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    New Kudos Thread, due to trimming of forums.

  • Kudos to DMs and players over the past couple of days, filled with such varied content - from intense drama in the assassination of Wilkes to mysterious lights, monks dropping out of the sky and just plain quality RP between players enjoying a night off. The first rule of Debate Club is: you ~do~ talk about Debate Club! 😁

  • Kudos to the players and DM at the F-Shar party! Very fun! hic

  • Kudos players and DM's for the gnoll/bugbear/shard event! Excellent visuals, awesome narrative, epic final fight and enticing cliffhanger in the aftermath!

  • Kudos to DM Lazarus for an unexpected twist to the vampire saga - skillfully threading the final (?) demise of a long standing bogey man into the loom of the ongoing Sharran plot! And for Tanri i Kari, who amuses and creeps one out in equal shares each time XD

  • Kudos to MCP, Unholy, and FLOM for a fun weekend and great plots so far!

  • Kudos to the Ceiling Cat for patience and a steady plot progression in the House of Troubles, and to Xanatos Gambit for generously weaving the threads of the Silver Host's story together with the former - it's all building great immersion! Additional kudos to DM Unholy, whose fiery doomsday Kossuthans add to the perfect storm for my poor PC! You guys are inspiring me to write, curses upon work preventing it atm.

  • Kudos to all the DM activity from miny plots to long term plots to moment interactions....all great stuff. And kudos to the players for jumping in and hav
    ing fun.

  • Big kudos to DM Ceiling Cat for the Ongoing Triad Plot. While the number of participants has made planning chaotic and messy, the plot is very RP rich and something we have needed. After three consecutive days running two hours each, there has not yet been any fighting. (I'm sure that will change).


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    Several kudos..

    Firstly to DM Ceiling Cat for helping returning some evil to Narfell!

    Secondly to Seisan for a wonderful and heart racing exploration trip!

    Thirdly to the Dev team, you guys do a superb job!

  • Kudos to DrD for a well executed finale of an exciting mini-plot - I'm thrilled to have gotten to see it through!

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    @darkpowder said in Kudos:

    Loving the DM Xanatos Gambit politico events in Peltarch, truly well cordinated and loving the spontenaous and unplanned crossovers with other plots too.


  • Loving the DM Xanatos Gambit politico events in Peltarch, truly well cordinated and loving the spontenaous and unplanned crossovers with other plots too.

  • A belated kudos to a great event from DM Xanatos Gambit on the weekend, and another for DM Prismatic for the first of a three part quest on High Hold night! Bravo both!

  • Kudos to DM Unholy for nice event!

  • Narfell Developer

    kudos Flom! Bummed I had to miss the last portion but that ghost scene was really really cool!

  • Kudos for the death of Jasmine. Well, uh to Jasmine becoming an undead....I don't think this is coming across correctly. Well it was a great semi-finale to Jasmines story and wonderfully done. Kudos to the DM and those players that were able to attend.

  • Yes, a wonderful romp. Dale was just perfect. Thanks DrD these have been wonderful and really loved the maps.

  • Kudos to DrD for another fun High Hold night - and particular kudos to the highly amusing banter between J.T. and Dale that kept cracking me up behind the screen! XD

  • Kudos for an unexpected twist to a crypts crawl, leading to fresh discovery!