Diary of a Life Reborn

  • Narfell PG

    Entry 52

    Aha! I finally found my diary! I thought I lost it, but it was just mixed in with Lorie's belongings.

    Wow, I never realized just how much time has passed by since I last wrote in this diary. A lot has happened, certainly too much to write about here. I’ll just give some of the personal highlights.

    I grew a bit bored of things and decided to explore a bit. Narfell has been my home for my whole life, and there is a huge world out there. I wanted to see some of it. So I found myself joining a merchant caravan, helping to keep it safe as he went westward. And in Damara I joined another caravan. And another after… Just traveling all over. My wanderlust eventually sated and so I came back to Narfell.

    Rith's gone back to Suzail for some family stuff. I know Lorie also went for a bit to help with that.

    Jerrick is gone. He's not dead, just stuck on a mountain being the guardian of something important to the Balance of Nature. I don't know anything more than that. But I know it's affected Lorie and the twins. Especially Lorie. She loves him with all her heart, and it must pain her to be away from him.

    She probably tried to climb that mountain. Mustn't have gotten far, as she's in Norwick still.

    At least she has her daughters, my nieces. Oh my, how they have grown! Elaine took after Lorie (and me, I guess) in becoming a sorceress, while Leena took after Jerrick and has become a druid. I'm sure Lorie and Jerrick are proud. I know I am.

    I haven't seen Elaine lately, she must be traveling. But I have seen Leena. And from the sounds of it, she's gotten quite involved with the Circle. Her current problem she is trying to solve is all those demons still in Jiyyd. I don't think I can really help with that, but I'll at least provide some morale support.

    I ran into Fadia as well. I have definitely got to spend more time with her.

    There been other familiar and not so familiar faces. It's good to be back in Narfell.

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    Entry 51

    _I can't believe I forgot this at Thorn's office. I rushed off so fast to meet up with my father at his request (again) that I forgot my diary! I wonder if Thorn took a peek at it…

    Honestly, if he had, I doubt he read anything he didn't already know. Not that it would have kept him from blushing.

    My return to Norwick started off quietly. It was Fight Night, but one of the dwarves was running it so there wasn't archery but an axe-throwing contest. Boxing was a bit interesting, which Jin surprisingly won. And Moonie challenged to fight off any number of people by herself. She managed to win too. It was nice seeing Moonie, Rasuil, Eluriel, and a few others. I've yet to run into Thorn, Fadia, Rith, Kiana... I have heard rumors that Thorn has been away.

    Crap, I forgot to leave a note that I was leaving for a bit. You don't think he's trying to track me down, do you?

    Anyhow, the night started off nicely, then took a turn for the worst. It's fitting that I ended up helping to defend the gates from an attack by the bugbears. Dear Selûne, that was a bloody and nasty battle. Their priests and mages are disturbingly proficient with their magic. The archers shoot well too. Most challenging was just the sheer numbers of bugbears. We had to retreat to the double gates, and we almost lost our ground then even! We finally managed to push them them back from the double gates and then after a rest we had one group go around town so we could catch them in a pincher attack. It worked well, though it cost Ardent her life (she came back, but it was a rough night for her, she died in the main attack too).

    I nearrly died twice in that fight too. I can alrready imagine Vilmarr yelling at me. Heh.

    So, back in Norwick, back to scouting, back to -

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    Entry 50

    _My father sent a letter to me, asking for me to visit. It didn't sound alarming, I figured he'd ask for Lorie also if it was a life or death matter. I still made the trip as swift as I could. I ended up having a nice time with my father. He was just worried about me. He wanted to make sure that I was adapting well to my new elven body. Once I assured him that I have been healthy and well, I could see him visibly relax. I suspect that somebody must have made a comment to him that brought on this concern.

    My return to Norwick was met with pleasantries as well. I unfortunately missed Fight Night; Gnarl told me he had won the Team Fight competition with Diadne and a woman named Charity. I met a new elf to the area, Jaidinn. He seems to be a polite and friendly sort. A few nights later, I was with Jaidinn as well as Ama'bael and Therean. Ama made the suggestion that we share stories of how we came to Norwick over some wine. Jin even joined us halfway through. It was a wonderful night learning interesting tidbits of each other.

