New Whispers at the Fire

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  • Peltarch Employee

    In the advent of everything transpiring and the great purple worm finally defeated, Varya and the others finally had time to relax, share embraces, and can now bask in the afterglow of the peace to follow. People visiting the temple would have witnessed Varya, Yllalynn, and Logan enjoy a moment together. Varya, giving up her share of the spoils to the Grain Goddess after all that transpired, and with all of them praying together, finally seem to feel Chauntea's hand on her shoulder once more as she declared.

    She'd talk to the local guards after and educate them on what had transpired, sharing the wild story of what happened after they were swallowed, from bumping around within, to almost getting digested, to fighting goblins inside that proved excessively perilous. Blood, guts, blrains, to finally saving Lence and defeating the one supposedly controlling the creature. In the end, she'd say they finally defeated 'Talos' Phallus', the name that was given to the creature with extra emphasis to get a rise or reaction from the men and women hearing the tale.

  • Yllalyn bursts out of the temple door in a panic followed closely by Varya. Her wide eyes look south as she clutches a small embroidered leather bag Lence made specifically for her for her spell components. At the same time a ragged redcloak scout climbs the hill from the south gate. Between heaving breaths he makes out the words. "The Worm! ... It comes!!"

    Atop the watch tower by the gate, a squinting scout points into the woods. Far off trees shake and topple as birds flee from the chaos. The path of destruction is unwavering and soon it's cause comes looming into view. Like a tsunami of purple plates and countless lances of teeth, the open maw of the massive purple worm grows larger as it rides the surface moving ever closer and will be at the gates of Norwick within a day or two.

    //event set for tomorrow, Saturday 11AM EDT.

  • A band of adventurers were spotted entering Spellweaver Keep. Sometime later, they were seen exiting the keep and heading north.

  • All around the wicked goblin in the alien cavern are bits of the purple worms he has mastered a use for. Rows of chitin plates, jars of acidic intestines, and for this specific task a bowl of wickedly sharp teeth tips. His cloudy eyes widen as his hand grips Lence's swollen forearm and the man responds in a defiant grunt. The goblin squeezes and grins it's yellow fangs before gripping another needle tooth in his fist. Purapil Wormtongue had lived his entire life for this. Generations of his tribe had paved the way for this moment, and it was his. A spasm of glee took over the goblin before he plunged the poisonous needle into Lence's festering flesh and began to dance as the waves of pain wash over the butcher ranger of Rillifane.

    "We cut and burn more, but soon..."

    Purapil licks his lips and prepares another needle tooth as strands of the cavern's fleshy walls reach out and hold the ranger in place before the goblin. It's sharp dirty nails grip the ranger's bloody jaw as the goblin's cloudy eyes look far off toward Norwick.

    "The Hollow Gut must be filled..."

  • The animals around Norwick are showing strange behaviors and have been seen fleeing the Rawlinwoods in all directions. Nervous animals of every sort have been spotted on the Nars and desperate looking goblinoids of the Rawlinwoods have been seen pushing North however they can.

    Reports from the Rawlinwoods of a rumbling much deeper and consistent than any previous before are becoming a daily occurrence…

  • Peltarch Employee

    Varya seems to be quite active of late around the adventuring scene, having helped a group of people recover one of the masks the temple of the Triad had requested in illithid grounds, seeming to have been content to help others in her endeavors.

    Meanwhile, she continues to work with Yllalynn to try and find an opportunity to scry for Lence when the casters wards are down, hopefully trying to break through and get an idea where he may be now rather than waiting for enemies to make the first move!

  • Word spreads of a group going down to the Illithid Mines to locate some sort of "mask" to be retrieved for the Triad Temple in Peltarch. What might be more telling upon the group's return is that they encountered giant purple worms deep in the Underdark in the Illithid Mines, fighting along side the mind flayers and their enthralled. Could there be more to this worm threat than originally thought?

  • Screams of terror at long last turned to cheers in the town of Norwick as two purple worms were brought down by the Redcloaks of Norwick. The casualties were few enough thanks to the financial support of Reemul and his insistence on sparing no expense to arm the defenders of the town against every potential threat, but also thanks to the members of the Spellweaver Keep who put their lives on the line to provide spells of protection to the Redcloaks and an artillery of magic to help break the chitin of the purple worms.

    As the chaos died and the Redcloaks restored order, Yllalynn, after being missing for so long suddenly appeared in the town square. The sight of her bringing a great cheer and sense of closure to the whole ordeal for the townsfolk. Not long after, the heroes of Narfell returned, all but Lence. They did not share the same sense of victory, but quickly began plotting their next course of action. Yllalynn herself, though giving thanks, took no cheer in her rescue. With a look of hatred never before expressed she quickly brought the warrior Varya into the temple where they remained.

    After the tremendous earthquakes that preceded the return of the adventurers, scouts report a stillness South of the town that has not been felt in a year. The Hollow Gut tribe seems to have dispersed or relocated from the surface. Townsfolk celebrate the triumph of the Recloak's battle within the walls and toast to the return of their beloved priestess. The sacrifice of Lence is met with many rounds bought in his name, as well as the other Redcloaks who fell in defense of Norwick, and all seems to be returning to normal from the commoner's perspective...

    Far off, Lence struggles to breath. His skin begins to burn as a pressure all around his body increases. He's being crushed, suffocated, and burned. The pain almost takes him before incantations dispel all of the discomfort. As he struggles to compose himself, he finds himself immobile, bound, in an alien cavern, and kneeling before a wicked little goblin with cloudy eyes looking far off...

    "Welcome, butcher... To the true lair of the Hollow Gut Tribe... Heheheheh. Now witness the consequences of your slaying, one hundred chieftains in the making!"

