• Hear hear! Everyone present did a great job of stitching the interrupted event back together, DM Underhill first and foremost of course.

  • Kudos to DM Cilba and to DM Underhill for eventage-fun!

  • Huge kudos to DM Underhill and the adventurers for our tip to save the miners. Even though a server crash interrupted it and it was done over 2 days, it picked up well and the players ran with it. Nice job to all. Fun stuff.

  • Kudos to DM Cilba and the co-players of the thursday night showdown!

  • Kudos to DMs Cilba and Gatekeeper, with back to back adventures on a tuesday of all days. I may have sprained my work-weary brain but it was good stuff all!

  • Third, Thank you Cilba and Xanatos, always fun to see what psychos you come up with next 😉

  • @karnivor

    Seconding this! Had great fun this weekend!

  • Kudos to DMs Cilba and Xanatos Gambit respectively for generously contributing to the weekend's stories IG - both in the form of the actual events, and even while neither was present it was their plots we spoke of. And of course thank you and curse you to its_a_fire for re-hooking me to Vanity Plates with alllllll those new options! 😳

  • Agreed, and additional kudos for the dastardly Laurent's machinations vs the ever ambiguous and shifty Smiling Monkey Co. I'm getting that wonderful, teasing sense of long story archs starting coming together and can't wait to see what comes next!

  • Big honkin kudos to Flom for the Jungian adventure! And a heap more for KingCreeper for the truly impressive roleplay and character... development?

  • Huge kudos to whoever did the !id command. 🙂

  • Kudos to DM's Xanatos Gambit once more for the terror in the dark yesterday! The tastes of the otherworldly force over the last month were a great build up to the survival game horror of the finale.

  • Big kudos to DM Xanatos Gambit for the showdown of the Desolace, as always wonderfully narrated and with a creatively set scenario. Thumbs up to all the great players involved too - the to be continued part has me on edge but in a good, immersive manner!

  • Kudos to DMs Xanatos Gambit and Gatekeeper for the enjoyable, the unexpected and the downright terrifying in each of their contributions to the weekend's stories - and as always to all the great players!

  • Big ole Kudos to DM's Underhill and TPickles for the Halloween spooktacular. Also to the players who were able to attend and play the parts of the living and the undead. Some really funny stuff. Thanks all.

  • Legion

    Big ol' "Thankyou" to the folks that let me run with them into the fire giants this morning (probably last night for you?)

    I don't get to run with a party very often, so it was a real treat for me. And thanks for hauling my character's dead carcass back into town!

    Speshul fanx to MoJoJoe for making the death less painful!

  • Kudos to Wolfhere as Sebrienne for some really enjoyable and deep background story RP with Its_a_fire and myself. Really great stuff, with lots of interesting personality layers to reveal or see in action at some point during adventures.
    Also some great commons encounters from all the players who all seem on top inspirational form today.

    Alas there wasn't a gaggle of young kids not knowing where to look on account of Calishite clothing, but at least there was Florin and George to be a bit uncomfortable...

  • Kudos to DM Gatekeeper & all players involved in the rescue of Eric. I especially enjoyed the Erinyes twist, which will be quite interesting to see where it goes from here. Kudos also to DM Xanatos Gambit, for clawing off some spare time to provide us with, as always, excellent adventure and story content! Plus an adorable shroom. 😳

  • Legion

    I just visited the Black Bridge map of the first time a few days ago. Very nice. Worth the GP for the caravan trip! (I don't have the guts to go by foot yet. Not until I remember how to play this game!)

    Kudos to whoever made that map and the areas around it. I got a bit lost on my way to High Hold. I'll have to ask for better directions next time I go up there!

  • Kudos to DMs Underhill, Gatekeeper, Gonnar and Xanatos Gambit, for their respective and differently flavoured contributions to a nice week's worth of roleplay - and of course to all the players who shared in the fun. 😄