    I did notice Jaidinn seemed to give me an occasional curious, usually after I spoke. It must be my “accent”. Even though I no longer am a Fuzzy, that quirk of speech is still a part of me. I hope I never lose it._

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    Entry 39

    Maybe Thorn's right that we all need to worry. Something is certainly afoot. Romulus told me of troubles he ran into in the crypt. Fendon… the traitor herald. But why would Fendon save Romulus and give him a warning to "beware the darkness."

    I kinda got that last question answered. After we helped a man find his family's old home in the ruins of Old Norwick (his grandfather was Wald, the old man who used to hire people to fetch flour from his warehouse), I was with Thorn and something very disturbing happened. We were cloaked in darkness. Sinister darkness. Like it was alive or something. It even killed me! It also seemed like something was trying to get into Thorn's head.

    This wereboar (I think?) brought me back to life. Cogg was his name. That was an odd experience. It was like he yanked me right out of the Fugue. Very disorienting. Here's the important part though... Cogg also warned us to "beware darkness." And doors.

    I'm worried for Thorn now though.

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    Entry 38

    _Thorn is worried. He says that his visions are coming true. He's been trying to warn people about the Chaos Spirits. I think I'm the only one that's truly listened though. I can tell he's frustrated. Granted, there haven't been any reports showing activity from these spirits in a while. I guess with most people, if it's out of sight then it is out of mind. But they are in Thorn's sight.

    He's also trying to in touch with that Fey who helped Rith with her nightmares. Nightshade, that was his name, right? No, he used the elven translation of that. I hope Thorn knows what he's doing by contacting the Fey. I know the Fey did keep his end of the bargain with Rith. My trust for fey was dealt with a severe blow since the manipulations of the one who created the nightmares that trapped me. Maybe Thorn should have Jerrick give him advice? He does seem to have quite a connection to them.

    And goblins seem to be getting organized and active. Damn pests. I truly wish we could cleanse the Rawlinswood of the vermin.

    Note to self: Don't forget to look into enchanting. Specifically, protective charms._

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    Entry 37

    Aha! I finally worked out that spell again. I can enchant my arrows for a limited time again. Or other weapons. But I rely on my bow so this spell will get the most usage on my arrows. Now to see if I can twist that magic into creating a flame…

    I found Thorn today. He and I shared pastries at the Wolves' Den. He told me why he doesn't dance, and I showed him my silvery dancing outfit (to which he commented that the last thing a person would think about when seeing it is dancing).

    And this time it was me flirting a bit too much. I still can't help it.

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    Entry 36

    A bit of rest and back to training I went. Rith and Fadia led me into the crypt for some undead target practice, which went very well. It helps to have that fire spell on my arrows. On my spare time, I've focused more on my magic. I want that spell back to enchant my arrows.

    I've seen Vilmar hanging around Eluriel a bit. With a bit of blushing on his part, which I can't help but giggle at. I have the suspicion that Eluriel's considering recruiting Vilmar into the Wolves. Just some of the things she's said to him have slight hints at it. That would really be interesting and ironic. I remember when I had joined the Wolves long ago. He seemed to think I was being a bit silly back then.

    We had the Moonlight Dance last night. It's a celebration for Eilistraee, known as the Dark Maiden. She's the one drow goddess that is good, and her followers seek redemption for the drow to turn their backs on evil. Like Ty'eth. Of course, there is more to Eilistraee than just that, I really should talk to Dondiah more. The Dance was absolutely a lot of fun. The outfit I purchased for it was rather risque, but that wasn't unexpected as some of us were completely nude. I considered taking off my sheer outfit, but I decided I'd wear it since I did pay for it.

    Vilmar was there, but he didn't dance. There were a few there I didn't expect, like that brute of a man known as Sogar. He even danced! Dondiah was very happy when she left, since her Dance went so well.

