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    Shortly after word reaches the Silver Valley of Norwick's fall a bugbear emissary arrives with word from the horde.


    The emissary waits for a leader (or someone claiming to be a leader) to give him the Silver Valley's response.

  • ((Yes))

  • ((Does this mean Moon disappeared with them then since she was in the town at the time?))

  • After a strange Magical explosion that shook the ground, Silver Valley lies deserted, There are no Hins and Gnomes running about and no animals being tended to, just an abandoned town.

  • ((I can do that!

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    ((The earliest I'd suggest is around the time that Fight Night takes place. Who's game for that?))

  • I'm free at odd times, so organise it around others, I'll fit in somewhere I'm sure.

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    ((Since I got roped in to this as a PC I'm no longer DMing for the event for whatever happens, but will be helping coordinate a time to run it. If you're not yet privy to what's happening please PM me and I'll summarize.

    When are folks free to login and do the event? I'm free now for another 9 hours or so. I can also be available during United States EST evenings.))

  • ((As a heads up, anyone who doesn't have a good IC reason to be there, or who was present at the Norwick attack, cannot be at the event at the Silver Valley (whatever happens)

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    The bugbear turns to leave, seemingly quite confident.

  • After some whispering with fellow smallfolk citizens, Ginger Tealeaf steps forward and gives the bugbear an answer.

    "No surrender without negotiation."

  • A lithe hin in a blue bonnet quietly reminds people that the Valley has moved once before, that buildings can be rebuilt, that crops can be replanted, but lives once lost are not as easily restored. She does her best to keep people calm while the Councilors discuss matters.

  • //dubble post lol

    A strong but humble looking Hin woman with bare feet and two long ginger braids going down the length of her back decides that she should do a pep-talk as well.

    People of the Valley! With The Black Hound as our witness we shall not fear the death these monsters may try to bring unto us. We will stand strong with our valleys soil under our feet and fight, fight, fight until our valley and all who dwell within are safe.

    She holds up a clay statuette of a hound.

    Praise Urogalan, He Who Must Be and protect this land with all your might! We will not fall! We will stand as strong as a rock!!! Okay thank you, bye bye!

    She skips off to prepare for battle.

  • Maero goes wide eyed before grabbing Moonie by the waist…

    "You are so gods damned sexy when you've been beheading things"

    He proceeds to smooch her right on the mouth, getting a bit of blood on his mustache.

  • With berserker's rage and warrior's cunning, the halfling Mooncandy can be seen returning bloody and battered, the angry little hin returns to the valley with the heads of FOUR bugbear battleragers as one of a hobgoblin cheiftan, a demonologist, and the blood of many, many more goblins upon her small muscular frame.

    "Mara did what she must do. She clear the wood of all goblin near druid valley land so people can cross safely, even for a little. Mara not fear them, and though it cost her many, MANY potion, she know she can crush them if she must. She managed to almost kill every one defending south gate before alarm ring. Here is proof"

    Tossing the bag down full of bloodied severed heads for all dragoons and council members to see, she nods once after.

    "Normally it disgust Moon to do such things, but with these we shall use them to show our enemies we mean business. If time come where we must defend our land, we can put these on pike to show them that WE are stronger. How one small hin can crush their greatest warriors, and how we, UNITED will defend our land."

    Casting her gaze then to those who know not how to fight, any children about and so forth.

    "Moon would ask though that we find a safe way for children to escape. The legacy of the valley, should we all perish, shall not end with us. Our people, your ancestor did before us, we will rebuild even stronger if we must. Moon say we NEVER surrender, but also know that future generation of our people must live, MUST survive. Moon have hope we can win, but those who cannot fight this battle must do their best to work on their strengths and ensure the future of our people."

    (OOC: DM there to confirm the damage Mooncandy made, she cleared the entire druidic area and almost the entire south gate areas of Bugbear influence before the alarm rang.)

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    ((Will give a couple days to finish the conversation here on the forums, or take some time IG, like when Ginger suggested, to have the conversation there. If I'm not online for an IG conversation just assume the bugbear emissary is standing there… or just say you went behind a building to talk or something. 😉 ))

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    The bugbear doesn't look like he'll wait for a citizen's meeting.

    Rocks are grabbed. Pitchforks are pointed at the bugbear. An Aegisheart standing at the front of the gathering prepares to shorten the bugbear at the kneecap. The gathered crowd of right-sized citizens starts getting roused by Soddy's speech… until the talk of fighting to the last man.

    The fear growing in the bugbear's eyes seems to disappear as the crowd's resolve to fight falters.

  • Ginger calls for an emergency citizens meeting in the Council Chamber.

    //In a little under 12 hours, at Sunday 1pm EST.

  • _The charismatic Soddy the Hin pumps his fist into the air, crying out belligerently and resolutely to all of the residents of Silver Valley.

    "We will not surrender! We will not cow to these brutes! What sort of life for the rightsized folk is the life of a slave? No life! What mark on history would we make if we bent to their will! The mark of COWARDS! What would Yondalla say? SHAME! SHAME! What would Gaerdal Ironhand say? SHAME! We would not be fit to be in the presence of our patrons in death!

    No! If we must die, we will do so as free folk in the grace of our gods, rather than as starved and broken and shamed folk who ought to be shunned by our patrons! And if anything, we must give those who have not yet been besieged by these beasts time and hope! Time to prepare, and hope that these beasts will not have free reign to take any and all things without a fight! So fight, my kin, fight to the last!

    Persuade roll of 27, confirmed by Benji_

  • An old gnarled gnome totters up and gets out a few lines before he is hushed and pulled away.

    You know.. back in my day, bugbears had more respect in their tone. They'd have been listing off terms of rule, before threatning to kill everyone. They weren't so tall either, and had to walk uphill in the snow, barefoot to even talk to anyone. If they could even – - !