Diary of a Life Reborn

  • Narfell PG

    Entry 25

    I made another outfit for myself today. Simple and flattering, yet modest compared to my green skimpy set. Afterward, I met up with Fadia, Rith, and Micah. It seems that he is also learning blacksmithing. It was rather amusing to see Rith's eyes glued to his sweaty, shirtless body hammering away at the hot metal. Okay, I'll be honest, I was looking, too. Do you blame me? He's a nine.

    We went to the bathhouse to wash up after. I wanted to talk to Fadia about Kiana and I but… Rith and Micah were a bit too close and I just didn't feel like saying anything that would get me teased again. By Selûne, those two are so enamored with each other. I'm not sure a full candlemark had passed before Rith and Micah left to have some 'private' time.

    Unfortunately, Fadia had to get going soon after. That left me on my own in Peltarch.

    I really should learn where things are in this city sometime...

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    Entry 24

    After Kiana was done working in the crafthall, we started to talk about us. Which honestly was more me trying to talk about us. I had to get my feelings out. And yet again, we are interrupted. The master blacksmith yelled at us, told us to go get a room. We were not even kissing! Just talking!

    I am getting sick of the teasing.

    I stormed out of the crafthall with Kiana. We ran into Ael’Que and a friend of his, and joined them for a trip back south. As soon as we docked, Kiana and I ran for it. I wanted to sit with her alone, without any distractions. Without any teasing. So we found a secluded place on a hill in the town away from everybody.

    I confessed to her everything that I have been feeling. Andu, the teasing, how I cannot stay away, how I feel like I am going crazy. And most importantly, how I feel about her.

    I love her.

    I still feel crazy, but at least I said it all.

    I was looking forward to competing in the archery contest at Fight Night, so we climbed back down the hill. Locrian has taken over as the host of Fight Night and I believe I see why Thorn tells me to give him a hard time.

    Locrian is an ass. A bully. I see him pick on people and expect they will just bow to him. He reminds me of that bastard that made it a point to push me down and belittle me while growing up as a half-elf. Rith got so fed up at him that she used a Silence spell to shut him up.

    She got tossed into jail for it. Moonie and Maria joined her as a show of protest against him. Kiana and I followed to at least keep them company. I swear I’ll not attend another Fight Night that has Locrian in charge.

    They only were in jail for a few hours, thankfully. I joined Rith, Val, Maria, Moonie, and Aska for some drinks at the Grapevine. Aska can still be tactless, however I do think she has been improving. Whatever Rith is doing to get Aska to accept her new life seems to be working.

    While we all talked, Corwin grabbed Val. It looked important. When Val returned with blood on her hands, we found out what was the problem. Kat tried to kill herself. Moonie dashed right upstairs, while I followed after. I’m sure Rith would rather I stayed away. After all, a paladin confirmed a dark taint in her.

    The way I see it, perhaps a show of compassion can turn her around. It worked for Lorie, right?

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    Entry 23

    I went on a mining trip today with Kiana. Ael’Que and Esmeralda were constantly kissing each other. Kiana’s actually made a game of it, counting their kisses on each trip. For the record, their total was 13 on this one. Of course, Ael’Que teased Kiana and I, asking how soon would they have to count our kisses. I’m glad I had a helm on, I could feel my cheeks burning. Romulus seemed amused at it all.

    Esmer… Rith has warned me of her. She worships a dark god. Hearing of it from Kiana, however, it sounds like the worship is out of fear than devotion. I cannot help being wary, but I am going to give her a chance to prove herself. I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t. And Ael’Que and Esmer really do seem to be quite in love. Call me optimistic, but maybe that love will set her free from her fear. It’s a nice thought.

    We’re back in Peltarch now. Kiana’s at the forge smelting the copper ore we mined. I’m trying to sit here and think. The events of the other night at the Grapevine Inn replay in my head. The tickling, then the kiss. By Selûne, if nobody had walked in on us, where would it have led? We were not even drunk this time!

    It does not help when people tease me about this. The teasing makes me feel like I’m doing something I should not. I feel I am being scandalous when I hear the remarks.

