A Messenger

  • Seems a messenger in Oscuran colors covered in close fitting leathers has arrived with a message for Johnathan. She doesn't seen interested in chatting much, just wanting to deliver her message and begone.

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  • _The Envoy kindly takes the refill and the escort smiles and waves it away. The Envoy gently swirls the wine in her cup as she thinks.

    The 1500 is fine and I can agree on the badges and the official business only. Renegotiable yearly is fine. We will need to move troops across your lands periodically however.

    We aren't talking large numbers. And really, armed party of adventurers pass thru your lands in greater numbers and frequency then we are discussing. I believe that would fall under Official Business don't you agree?

    Now as for trade, we would be most interested in any fur, leathers and wood and works thereof you might be willing to part with and having first look at your leathers would be most agreeable.

    Things that we might be able to offer you include: milk, cheese, glasswares, various jewelery, soaps, candles to name a few.

    If you decide you wish to have more stonework we have excellent stonemasons and various types of stone available._

  • Jonathan accepts a slice of the cheese, and refills the envoy's cup. He offers the bottle up to her escort to see if she wishs some as well. He is silent while he chews, and takes a sip of his own wine

    I think we're getting closer to equitable terms.

    I propose a 1500 gold fee for a year, for your caravans and messengers. those that carry the badge as you say. All others are required to pay themselves. Official business only, you understand….

    Renegiotible yearly, depending upon how many caravans crossed the year before, and an estimate of how many will cross in the next.
    In return for access to your trading post, we'll also allow you to have first choice of our leather goods as we offer them for sale.

    Does this sound fair?

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  • The lady takes out a carefully wrapped object and unwraps the cloth to reveal a whitish cheese. She deftly cuts a piece off and offers it to Johnathan.

  • :: the lady takes time looking into her cup seemingly swirling it's contents::

    I believe your current rates our 3 gold per person, 5 for horse, 7 for wagon, and 20 for caravan?

    We Oscurans are not used to trade as you are. We like to be left alone as such our practice in such things is lacking.

    We offer this, we will pay you a sum of 1000 gold for the first year. Our messengers and wagons will bear some symbol for your people to recognize as you requested.

    Our troops, not including caravan guards, will be limited to 20 men. Will declare themselves at your border and wait for an escort by your men across your lands. As they cross your lands they will not stray more then 30 ft from the road unless requested to do so by your men.

    After the first year we can renegotiate the price pending on how often such travel occurs.

    In addition, at not additional cost to you. You will have free access to the trade post we are building in the Nars.

    There your people will have access to things like pottery, glasswares, cheese as well as other goods they would not normally have unless they dealt with Peltarch.

  • Jonathan throws back his head and laughs M'Lady, we do not deal in nags. Ever.

    Do you Oscurans accept the first offer as a matter of habit? Trade is a way of life for us. I'm sure you've a number in mind as well?

  • The envoy purses her lips then sips at the wine

    Interesting proposal and a good vintage.

    Since the current trade deal is seasonal, perhaps only 10 trips a year will be made. That would be 100 gold a trip. My mother always said not to accept the first offer a man makes.

    :: smiles impishly::

    She also said that men will offer their nag before they offer their stallion.

    As for messengers, :: glances at the messenger::

    I think they would revolt if we had them run up and down the Nars 500 times a year.

    So tell me Johnathan, are you going to show me your nag or your stallion?

  • Jonathan picks up a pipe, tamps it down and lights it with great precision as he looks to the pretty little Envoy

    I'm sure we can figure out something…... equitable.

    Now, I'm thinking a 1000 gold for your season of caravans and wagons and then another 1000 per year for your messengers on OFFICIAL business to pass freely. Perhaps an armband or a badge of sorts as proof. We'd not want to find out we were being cheated.

  • :: the envoy lightly sips her drink while the messenger quaffs the drink down in one swift motion::

    Envoy: We aren't talking an army, patrols of up to 20 men, more likely 5 or so. I understand the reluctance, we wouldn't want troops crossing our lands either. However, you must admit you do occupy the only route to the south worth mentioning.

    We would be more then happy to have our troops be escorted by yours from one side to the other so you can keep an eye on them. Really they will have no business loitering in your lands unless you by some chance request their assistance.

  • Jonathan nods tightly Business is business, no matter my opinion
    and not my place to tell you your business.

    Messengers, envoys and your seasonal caravans, I think we can set a fair price for.

    Your troops however… that's another matter. I'd be a fool to let ANOTHER army get that close.

  • Envoy: ::purses her lips for a moment:: At the moment there is but one caravan every month from Norwick. It has to pass to pick up the goods, come back, and return goods.

    Essentially the same transaction. Now, since it deals with grain, it would not be an every month trip anyways as it is dependent on the growing season. So mayhaps three months a year.

    However, we would also need passage of small numbers of troops, messenger, and envoys. That would depend on the circumstances of course.

    We are willing to discuss trade with anyone, so whereas it may be distasteful for you for us to trade with them, they won't like us trading with you either.

    But it's trade, not like we are exchanging wedding vows.

  • Jonathan pours both women a cup of wine, and them himself from the same bottle. He takes a long draught and motions for them to drink up

    I'm not adverse to a set fee, though I'd prefer it be on a yearly basis. Certainly not one fee for all time. Oscura would make out like bandits, and by default, so would Norwick….. as I'm assuming you'll be opening trade with those bastages as well.

    He scratchs his chin and peers at the enjoy through dark eyes I'm trusting your judgement. How many wagons do you expect to be moving through, say on a month?

  • Envoy: First let us begin with passage across your bridge? Seems paying each time is a needless hassle. What say you to us paying you a lump sum for access across your lands?

  • ::A bird lands on a moss-covered treestump nearby, then flitters off, finding the surface less sturdy than it thought. The stump watches it leave, only the movement of its eyes betraying it as less a stump, and more a crouched man in dark leathers, hood covering his graying hair. One hand is on the bow held at his side, arrow nocked, but not drawn or yet trained on a target. For now, he merely watches and listens.::

  • The envoy flashes a smile

    I am sure a bit to wet ones lips would be acceptable. Talking diplomacy can be a dry conversation.

    The enovy sits with great care as the messenger watches with eyes twinkling in the fire light

  • Jonathan throws back his head and laughs heartily. Oh, I think I like you. I do. A woman of sharp wit and breeding!

    I think we might discuss these things, yes.
    calls for a bottle of Rom wine

    Have a seat, and we'll discuss. Aye?

  • The fiery lady merely grins at Johnathan's comments.

    Envoy: I don't see that as a problem, we too have had rumors about us being a festering pool of evil, eater of children, and untrustworthy.

    We don't judge by rumors but by your interactions with Oscura. We are neutral in all things unless someone acts against us so such tales mean little to us.

    As for tolls. If your people claim it and have the strength to hold it as you obviously do. I would say you have the right to charge a toll. It is after all your land and I don't see an army trying to dissuade you from your claim.

    So you ask why we wish to open negotiations?

    First, we do not judge by rumors and lies, but deeds done towards us. You have never offered contest against us.

    Second, you are our neighbors, we wish to understand our neighbors better.

    Third, you speak of tolls. We wish to cross your lands lawfully and wish to discuss payment options for our people and caravans.

    Fourth, we may have various goods and markets that you may have interest in.

    Fifth, we keep our children in a dark cave, you have said you don't like dark caves so we suspect they are safe there.

    :: the last point is said with a joking smile::

    Perhaps we have much to offer each other, perhaps not, but we will never know unless we talk.