazarus and all the players willing to get their fangs on for the first segment of The Crimson Crossroads. Though not everyone made it to the whole of the event, it was a promising start, equal parts eerie and fun. I found myself pitying poor Jubal!

  • Belatedly joining on the kudos! From the hectic climb to the slide of (near)death, all in all, an amazing heart-pumping adventure. One less Sembian damsel in distress(?) in the world, I'll call it a good day!

    Well played everyone who joined the mayhem from the player side!

  • Kudos to DM Xanatos Gambit and the whole group of adventurers who came along for the ride versus a small army of gnolls in a mishapen tower bound to collapse! I had good ol' classic Narfell fun, the way I always do when the chance is given to indulge in adventure together. 😄

  • A bow and reverence to Flom and the weekend crew for another fantastic array of great and unique experiences! Looking forward to more!

  • @drdreadlock Kudos to Flom for all events and helpful involvement!

    Kudos to Lence for helping with Kenna's Dojo stuff!

    You all guys are making Narfell a better place to be in!

  • Aaaand it's time for the huge kudos to Flom, who was mercifully returned to us by the summer holidays monster, for a wonderful, deadly, nerve-wracking, blood-pumping weekend of action and mystery. I feel privileged and fortunate to have been able to participate in the Three Sisters/Malformed Mother plot through its conclusion; an experience that will remain forever burned (pun intended!) in Verna's very own soul, moreso as that special blazing star in the sky will be watching her, expecting her, haunting her, and reminding her that victories, sometimes, come at a cost.

    No less than the deepest bow also for the usual suspects in the player side. I feel gifted every time I get to enjoy an evening of roleplay with all of you, thank you for creating all these rich moments to never forget.

    Thank each of you for keeping Narfell alive, and a place worth returning to. ♥ ♥ ♥

  • A big chonkin healthy kudos to our pal Seisan for a great ghostly setup!! It was a pressing challenge, and leading into trying the black waters for the first time was legitimately harrowing! We’ll get that lich next time!!! Revenge will be ours!!

    Another heapin mention for MCP in particular for expert counterspelling despite technical difficulties, Wolfhere, WouldbeBard and Shadeknight for putting themselves on the frontline, Maverick, Poisonlove, and Pluck for that good good archery blasting, and a notable mention for Sasorium for trooping through despite the present danger!!

    Special mention to Dora as well. For being based, iconic, slay, fetch, and every other zoomie slang I can throw at him while he makes the >_> emote kekw

    Good fun all around!!

  • Kudos to all the players who partook in my wee mad hatter's Great Stegadon Hunt! Minus the absolute lack of stegadons, it was a wonderful spree of freestyle adventuring, with a bonus twist thrown in at the end, curtesy of DM Lazarus.

  • Big kudos to DM Xanatos Gambit for this weekend's compelling plotline, played out in double segments but feeling like one big whole. I already can't wait to see where it's going! 😄

  • Legion

    Big thanks to PoisonLove for picking up the gear I dropped, and for generally being cool.
    ... I've got to stop dropping my stuff!

  • Harlow must be the most unfortunate antagonist in history, I wanna hug him better, even though he does his best to deserve most of his shortcomings! Thanks once again to all involved for making every minute I could afford to Narf through the weekend precious, including those pesky gnolls wanting a piece of my newest addition to the roster, Iratha the Chultan huntress~

  • Kudos to DM Xanatos Gambit for another highly enjoyable segment in the Ambrosia plotline - poor Harlow getting the short end of the stick once again (that wicked, wicked Isolde)! And to DM Ophanim for a great finale to the Ichor plot - a truly happy ending, past the floodgates of ichorous gloop! As always, co-players deserve their share in the thanks for each bringing their own flavour and creativity to the stories told.

  • A bit of a call of awesomeness for the bunch of players that joined in exploration expeditions through the weekend, and a special mention to DrD for the new bugbear mine dungeon under Blackbridge. The atmosphere and the setup are amazing, and it was great to find a new place and advance through it with the thrill of threat and discovery. I only regret I brought my higher level character, it would have been even more terrifying otherwise! Good job!

  • Indeedy-doo! Once again my mind was blown by XG's creativity, narrative, and ability to create deeply entertaining stories that stand out all on their own. I loved very much the Saturday inch-to-the-left shenanigans, and I only hate that I had to leave a bit early last night, but I can't wait to experience what will come next!

  • Kudos to DM Xanatos Gambit and Gatekeeper, for their respective contributions to the weekend's plotty goodness! A varied and tasty bag of story treats as always, but I must admit my favourite moment was poor luckless Harlow's lamentations. Snort-giggles behind the screen and on it, tehehee!

  • Swoopin in early for the weekend Kudos to hand a very well deserved bundle of em out to DM Fe2O3!! We all know Seisan runs absolutely bonkers events, and this one did not disappoint or go against the reputation. Between getting to see my favourite shack gnomes again, ogle lots of shiny things, and do some tERRIFYING spelunking of the underdark that I don't normally get to, with lots of ooze based issues, it was some INCREDIBLE fun, and plenty challenging to boot!!! For all the claimed rust, he shakes it off well!

    Obligatory pats all around for players as well, esp the new players PoisonLove and Critter, who really toughed it out in lots of tough spots and were huge troopers!!!

    And way past overdue for me to say again, and thus time for a new round of it-

    They've been going above and beyond behind the scenes lately with all sorts of things, fixed and new. I'm really excited about a lot of things upcoming and a lot of things made better. Nonstop appreciation for all of you! (esp for putting up with me and answering all my questions on how to do things lolol)

  • Echoing the resident Karnivor (Isolde would soooo disprove of that moniker, by the way!) through another succulent, meaty weekend that included many memorable moments, both DM guided and player-driven! Kudos to everyone involved as usual, and special mention to Xanathos Gambit for another episode of heart-thumping action (pun intended!) and the crew that showed Vernadetta the depths of the Lost City.