    I cannot stay away from her though. I fail immediately. What should I do? I do not even know who else I should talk to about this. Maybe I should just follow Rith’s advice?

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    Entry 22

    Today has had it's ups and downs.

    Drow attacked people in the crypts, so now the town is on alert. I was planning to hunt goblins and hobgoblins with friends, but we decided to head to Peltarch instead and hunt kobolds. That went pretty well. Kobolds are like reptilian versions of goblins.

    Kiana and I spent some time with friends by the fireplace in the Grapevine Inn. And soon found ourselves alone. And… well, it started out as a tickle fight but soon she was on top of me and able to sneak a kiss and...

    Rith and Micah are suddenly standing there, gawking at first as she scrambled off me and then scolding us for such actions in public. I could still hear Micah grumbling as he walked off with Rith.

    And then Ael'Que walks in and walks out.

    I just wanted to shrink away and disappear...

    As Kiana and I recovered from our embarassment, a pixie began to talk with us. He was a welcome distraction. He was lost, so we showed him to the druid glen where there are lots of pixies and other sprites. He gave Kiana and I each a pixie arrow as thanks.

    Now as I rest, I can't help but look back on Kiana and I. If I don't do something soon, I'm going to lose it.

  • Narfell PG

    The pretty elf lay in bed hoping to rest, but finding it difficult. Her mind was simply too busy, too many thoughts weighing her down. The little room was decorated quaintly, with a small yet comfortable bed. She could hear occasional voices and footsteps outside. Despite her pleasant surroundings, the room felt empty.

    She stared at her pack on the floor next to the bed. Finally, with a forlorn sigh, she sat reached into the pack and pulled out a book, quill, and vial of black ink. She sat up and made her self comfortable and began to write. Words flow onto the paper, framing her thoughts into sentances and paragraphs.

    As the third paragraph begins, she pauses. Her hand holds the quill above the paper as her thoughts consume her. A drop of ink falls from the tip, making a small blot. She scowls at herself and finishes her writing.

    She gives the page a moment to dry, then snaps the book closed and packs it away with the quill and pen. With a dramatic sigh, she buries herself under the covers and tries again to rest.

    Entry 21

    Goblins are up to something. It is like an army is forming. I discovered a large group gathered by the Rawlinswood lake. I estimated at least three dozen. I was glad I had a potion of inivisibility so I could slip by unnoticed. Rith mentioned having seen many outside the Fuzzy Den. And she and I both ran into a dozen or so by the Misty Pond. At least it made for a good scout report, right?

    Senator Ronan had a trial in Norwick today. If you only listened to the rumors flying about, you would have expected that this was a trial about a mass murder perpetrated by the Senator. The reality of his crime was less dramatic. He simply assaulted a man. I read up on our laws. It is a low crime, we did not even need this trial. Perhaps it was needed to settle some egos. I think I dislike politics, and am glad I am not involved like Lorie is. I used to be, back when the Norwick family was alive. Then the father started making crazy decisions and I stepped away from being an Advisor. I do find it amusing that Lorie is in that role now.

    Kiana and I spent some time together after the trial. I -blot- We spent a lot of time just talking. I stayed away from booze too. I've been drunk too much lately. It was a nice relaxing way to finish off the day. Just talking.

    I need to do something. Stand up, go forward, take a step, move ahead… I just... I cannot decide what and where. And who. Rith suggests I should follow my heart. But it's just as confused as my head.

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    Entry 20

    Thorn found out. From me. I had mentioned wanting a locker and he let me store stuff in his until I become a full member of the militia with my own locker. And as I was sorting my stuff he got nosey and found the wand.

    Yeah, awkward.

    We both needed a drink after that. Like Fadia though, I had to spill the beans. He wasn't judgmental at least. Maybe he was too surprised by it. I was quite drunk by the end of the story so he let me sleep it off in his room.