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    Entry 35

    Dammit. I went from not having enough confidence to having too much. Golems attacked the south gate. I was helping out, and we found a portal at the Rawlinswood lake. At that point I really should have just bowed out, I mean this was getting over my head. But I stepped into the portal…

    ... and that's all I remember. Something killed me immediately as I emerged, I think. I'm not sure what, I just know I felt a lot of pain.

    Vilmar scolded me for being an idiot. Okay, he said it nicer than that. But I was an idiot. It's funny though, it really does feel like old times with him. I'd go get involved in stuff and he would question the need to stick our necks out.

    I'm going to take it easy after my visit with death, then back to training. I can't focus on that "magic weapon" spell now, I want it back.

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    Entry 34

    As I came to town today there was a large group of elves, most of whom I know. My first thought was that perhaps the Shesae were having a gathering. I suppose that was not incorrect, but they were all preparing to leave on a mission to find Ty'eth, the drow from the trial. Kiana invited me along. I wasn't sure I should; the trip sounded dangerous. Some of the group mentioned we'd face duergar. I decided to go with them, however. I was too curious to know what happened to Ty'eth and there were plenty of people that I can trust with my life (and have done so before). Kiana, Rith, Fadia, Ama'bael, Therean, Faelar, Dondiah, Risternil, Jin. Oh, and a bard named Elidor. I think Rith was the only human among the group.

    Relying on some scrying that Rith performed, we headed south and east toward the “Scar”. I have never seen the Scar before. I wonder if I should be glad I missed the N'jast War. At the scar we faced harpies and wyverns. I have to say the wyverns impressed me. They liked to leap high in the air and pounce on us with a powerful dive that would cause gusts that threatened to knock me down. We came to a cavern that was down one of the cliffs of the scar, and Rith was certain that was where Ty'eth headed. Inside we found a maze of caverns and doors. We ran into some duergar patrols as predicted, as well as some hook horrors. My new spell came in handy. I relied on my bow and spells the whole time. We did have a couple of scary spots. At one point, we were fighting off hook horrors behind us, while duergar charged in front.

    We found Ty'eth finally, alive and looking well. He was certainly surprised to see us. We ended up helping him pilfer something from the duergar, which ended with us making a maddened retreat as “gray guard” gave chase. As far as I can understand, these would be the elite soldiers of the duergar.

    So, Ty'eth is safe and sound. Though his kidnapping is still quite curious. When asked who took his answer was something like, “I am told to say that Vaxin's men took me.” Curious, no?

    This trip also made me realize that I need to be a bit more confident in what I can handle. I almost didn't go because I feared I'd be useless against such foes. I handled myself very well though. Of course, it helps to be with people I know will have my back, but at least I know that I might have their back as well. I just get nervous because I cannot rely on being able to turn into a big feline with claws and teeth. I'm also not as sturdy as I was as a half-elf.

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    Entry 33

    By Selûne… I don't think I could have a bigger shock in my life than the one I had today. Rith told me that Vilmar is back.

    Vilmar is alive!!!

    I couldn't believe her at first. Hell, I couldn't even THINK at first when she told me. It feels like a lifetime that he's been gone. Actually, it would be a lifetime to a human… I remember the day Kharbeh gave me his bow and ring vividly. I could feel the total sense and finality that Vilmar was dead then.

    Yet he's alive!! And well!

    And he's shocked to see me as an elf now. I did my best to explain what happened and about Lorelai. Dear Selûne, I know she's going to panic. After all, she was the "evil" side, right? Vilmar certainly remembers it that way. And I know Tojan used to call her "Evil Kitty" … and then just "Dark Kitty." I can see Vilmar's reluctance to even consider trusting her. I can't blame him.

    I hope Rith or I talk to her first... try to give her the news easy.

    Why do I have the feeling that won't happen?

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    Entry 32

    I won third place in the recent archery contest. I'm honestly surprised I made it that far, I had some awful shots that night. I got some poison-tipped arrows as a prize. I'm not sure I like the prize. Maybe I should make a complaint?

