• _::Rumours arise of a fair lady in golden and crimson armour visiting the ruins of Jiyyd often on her own. When questioned, she answers that she is carrying out an investigation. The Ferryman will openly talk about how that lady seems to carry a light of her own as she walks in and out of the desolated place and possibly also about how much money he's making only from tripping her back and forth.

    If stablished a conversation, the ferryman would probably mention something that the blonde lady told him during one of the trips, where he asked her if she wasn't afraid of demons, and her answer was - "Demons? Sir, what scares me is the big trolls nearby and Lathander willing I won't have to confront any of them. Demons inspire me a lot of feelings, but I assure you that none of them is fear."::_

  • ::Like a fiery arrow in the darkness, the figure of the blonde woman in shining plate armour is once again seen coming and going through the area quite often. Unlike past times, she seems to avoid fighting whenever possible, and appears to be gathering clues and carrying out some kind of testing through divine means available to her::

  • _::The efforts of the Dawnbringer do not cease. As often as she can afford, the priestess spends long periods of time in Jiyyd, sometimes from dawn till dusk. At times Jiyyd's skies roar with explossions of light and storms of fire. While from distance it's hard to know the source and the target of such, at the end of the day it's always the Dawnbringer who walks back home.

    It's been years since the Dawnbringer began this campaign, and her efforts don't seem to wan. One would say it takes both a strong sense of duty and a heavy personal involvement to reach that level of determination::_

  • ::The Dawnbringer can be seen walking to and through Jiyyd quite more often once again, cleansing the demonic taint as usual, but also carefully investigating the area by both divine and mundane means::

  • Battle roars once again within Jiyyd. Winged demonic creatures of several types gather around, circling above and around a particular area near the temple of Helm, diving down in groups, shrieking and screeching, as some small portals appear at ground level. Columns of light and fire rip through the night mist that envelops the fallen town as the battle goes on. And then all goes still. A single femenine voice claims towards the shattered sky.

    Is this it, demons? Is this all the fury you can muster?

    _The woman's taunt is quickly responded as the area becomes shrouded in darkness, and a guttural laughter can be heard from the distance. The thick mist in the night and the magical darkness conceal whatever is going on for several minutes. Then an unworldly roar of agony rumbles through old Jiyyd's husk, causing every demon still in the area to flee hurriedly. It's finally when the darkness clears that the day's first beams of light cut through the thin mist, revealing the dead bodies of many diferent kinds of demons. Winged horrors, fiendish warriors, succubi, incubi, vroks… a few yards away, at the heart of where the magical darkness originated, a large, hulking demon lays too lifeless.

    A single figure stands atop it, on the hill near the temple of Helm, the woman whose voice had been heard before, in golden and crimson armor, her argent blade drenched in demonic blood. Her honey eyes overlook the valley, watchful, vigilant. They don't show anger and they don't show fury. They show only determination._

  • A strange shadow storm appeared to the East of jiyyd, just on the outskirts of Jiyyd. Purplish lightning cracked from the sky and Darkness fell over the area. What exactly occured is beyond the comprehension of the farmers and commoners who witnessed it. Some just assume it a bad storm and head indoors.

  • _::The fight does not cease. Only one day after the great evils that threatened Peltarch were thwarted, rather than basking in that success, the Dawnbringer disappears from public settings and seems to have completely abandoned the Jewel to continue to exterminate any demons and fiends who dare to show up in Jiyyd.

    Passionate as ever, the Lathanderite threatens the vile creatures upon slaying them with the clear message that they are not welcome, and they will know only the purging pain of Lathander's searing light upon entering the land that belongs to the free mortal races::_

  • _For whatever reason, Hammer suddenly seems to have a great deal more time to help Rith cleanse Jiyyd, yet seems to have to make due without his notable armor, wearing nothing but his clothes, his helmet and shield into demon-infested ruins without complaint or comment.