    Yes, I actually slept. I was too drunk not to, I think. Had a nice dream… I guess. Not sure I want to think about it too much. Thorn, Fadia, and Rith gave me a rude awakening. I felt a little satisfaction seeing Thorn shrink away from my angry-kitty glare. It would have been more satisfying if I could have turned into a big cat still.

    I practiced some archery. And more. And more. Thorn wanted me to hit a bullseye, but I just couldn’t, even after a hundred tries. He and Rith then decided to help me with my blushing problem.

    Their plan was to put me into a situation that would leave me blushing so much that everything else would seem trivial in comparison. Dear Selûne, Rith can be too much when she gets mischievous. Even Thorn was no match.

    That was just... well... She went overboard. It was another dose of awkward for me. That was the point, right?

    But I doubt I’ll stop blushing.

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    Entry 19

    I feel exhausted, mentally. Things caught up to me today. I'm glad to have straightened some of it out. However, I wonder my cheeks yet have a permanent blush burned into them.

    Kiana and I talked… about that night. And where we go from there. I'm not able to be what she wants. It's not because of whether it'd be right or wrong in others' eyes. I still feel my Bond with Andu, and I know I'll end up hurting the three of us if I tried to be more for Kiana.

    She gave me the spirit's gift. And I let her have one last kiss.

    Rith saw. Both.

    And when Fadia and I were teasing Rith and Micah on their new relationship, Rith goes and blabs about me having a girlfriend. I just... Dear Selûne...

    Really Rith, did you have to? At least it was a whisper and that only the four of us heard. It was still embarassing enough seeing as I just told Kiana that I can't be that. I wanted to just let the matter drop, but Fadia was already digging her claws into me. I finally did sit down with Fadia and told her all of it. I know her well enough to know she wouldn't let it drop.

    Rith's lucky. She's lucky I was too embarrassed. She's lucky that goblins attacked the gate and ended the conversation there. She's lucky that I honestly feel a little better having told Fadia about it.

    And yet... If Fadia knows then Thorn will know...

    Be calm. Don't overthink this. Just take it a day at a time.

    I should see about finding out if I could get a locker for my extra things. Like the wand. If I keep it with me, it's going to be a little thought in the back of my mind. Hell, even now I can't stop think-

    Selûne help me... it's buzzing again.

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    Entry 18

    I'm a little bothered and worried about Ael'Que. Not over the fact that he apparently has an idea of what happened the other night. I'm worried about his well being. He doesn't look good. Kind of pale, and maybe he's cold? He was sitting awfully close to that fire.

    I should say something to the others.

  • Narfell PG

    The brunette elf sighed as she sat down on the bed in the Grapevine Inn. She knew she could just stay the night in Thorn's office at the Great Hall. She didn't care that the secretary would disapprove of it, but she just didn't feel like running into Thorn. He'd ask how she's doing, and before long would probably pick up on things that happened.

    She scowled at herself. Why does she assume he'll know?

    The answer came quickly to her. He's her "big brother" now. Vilmar was certainly a perceptive big brother when he was alive. Thorn seems to share that trait, among others.

    Entry 17

    Well. That was an interesting night. My trip to Peltarch was supposed to be simply to make the outfit Noli asked for, and to talk more with Ama'bael and Therean and possibly ask them if I could join the Shesae. Noli's outfit started to come along a bit, but something didn't look just the way I wanted and I scrapped the design. But I did find the two elves, along with Ael'Que, Kiana, Jin, and others. They invited me to dance and have dinner with them. I wanted to talk to Therean, but then I was having so much fun with the party that I decided more serious matters could wait. I have how many years to live anyhow?

    The party became a bit more surreal after I had perhaps too much winter wine to drink with Kiana. I learned some things.

    Lesson one: I'm a lightweight. I don't hold my liquor as well as I did in my old body.

    Lesson two: How I get embarrassed easily? I'm not some teenage lass who's never kissed. It's the new body. It feels different, and reacts different. I just gotta get used to it, that's all. Right? Easier said than done, I feel myself blushing right now just THINKING about the night…

    Lesson three: Curiosity. It's gonna get me killed someday... And yet, I cannot deny that... that... item was... Um... a good gift. Really. Good. But who was that spirit? And should I be thankful or not that it visited and gave that gift?