    Ael'Que and Esmeralda finally did have their wedding. I do not believe that I have ever seen Ael'Que any happier than he is right now. I'm glad for him.

    Oh, I've got a new spell. Something I don't think Lorie has even. I can imbue a little bit of magic on weapons to make them more accurate and damaging. It's not much, but it should at least provide a little bit of damage to things I have trouble with like undead. I think someday I would like a spell that enchants fire into my arrows like Rith likes to do for me sometimes.

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    Entry 31

    I feel much better now, like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

    Kiana was understanding of what was going on with Thorn. I wasn't worried that she'd be upset, but I still felt that I had to be honest with her about the problem. She talked to him after, I found out, and that talk led to Thorn wanting to talk to me.

    Which was fine since I was wanting to talk to him too.

    We both agree that things were going too far, and we don't want me to snap and throw myself at him. So he's going to reign in the teasing. No inappropriate teasing at least. Get back to being like a brother and sister and not more than that. Thorn's wonderful and I'm sure that it would be quite enjoyable if things were to be more than that. But it's not right. He's got Fadia. I've got Kiana (even as understanding as she says she is about it). It's not worth ruining friendships and relationships for a night of fun.

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    Entry 30

    Finally, got myself to get some ink. Well, it's Thorn's technically, I swiped it off his desk. He probably won't miss it. Belinda on the other hand, she'll probably pester me to replace it.

    Been a while since I've written something in here, I see. I ran out of ink and was too lazy with getting more. Quite a bit has happened though, and I really should write it down. I've really got some things that need figuring out. Stuff that is driving me crazy… with Thorn and Fadia.

    First, the easy stuff.

    We had an interesting incident in Norwick with a drow. One that has a good heart. He found some dead bodies in the woods and alerted the guard, but in doing so he revealed what he was and so was arrested. I'm rather happy that my investigation into the matter was able to clear Ty'eth of any wrong-doing, but it took significantly more to convince the Chancellor to let him free.

    Sadly, after being released somebody kidnapped him. Based on what was said, it sounds like the blame should be pinned on Vaxin (scary mage that's spurring the Hoarans into conflict). His involvement makes little sense though. I still don't know if Ty'eth is safe now. I have to make sure to ask Dondiah if there's any news.

    My relationship with Kiana is still going strong. I still feel a bit crazy, but I'm getting more comfortable with being open to others about our relationship. She recently proposed to me. Of course, I said yes. We have no clue when we want to actually have the wedding. Not that I'm rushing to have it happen. Considering how terrible I am at planning things out, I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being a last minute affair.

    I have also asked the Shesae to considering allowing me to join. Though, the way it sounds from Thorn, I have the feeling that I shouldn't expect a positive result on that. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. I may be an elf in body, but I won't deny my soul should still be only half. I was hoping it would help me learn more about... well... elves. My father had no chance for that when I was growing up. He visited when he could sneak in, but that was hardly enough. I thought that if I wanted to learn more about elven life, the best way would be to be with them, thus the Shesae. If that doesn't happen, I guess I'll just have to rely on those elves who are close to me. Ael'Que, Kiana, Thorn, Fadia...

    Though, it's getting a bit dangerous to spend time with Thorn and Fadia. Especially Thorn. He likes to tease me. Flirt with me. Teasingly flirt. I know I should make him stop. But I can't. I don't mean that he won't listen, I mean I literally can't get the words out of my mouth to tell him to stop. My body wants more. Selune help me, I'm just so attracted to him. Yeah, it's that bad. I gotta get a hold of myself before I do something that we end up regretting.

    It doesn't help that Fadia goes along with it... Thorn and I joke that she's probably part nymph...

    Alright. First, talk to Kiana. I'm not going to hide anything from her. Then talk to Thorn.

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    Entry 29

    This past month has had it's ups and downs. It has mostly been good, but there have been a few odd things that irked me.