    Curiously enough, those who regularly travel along with Rith would notice Hammer often stopping to scavenge an arrowhead, a slither of destroyed armor, a bone or more seemingly random, worthless objects. He seems to have nothing more to say about this aside from searching for "the fallen"._

  • _::Tenday after tendary the Dawnbringer and her allies have been systematically destroying any demons in Jiyyd, undisputedly. One would wonder why those creatures would even find appealing entering the material plane through Jiyyd anymore, having other choices that don't involve their immediate, merciless destruction.

    The demons may return every new day, but so does the resolve and determination of these soldiers of the Light to make a dent in the demonic forces, and eventually see them forever banished from the land::_

  • Hammerhand often joins Rith in her regular patrols, though his own impact is far smaller than hers. Still, he does his best.

  • _::Rith has been seen lately putting even more emphasis on her campaign. While her activity had decayed a bit due to lack of progress, she must have had a recent event that relaunched and renewed her will.

    She will be seen entering Jiyyd daily, mentioning to any nay-sayers that she knows that what she does may mean little reward to much risk and effort, but that she couldn't care less, as long as the "little reward" part of the equation keeps intact.

    One could tell it's almost personal for her. And that she is willing to gather as many allies as possible to see Jiyyd restored, once and for all::_

  • ::The Dawnbringer is seen coming out of her camp more often lately, as she probably seeks company to relieve the overwhelming and desolating darkness to which she is exposed on daily basis. However, her campaign keeps firm as she keeps entering Jiyyd at Dawn time to soothe the land in whatever ways she can, normally aided by some of her closest allies::

  • Kabul continues to investigate the recent events as he can.
    He chooses a good place to hide at the Heroes Bluff and pays atention to every and anyone that passes there.

    He also tries to follow, from a safe distance, the priestess in some of her daily actions.

  • For a dozen days in the past weeks, Hammer has been moving around Jiyyd. Avoiding the demons where they go, and instead seeming to watch them from a distance, he keeps to himself and doesn't interfere in Rith's actions. But neither does he help her. For now, he seems to be observing the ebb and flow of the campaign.

  • ::A few of the people that can be seen often at the hills near Jiyyd have been checking the several menhir formations within Jiyyd and to the southern plains. They didn't seem to have made any progress… yet::

  • The Kelemvorites mention that some helpful person they didn't really know knocked on their gate and warned them about what was happening.

  • The purple-haired druid elder's trips to gather supplies from Norwick and Peltarch are seen to be growing more and more frequent, and more and more expensive as well. Indeed, the healer's in Norwick, the Dwarven Hold, and the Peltarch markets all seem to be visited quite often by her, and she repeatedly mentions her purchases being intended for what she refers to as the "Reclamation Squad" outside of the ruins of Jiyyd.

  • After witnessing some of the events that happened at Jyyd, Kabul is seem asking the ferrymen who crossed the river before and after the skies turned red.
    H also goes to the Temple of Kelemvor and asks the guards if they saw anyone passing by at that time.

  • _::Apparently, the devils won the night after another episode of the blood war. Rumours place the banite Quelcoth and another mysterious figure as the causers of the release of the fiends.

    The warriors of good, gathered at the hills nearby have been seen battling lemures, flying horrors, hellhounds and kyton devils instead of the usual demon counterparts.

    The alliance of mortal races keeps in the aid as more warriors have been seen coming into the area to aid. Rhyn, Ronan, Dietrick, Diadne, Vick or Louhetar amongst others have joined efforts to some of the previous warriors to see the devils banished.

    Rith herself has been mentioning that soon will come the time to stop just waiting at the gates, and look for clues to actually make a diference, specially at key locations like the Menhirs nearby::_

  • _::A small gathering of warriors were present at the moment when the skies turned red and Hell and Abyss broke loose. Minor demons and devils by the hundreds were spotted battling each other. Both sides also had dozens of mid-ranked minions, and at least one Pit Fiend was spotted commanding the devils in the battlefield that the ruins of Jiyyd have become.

    While the warriors attempted to investigate the events, the heavy outsider presence forced them to retreat to safety, to the hill where the Dawnbringer has been watching for weeks now::_