    I just don't know what to think about the night. Maybe I should just let it be and move on.

    That's not going to happen, is it?

    Seriously, brain. Stop. Thinking. About. It.

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    Entry 16

    Back to Norwick, back to work.

    I've started my duties as a scout for Norwick. I patrolled some of the woods with friends. Romulus is proving to be a good archer, and his songs are uplifting in battle. Gnarl, as always, is a stout defender. Tamara is showing a bit more prowess, I hope her tutelage in the Druid Circle is going well. We were joined by a new fellow who seemed to be skilled as an archer. I have not learned much more besides his name, Dinin.

    We found Shadows in the old Norwick ruins. Nasty ones, not the simple spirits that normally roam about. They caught us by surprise, but we held up to the attack and dispatched them.

    I gave a report to Thorn about it. I felt rather proud of how we did, and I hope he's proud too.

  • Narfell PG

    Entry 15

    Our time here has been interesting. I have cherished the time spent with Daddy. Many of his friends were curious to how he now has two daughters. He simply explained there was a magical mishap that lead to two of me, and left it at that. Nobody asked further. Still, I can see some are wary of us. I hear whispers of concern of souls and how could both Lorie and I have one.

    It is a valid concern, but I will believe that Mielikki solved the issue via the ritual. I must have a soul, for Rith was able to call to it when raising me back from my death at the hand of the hobgoblin's scythe months ago. I will believe Lorie has her own soul as well, though I hope we never have to find out.

    When not with my father or my friends, I have spent most of my time among the elves. They live in houses up in the trees, while the barbarian humans have settled in tents they have built below. I must say that I have loved the views from the tree houses.

    Not many of the humans venture up into the tree houses. Despite coming together, it seems that both groups still prefer to keep to their own. The barbarians are wary, especially as elves have an affinity for arcane magics. And the elves probably find the barbarians to be wild and crude. They tolerate each other, and leave it at that.

    However, I notice the youngbloods seem more curious about their neighbors, and perhaps this is where doors will open.

    I saw a few were taking archery lessons with the elves. The instructor was drilling his group on speed and accuracy. Nocking the arrow, drawing it back, aiming, and releasing… all in one fluid motion repeatedly. The humans were keeping pace by the end of the lesson, which I think impressed the instructor.

    I also caught a youngblood trying to impress an elven lass. I am not sure how well he did, as what may impress women in our tribe will not necessarily impress an elf. I suspect she at least found his attempt flattering.

    The only dark cloud in this has been quiet talks of the bugbears that are nearby.

  • Narfell PG

    Entry 14

    We have finally made the trip to see my father. I have been very excited for this. Even though I am in a different body, I had no doubt that my father would accept me. I admit I was worried for Lorie, she looked very nervous. Rith, Thorn, and Fadia came along with us to make sure we would be safe.

    We did have to fight some hobgoblins and bugbears on our way. Thorn and Lorie were able to lead us to avoid most trouble, thankfully. The trip took just a couple days shy of two tenday. The reason for it being so long wasn’t distance, it was terrain. The Rawlinswood can be very thick with trees.

    I felt my heart leap as I saw a familiar sight in the distance. We came to a clearing. The clearing. I sat down on the rock and reminisced of that fateful day so long ago. The memory of it all pounded in me, the events playing out in my mind again. The others seemed confused so I began to tell what I was thinking. Being brought in front of the Elders, that asshole accusing me of devilry, seeing my sorcery come to life without my knowing how it happened, running for my life until I couldn’t run more, wondering what to do and where to go, and finally asking Selûne for help at that very stone. The words just came pouring out of me without thinking about it.

    I dug out a moonstone and whispered a prayer of thanks to Selûne and left it at the stone as I came to my senses again. And found Lorie doing the exact same thing as I, and we realized that we even had been telling the story together. We couldn’t help but chuckle.