    The Grapevine Inn is a good example of what has irked me. A couple of tenday ago, Kiana and I were spending some time alone in a room when the candles were suddenly snuffed out and then re-lit. Out of nowhere this voice teased us, saying it was hoping for more “action.” It was some kind of spirit. I don't know if it was a malicious sort, but it certainly enjoyed toying with us. The perverted jerk. Rold denied there ever being a ghost in the inn, of course.

    And last night, there was something that happened in the inn that Ael'Que somehow was involved with. I don't know quite understand what happened, but it's enough to make me decide to not sleep in the inn any more.

    I think what bothered me most about the spirit interrupting Kiana and I is that our relationship is still something I am still a bit nervous about. That was a night I was trying to let go of that nervousness and let myself lead things along. I suppose there will be other nights, but still, I am quite upset at the spirit.

    Despite that little setback, our relationship has been happy. My friends all seem happy lately too. Ael'Que did have a little spat with his ex-girlfriend, but it sounds like that may have been resolved. He has also re-joined the Legion. His wedding to Esmeralda should be fast approaching. Rith and Micah also are very happy. Fadia and Thorn are… undeniably silly, as usual.

    I still need to focus on my magic. At least a bit more would be nice. Though I do find my scouting skills to come quite naturally and I feel I should not neglect them. I suppose the question is, do I want to be a sorceress with some scouting skills, or a scout with some sorcery?

    Also... why the hell am I still without a familiar?

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    Entry 28

    Kiana and Ael'Que wanted to go mining, so we checked out the Goblin Hold. There were many people I trust, like Esmeralda, Romulus, Gnarl… A newer face too, a Sun Elf by the name of Sirion. Sirion did not get along well with many of us. I believe that Fadia and Rith would say he is an elf of the "snobby" persuasion. His tastes in clothing seem... a little girly?

    We did not find much in the Goblin Hold worth mining, so we returned to town. Ael'Que and Kiana still wanted some ore, and Esmeralda still wanted to test her battle skills, so we decided to head to the kuo-toa and umberhulks. Along with us three, Faelar came along and Sirion again. Ael'Que and Sirion argued quite a bit on the trip, and the others grew to really dislike him as well. He seemed more concerned about himself. Big egos seem to be a danger of being a wizard. Kiana disliked how he did not prepare for mind protections when we fought the umberhulk and Ael'Que became confused from it's magical gaze. He also did not seem to realize that kuo-toa's eyes are very different from our own and are able to pierce invisibility spells.

    After we claimed our ore (nickel and some copper) and left the caverns, Kiana berated Sirion for his lack of preparedness. The wizard's response? He made cast a spell of blindness on her! She was quite upset and managed to hit him with her axe before he could run.

    I hope Sirion isn't foolish enough to further provoke her and my friends. I fear, however, this won't be the end of it.

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    Entry 27

    So… Remember that Zeke fellow?

    He is really Zyphlin. As in the "Blue Bard". Adam Bromley's successor. And now, Zyphlin has his memories back!

    I feel slightly sorry for him. He has his proper memories back and is trying to sort that out and I show up as an elf while he should remember me being a half-elf. That gave him a good round of confusion.

    I feel even sorrier that I giggle at the thought of him eventually running into Lorie and becoming even more confused.

  • Narfell PG

    The pretty elf lay in bed, having rested for hours. She felt completely relaxed and content, without troubling thoughts in her head. Though she noted that she was by herself that morning, the room did not feel empty. After a few more lazy moments, she finally sat up and stretched. With a happy sigh, she grabbed her diary and began to write.

    Entry 26

    Sometimes I do not know what to do about Rith. There are times when I want to slap her upside the head. There are times when I want to give her the biggest hugs. And then there are times where I want to do both. After last night, I feel like the latter with maybe a couple extra hugs.

    Not that I am complaining about last night, but I can’t shake the image that I was like a gnomish wind-up toy. Just crank me up, point me at Kiana, and let me go. Damn ears.

    By Selûne though, I needed that push and am happy for it.