    The cackling laughter trails off as the screams begin.

  • Peltarch Employee

    Adventurers, faithful, and heroes set out to recover the Chauntean priestess Yllalynn and manage to eventually recover her after delving deep into the tunnels created by the Hollow Gut tribe. However it was not without heavy cost, as the loss of Lence in exchange was too much. As a reprisal, the worms did attack Norwick but the brave Redcloaks had helped stave off retaliation for now, sadly at the cost of many of their lives. She thanks Raryldor, Maria, Vick, Blue, Theaon, Sam, Thau'lira, and Ethuil for the efforts they put in and vows now to either try to end the tribe's assault as well as either recover Norwick's hero who sacrificed himself in exchange for the Chauntean priestess, or avenge him.

  • Samwell and a summoned earth elemental help clean up the rubble, fill holes, etc. after the battle in Norwick center. He also takes time to help with the repairs of any damaged buildings.

  • The Hollow Gut tribe have laid waste to the land deep in the Rawlinwoods. Trees and wildelife that have been broken under the tribe's ruthless growth have been repurposed into fuel for their expansion. Numbers of goblins and bugbear have swelled in the forests and they are on the move Southward. Great rumblings accompany their march and their standards of a skull and bloody green cloak are waved above their ranks, rallying a chorus of wicked screeches, roars, and howling laughter.

    The Redcloaks of Norwick, outfitted with new pieces of armor as well as bows and full supplies of arrows, cover every crenel of Norwicks walls and patrols keep a steady pace ensuring every corner of Norwick is readily defended. Crates of supplies including expensive potions are laid out and readily available to the defenders of Norwick. Chief Voss makes he way out of the barracks with several heavily armed Redcloaks in tow.

    "Redcloaks, our walls are once again set upon and the people turn to you. They pray for protection and peace, and through our Gods we'll deliver it or die trying. Reemul has provided a great deal of support in the coming battle. Every cost for this battle has been met, it all comes down to us. We will defend the walls of Norwick as the heroes and adventurers of the land attempt to put an end to this threat and return to us our priestess, by any means necessary..."

    The Chief looks out into the crowd and locks eyes with Lence, squinting them in a grimace before turning on his heel and marching back to his position.

  • After a brief discussion at the North Gate of Norwick, Lady Varya Tiller of Peltarch, General Theaon and Corporal Labur of the Troff Legion, and Thorin of the Council of Moradin were seen heading south of Norwick. Word is they were looking for potential leads on the worm threat and the location of Yllaryn. They later returned to Norwick with two more in their group, Samwell, son of Z, and an Arvoreenite paladin named Dago. Unfortunately, it appears their investigation lead to no new leads.

  • Ravos, Daedalus Guild forces commander heads again to Norwick himself, now that his wife the Lady Varya Tiller has taken up temporary residence in the temple due to the kidnapping of the Chauntean Priestess.

    He brings with him a Dwarven aide from his military contingent, whom he intends to leave in Norwick for some time, whom is an expert on the building of defences by means of wood or stone, the chief tradestuffs of the guild, with orders to ascertain any trading opportunities with the town, in respect of the recent underground attacks and to aid directly in the construction and planning of any defensive, rebuilding or counter-mining operations.

    He advises he will only be there for a few days, to brief his aide and to get eyes on the situation again before returning to the city to oversee armed caravan dispositions in the coming weeks.

    He asks his aide to pay careful attention to the supply route to the north as well, as well as the river-borne trade, in order that high priority in-demand shipments can be made via secure routes avoiding any areas of goblin incursion.

  • There seems to be some confusion or cross over on the rumors going around. It seems like multiple tribes of goblins are attacking the town. Giant worm tribe, umberhulk tribe, whatever is happening seems to be unrelenting and no one seems to know where to turn.

  • The Crafters Union donates tools, materials, and labor to help clean up the damage/rubble and rebuild.

  • The Hollow Gut tribe made it's big debut to a chorus of Norwickian screams and death throes as purple worm's rumbled from the deep forest of the Rawlinwoods and emerged in an explosion of rock and stone directly within the walls of Norwick.

    Scores of goblins followed in the wake of the exposed tunnel openings as the worms emerged from several locations before adventurers caught up with them and fended off both greenskins and purple worms. One of the worms opened it's giant maw of teeth and poison as a high pitched voice screeched and echoed from within. The beast then retreated into the hole it had emegered from just as the heroes closed in and the stone quickly filled the tunnel's place.

    Patrols of Redcloaks filled the town to ensure it's security and assist the townfolk while D'Cameron swiftly called a meeting behind closed doors to determine the next course of action.

  • As rumors of goblin activity to the south spread, it seems a new rumor is heard at the inn of goblins setting traps in the city, luckily a tough adventurer walked into one by the store so no civilians were killed.

  • A small group of redcloak scouts returned to town after lumberjacks reported a series of rumblings coming from the woods. The scouts confirmed the consistent tremors and also reported an increase in goblins south of Maria's tower.

    These goblins carry a new standard, a humanoid skull on a bloodstained green cloak as it's banner. Many goblins from various tribes have been converted or enslaved by this new force and even the bugbears do not challenge the goblin's movements further south in their lands.

    Though the goblins keep to their territory, the tremors seem to be on the move through the forest, inching ever closer to town.

  • Peltarch Employee

    Rumor has it that Norwick's local former N'Jastian warrior who had been living in Norwick for 10 years came back bloody and bruised. Cauterized scars visible through holes in his armor might have had a tussle with fire giants. He would tell the cautionary tale of how after fighting them himself for the first time, that they aren't an enemy to be trifled with or taken lightly, as they even gave a very experienced warrior like himself some deep trouble.

    Thankfully they're far enough that they won't try to return the favor... he hopes.