    We found the village ruins of my tribe easily enough. Almost nothing was left, like I had seen before when I tried finding my mother after the war with Sharn’s army. Lorie and I gave a small prayer to the gods for our mother’s spirit. Rith noticed movement and pointed out we were being watched. They were elves, and one broke off, bounding down to greet us. Daddy…

    He almost hugged Rith, but quickly realized she wasn’t Tindra. Then he saw Lorie and hugged her, happy to see his daughter. I wanted to hug him so much, but held back. He’d needed an explanation first. Daddy noticed me, realized something odd was going on, and so Rith began to explain my existence and who Lorie really was.

    I sat quietly, as did Lorie. I was simply waiting patiently, again sure he would accept me. But Lorie, again I was worried. I could see by her face that she was paralyzed by guilt and fear. Rejection would be like a knife through her heart.

    After he listened, he looked me over and gave me a hug. The hug I’ve waited years for. That of a parent welcoming home a long lost child.

    He then approached Lorie and gave That Look. I recall only seeing such a look from Daddy a few times as I grew up. I wonder if all parents instinctively know how to give such looks to their children when there is misbehavior. She shrank from it, her guilt and fear was evident, but he demanded her to look at him. When she did so, he asked her if she was all just illusion and lies, a fake life.

    Something seemed to well up inside her. Timidly at first, then forcefully, she proclaimed she was real. Different but real. Daddy accepted that, and hugged her, and I think we all felt a collective sigh of relief.

    Somewhere up above, I think Jerr must be smiling at that. He’d have been happy to hear her say she was real.

    Now we are at the village, which I’ll detail more tomorrow. One thing amazes me and lifts my spirits. The tribe is alive, living with the elves. They were not so proud to deny the offer of help to avoid being wiped out by Sharn’s army.

    Despite my childhood, despite the exiling, I remain true to what my mother told me. The tribe, no matter what, is family.

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    Entry 13

    Tamara is back to being in a happy mood. She realized that she does have things to be happy about and it's better to move forward. Good for her.

    I had an interesting adventure the other day. I had met with Moonie and some others and as we were looking about for some adventure. There was Elsbeth (a bard), Purgor (half-orc), and Labur (dwarf) all from the Legion. Also a robed fellow named Dart and a dwarven druid called Argus (who had stone armor).

    We did find adventure. An elven merchant had gone missing and so we helped find him. We tracked his wagon which was obviously ambushed and followed the wagon tracks to the ruins of Ormpur. In a nearby cavern, we found a large group of formidible bandits. They were well prepared and many of us almost fell several times. I know I had two close calls with death. We were triumphant in the end and rescued the elf, Himo.

    One of the items I claimed from the loot was this wonderfully drawn elven map of the stars. I wanted it to learn more about elves, many of the constellations were of religious context (as are most constellations among all races). When I showed it to Thorn, he pointed out to me that the map was more of a scroll, and that each constellation could actually call forth a spell! That was quite a lovely surprise.

    Thorn is very stressed. It seems Dondiah's friend finally found him. I'm not sure what the result of their meeting exactly is, but Thorn is still edgy about the whole trip he took. I think I'll feign ignorance if I find myself speaking with this Rhylin lass, if only for Thorn's sake.

    Eluriel was surprised that I did not have a Wolf fang on me. I suppose she has every right to be surprised. I am unsure if I am a true Wolf anymore, however. I do still share their ideals, of course, and will readily lend aid if asked. My troubling thought is that I do not feel the same deep connection I with nature as before. I no longer have the Call of the Wild filling me; it was from having been a werecat. I shall talk with some others and get their opinion.

    Rith will be scrying sood for my father. Lorie has offered a bit of her blood to help. I await the result with much excitement. Speaking of Rith, I have noticed that she seems to be taking a different approach to life lately. She has been more joyful, if perhaps overly silly at times. I suspect that trip to Suzail really put her at ease on things. She, Thorn, and I had a silly time in the Wolf Den yesterday. It ended with Thorn tucking me in as if I were his daughter with the promise of blueberry pancakes in the morning.

    The pancakes were quite delicious.