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    Entry 25

    I made another outfit for myself today. Simple and flattering, yet modest compared to my green skimpy set. Afterward, I met up with Fadia, Rith, and Micah. It seems that he is also learning blacksmithing. It was rather amusing to see Rith's eyes glued to his sweaty, shirtless body hammering away at the hot metal. Okay, I'll be honest, I was looking, too. Do you blame me? He's a nine.

    We went to the bathhouse to wash up after. I wanted to talk to Fadia about Kiana and I but… Rith and Micah were a bit too close and I just didn't feel like saying anything that would get me teased again. By Selûne, those two are so enamored with each other. I'm not sure a full candlemark had passed before Rith and Micah left to have some 'private' time.

    Unfortunately, Fadia had to get going soon after. That left me on my own in Peltarch.

    I really should learn where things are in this city sometime...

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    Entry 24

    After Kiana was done working in the crafthall, we started to talk about us. Which honestly was more me trying to talk about us. I had to get my feelings out. And yet again, we are interrupted. The master blacksmith yelled at us, told us to go get a room. We were not even kissing! Just talking!

    I am getting sick of the teasing.

    I stormed out of the crafthall with Kiana. We ran into Ael’Que and a friend of his, and joined them for a trip back south. As soon as we docked, Kiana and I ran for it. I wanted to sit with her alone, without any distractions. Without any teasing. So we found a secluded place on a hill in the town away from everybody.

    I confessed to her everything that I have been feeling. Andu, the teasing, how I cannot stay away, how I feel like I am going crazy. And most importantly, how I feel about her.

    I love her.

    I still feel crazy, but at least I said it all.

    I was looking forward to competing in the archery contest at Fight Night, so we climbed back down the hill. Locrian has taken over as the host of Fight Night and I believe I see why Thorn tells me to give him a hard time.

    Locrian is an ass. A bully. I see him pick on people and expect they will just bow to him. He reminds me of that bastard that made it a point to push me down and belittle me while growing up as a half-elf. Rith got so fed up at him that she used a Silence spell to shut him up.

    She got tossed into jail for it. Moonie and Maria joined her as a show of protest against him. Kiana and I followed to at least keep them company. I swear I’ll not attend another Fight Night that has Locrian in charge.

    They only were in jail for a few hours, thankfully. I joined Rith, Val, Maria, Moonie, and Aska for some drinks at the Grapevine. Aska can still be tactless, however I do think she has been improving. Whatever Rith is doing to get Aska to accept her new life seems to be working.

    While we all talked, Corwin grabbed Val. It looked important. When Val returned with blood on her hands, we found out what was the problem. Kat tried to kill herself. Moonie dashed right upstairs, while I followed after. I’m sure Rith would rather I stayed away. After all, a paladin confirmed a dark taint in her.

    The way I see it, perhaps a show of compassion can turn her around. It worked for Lorie, right?

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    Entry 23

    I went on a mining trip today with Kiana. Ael’Que and Esmeralda were constantly kissing each other. Kiana’s actually made a game of it, counting their kisses on each trip. For the record, their total was 13 on this one. Of course, Ael’Que teased Kiana and I, asking how soon would they have to count our kisses. I’m glad I had a helm on, I could feel my cheeks burning. Romulus seemed amused at it all.

    Esmer… Rith has warned me of her. She worships a dark god. Hearing of it from Kiana, however, it sounds like the worship is out of fear than devotion. I cannot help being wary, but I am going to give her a chance to prove herself. I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t. And Ael’Que and Esmer really do seem to be quite in love. Call me optimistic, but maybe that love will set her free from her fear. It’s a nice thought.

    We’re back in Peltarch now. Kiana’s at the forge smelting the copper ore we mined. I’m trying to sit here and think. The events of the other night at the Grapevine Inn replay in my head. The tickling, then the kiss. By Selûne, if nobody had walked in on us, where would it have led? We were not even drunk this time!

    It does not help when people tease me about this. The teasing makes me feel like I’m doing something I should not. I feel I am being scandalous when I hear the remarks.

    I cannot stay away from her though. I fail immediately. What should I do? I do not even know who else I should talk to about this. Maybe I should just follow Rith’s advice?