  • Narfell PG

    Entry 12

    Tamara is sad. She has had a rough life before coming to Norwick, very similar to my own upbringing. Shunned and outcast for being different. She told me nobody in her old druid circle really cared for her. She wants friends, family, perhaps even a mate to love. And though she did not say it, I expect she misses her wolf companion who was mauled by a bear.

    I am going to try my best to make her feel like she has a home here. She will be loved.

    Rith and Fadia both have been doting on me a bit. Rith gave me a elven ring of curing and one of those tracking scrolls, while Fadia gave me an amulet taken from the kuo-tao that allow one to see through invisibility for a time. I certainly do not mind gifts; I admit I am a sucker for attention. I just hope they do not feel like they need to give a gift everytime we meet.

    Speaking of attention, I decided to get a new outfit while I was in Peltarch with Rith. My elven armor is nice, but it lacks the sexy tease of my old green and black leathers. And the other outfit I had is also nice, but I really wanted something to show off in. In the end, I had a lovely ensemble created that mirrors my old tight purple outfit (the one that would make Andu blush brightly whenever he laid eyes on me) and borrows a few details from the "battle bikinis" that Lorie and her sisters have become famous for at Fight Night. The colors chosen compliment my elven nature, green and gold. The result, I think, is quite stunning. My new "Prowling" outfit. Now only if I had somebody like Xixia to "prowl" around with.

    On another note, Moonie is wanting to gather a lot of moonstones for a ceremony to celebrate Selune and then donate the gems to the orphanage in Peltarch. I need to remember to hold onto any I find while hunting the greenskins.

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    Entry 11

    I feel exhausted, even after having rested. The past day was full of terrible fighting, though I am happy that it ended with happiness and new friendship.

    I had met up with Gnarl and Romulus by the southern gate, both of whom wished to hunt goblins. Several others joined with us. Of particular note, there was an elven healer of Rillifane named Noli and a half-elven druid of Mielikki named Tamara. Both I have not met before, and Tamara seemed to be very new to these lands. She showed herself to be brave, yet not too reckless, and has a cheerful attitude. Noli proved himself to be an excellent healer, especially with events after our hunt.

    The hunt was went well. Rith had given many of us blessings of Lathander to protect us, and I think that helped make it easier to fight the hobgoblins. After we returned to town, Romulus, Gnarl, and I considered going back out with a smaller group into the Howling Woods. I wished to speak with Rith first, however. In hindsight, it is fortunate that I did.

    I did not have much time to speak with Rith, about performing a scry to find my father. Shortly after I told her that I did wish to accept her offer to aid me, the gate was attacked by goblins. It was a small wave at first, but it quickly grew to a large army. Many goblin grenades few about, and I was glad Rith's spell of elemental shielding was still in effect on myself.

    I tried best as I could to help fight the goblins. I kept to archery and avoided melee fights. But goblins were soon joined by worgs. And trolls. And in a lull, the ground shook. We prepared for umberhulks or bulettes to burst up from the ground, but instead a massive golem stomped to the gate. A "war machine". I remember seeing those dreadful things once long ago, the Eastlanders had some under their control. Gnarl unfortunately charged the thing and was crushed flat immediately.

    More goblins and worgs came. And more. And more. And more golems. Many times I had run back to the double-gates as the fighting came too close. There was even a hell-cow! Quite a few of us fell, including myself. This is where Noli had been able to put his skills as a healer to full glory. Of all those that fell, it was only Gnarl that he was unable to save from the brink of death. I have said a prayer of thanks to Rillifane for sending him to Norwick.

    When the fighting finally stopped, I took the time to talk to Tamara more and even pointed her out to Fadia when she arrived. Tamara was quite appreciative to be shown the Druid glen and it looks like she will be a new apprentice, as well as a new friend.

  • Narfell PG

    Entry 10

    Thorn has escaped the clutches of the Fuzzy Den. I guessed that meant Dondiah's friend has left, but he didn't know if that was so. He got out because he needs to be away from Rith.

    Thorn explained this all to me at a little spot he calls, "Gossip Rock." A cute name for a place to hang out and gossip. Rith is in love with him. She knows he cannot return that same love, and it pains her so he's giving her some room.

    He then asked how I was doing. How were people treating me? I told him about how the elves seem to treat me well (which I am glad for). And other people have been good friends. I told him of Kat and Syl too. He did not give me an "I told you so". I suspect he felt he didn't need to, I gave it to myself already. He is worried as well that I let myself be taken advantage of. I promised him I would be more careful.

    I think the situation with Kat and Syl actually worked out amazingly enough. Just as Thorn was to take me into the woods to train my scouting skills, we ran into Kat. She pulled me aside for the moment to talk, and confessed that she and Syl have become enamored by me. While I do admit I am flattered, as I said in my last entry remains true. I have a mate, and I will not turn away from him. She understood that, thankfully.

    I do believe Thorn was quite happy with how well I do handle myself in the woods. I wonder if I should join the Norwick scouts under him.

  • Narfell PG

    Entry 9

    Yesterday was very busy. I missed Fight Night, and most of an auction from an elven merchant. Rith waved me over; she was with Corwin and honestly looked a little tipsy. I could smell rum in the air. I must admit I am glad to see that even a stubborn priestess (I say that with affection) will take time to relax. After a few minutes, she noticed some of the elves give an odd look my way. It made her feel like they did not approve of me talking with her.

    I am unsure how I feel about that. I do appreciate the thought that the elves see me as one of their own. However, if there is one thing I will not allow myself to do is carry prejudice in my heart. I grew up the victim of that prejudice, and know how it can bring pain. I would have stayed with Rith, but she requested that I go speak with others. I think she felt uncomfortable and wanted to have attention drawn away from her.

    Ael’Que is one elf I suspect shares my view on prejudice (besides Thorn and Fadia). I noticed he is in a relationship with a half-elf, Lyda, who was enjoying the festivities with him that night. I have met Lyda before; she seems to be a nice person then and now.

    Kat and Syl were also there. I honestly feared that they would start playing with my ears again. Thankfully, they did not. Kat invited me up to Peltarch so she could give me some things that would be useful to a sorceress. I said yes without thinking, realizing afterward that I just set myself up for more trouble. Before I left, however, Ael’Que pulled me aside for a talk.

    He is quite worried that I am being taken advantage of. He had seen me at Peltarch the other week with those two teasing my ears. I could feel myself blushing from cheeks to ear tips when he told me. Even before talking to him, I knew deep down I was letting myself get in over my head. I need to keep in control of myself, and not just because of Ael’Que’s worries.

    The fact is that I remain Lifebonded with Andu’mein. I my have a different body, but the Lifebond is with the soul. I cannot and wish not to betray it.

    So I tried to excuse myself from Kat’s invitation, which I think they did not think was sincere. We were interrupted by an elven woman who asked frantically if we saw Rith. She mentioned that Rith was with Corwin and suddenly woke up and… well… freaked out. I had my suspicions of why this happened from reading Lorie’s diary. I was able to find Rith, back at Lorie and Jerrick’s house. I was a little surprised she was there; I expected her to be at the den. I was right; she had a nightmare. I do hope Corwin understands that she did not mean any bad words she might have said. I did leave him a note that Rith is alright and apologizes.

    Ael’Que took me to see where the Shesae are planning to build a place of their own. I must say they have chosen an excellent location, near the druids. It was nice to relax on the hill overlooking a waterfall, I think I needed some peacefulness.

  • Narfell PG

    Entry 8

    Dear Selûne! What did I just get myself into?

    Norwick was quiet, so I decided to visit the city. The city still makes me feel uneasy, but I'm not as uncomfortable as I used to be. It really helps that there isn't grey stone everywhere. I met some people outside of the Dancing Mermaid. One person, a human by the name of Kat, has taken a liking to me. In hindsight, I should have kept my mouth shut about ever having been feline. Kat follows Sharess and now wants to think of me as her kitty. But I am already "Thorn's elf." That did not seem to matter to her.

    I also met her sister later, Syl. And a fellow who took us on a tour of the sewers where we killed rats, zombies, cultists of some dark god (perhaps the Mad God?), a wight, and some giant cube of slime. That last foe was particularly disgusting.

    The problem I have now with Kat and Syl, is that they have latched onto the idea that I am a cat. That itself does not bother me, I still feel like a cat sometimes. Kat, and later Syl, tried to scratch behind my ears like one would when petting a cat.

    By Selûne… I was told that my ears would be sensitive. As a half-elf, I knew my ears were more sensitive than a human. And as a feline, it felt very nice to have somebody scratch just behind my ears. But as an elf? I really did not think I would find my ears to be that... sensitive. I could hardly think straight!

    I expect Thorn will be saying an "I told you so," to me.

    What am I going to do about those Kat and Syl?

  • Narfell PG

    Entry 7

    I ran into bad luck today. It started off very well. I went hunting goblins with John, Romulus, Gnarl, and a few others. Among the group was a man called Ezekiel, or Zeke for short. It took me some time, but I finally remembered where I heard of him before. Lorelai had written about the man in her diary.

    While we were in the ruins of old Norwick, Zeke had a seizure and began talking like he was having a vision. It was not the future that he saw, but the past. He spoke of battles with the drow underneath the town, of Phoenix members not returning and needing to be rescued, of a underground city named Arnath, of Braeth…

    We kept on with our hunt after he returned to the present. Goblins did not stand much of a chance against us. We ventured into the hobgoblins, which I have helped fight before. Things did not appear to be anymore difficult than usual. Looking back, I can only say it was simply bad luck. At one point, a scythe-wielding hobgoblin charged at us archers and seemed to focus on me. I started to leap to the side as I saw his weapon swing forward, but I could already see I was too late. Fortunately, I do not recall the blade bite into the flesh of my neck. His strike was true, I was likely dead before I even hit the ground.

    Rith pulled me back from the Fugue. I am fortunate that she was in Norwick to meet with my companions. They were all relieved to see my return to life. They seemed even more relieved when I joked in response to a comment about finding a lesson in this death. "The lesson being, 'Duck.'"

    I mentioned Zeke's visions to Rith, who already know of some of them. I do have some regret with telling her of today's vision, as it did bring back awful memories to her. She was one of the "Phoenix" trapped below. From what I've seen, she rose from the ashes well. I'm sure Lorelai would say so.

    That Zeke. I have a good idea who he really is after talking to Rith. I should find his old friends and pass on what I learned.

  • Narfell PG

    Entry 6
    I have changed. I feel it. I mean changed more than just my body, but mentally as well. It is a subtle change in my thoughts. The words I chose to speak with are not quite the same as before. I sound more proper. Maybe it comes with having an elven mind? And when it comes to combat, I find myself trying as much as possible to stay back and rely on my bow. Is it simply because I am no longer a werecat with a thick hide and claws?

    And just as I realize these things and wonder how much I will change, I find there are just as many ways that I am still the same. As I approached the southern gate last night, there was a man talking to Yngdir and La'ali. He mentioned having lost his stuff at the old town ruins and hoped for some help in retrieving them. Yngdir offered to help in his own way (By his words, you'd think he does not much care either way. By his actions, you know he does). Without giving it another thought, I also offered my bow and magic to help retreive the fellow's belongings. We found his dropped packs easily and were back in town within the hour.

    After properly introducing myself to the man, a Mystran priest by the name of Faide, I also met two others. One a Tormite named Pherdur, the other a mage named Mystic. Mystic had the desire to hunt goblins and other nasty creatures that infest the woods. Again, I promptly offered my skills, as did Pherdur and Faide. We had a good hunt and I very much enjoyed helping. And killing goblins.

    I may have some different quirks, but deep down, I am still me. I wish to help others, even if I am not strong now. I wish to see the woods safe, even if I do not have the animalistic connection now. Above all, I cherish friendships and the acceptance others give me, even if others do not understand why I am who I am.