::New rumours heard in the Mermaid::

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  • ICC

    Horbag, equiped with a tray of assorted mystery meat is seen walking the streets of Peltarch, and standing in the open air market, giving crys of:
    "Raaats! ins buns, ons sticks, with gaaarlics!"

    "Spiiiicey bats wings! Makes you ears flame and throat explodes! Onlys two gooolds!"

    "Rats and Bats! Were the food fights back!"

    "Gets yous fresh cooked deer meats! So fresh nos even green yets!"

    "Rats and Bats! Uns for 2 golds, or gets 5 for little 8 golds!"

  • The majority of Peltarch citizens seem to really not care that adventurers from Norwick were attacked. Most mumbling something about paying the toll or avoiding another war. The few that do spread the rumor seem more the shifty sort that either enjoy a good conspiracy theory or a greased palm.

  • Rumours spread in Peltarch that the Hoarans, the children of the Eastlanders, are now attacking people who try to bypass the bridge by passing around it. They attacked Myeil for trying to go around, then when Aramuil, Maythor and Hen appeared on the scene they attacked them without provocation.

  • ICC

    Jaxon bids his farewells to all the people he knows. He seems to be heading to Amn with a man called Kharand and won't be returning for quite some time.

  • Rumour speaks of a greatly annoying prankster kobold, who is said to pull his scaly stunts on adventurers and other kobolds alike. Peltarch Defenders sent a small group into the caves to dispose of the problem, and while not entirely successful, the trio of Caramella, Luke and Erwin returned safe and partially sound from the expedition, carrying of all things a telescope with them. In a distraught state, the mage Erwin was soon thereafter escorted to the temple of Tyr by Magistrate D'Arneau, holding his head and shooting Caramella suspicious looks. Whether Erwin's distress was caused by the gnomish scholar's excessive levels of cheer, the kobold trickster's reportedly screeching flute-playing or some other, unknown factor remains unsaid.

  • whispers say that more and more frequently, Calen is seen talking with the guards of Peltarch and then heading west. each time he returns to the Temple of the Triad and then to the Inn to rest and on the next day begins again. no one seems to know why

  • The familiar face of Sarah is seen more and more in the city. It seems she has retained a room at the inn and while she still returns to her birth home of the camp she does so with decreasing frequency. Of late the normally cheerful woman seems withdrawn and tired. Looking amongst the inn patrons as if searching for someone, but mostly avoiding the sundial area.

  • _Rumours once again start up concerning the nefarious Gnome Hunters, a strangely fanatical group, reportedly bent on nothing less than the destruction of all gnome-kind. This time, word has it the vile agents of this group can take many guises, including that of seemingly harmless animals. Gnomish citizens of the Jewel are adviced to caution, yet according to the three chief investignomes of the problem - Perriwig P. Doubleday, Gilda Haven and Caramella Bestefaren - some recent progress has been made which gives good reason for cheer.

    Slyly tapping their noses, not much else is publically revealed by the trio, though the observant few might note a sudden and substantial increase in gnomish patrons at the dock-side establishment known as the Three-legged Mule. A table in the furthest corner of the otherwise rather anonymous, glum and seedy watering hole now sports a cheery yellow tablecloth, a vase of flowers and nice, padded cushions for the chairs. A dour-faced ice mephit can occasionally be seen sweeping the floor and replacing wilted flowers for fresh ones._

  • The Halfling Defence League

    There are several sightings one night, throughout Peltarch, of a large flying creature that swooped through and above the city's streets. Reports are mixed, but it's generally agreed it had leathery wings and a black underbelly, with streaks of green. It would be dismissed as a nightmare, if not for the prevalence of the reports.

  • Early one morning, Adrian and Kallista are spotted riding out of the city, carrying enough supplies for a long journey.

  • Word around the city is that a sky ship crash landed in the Eastern fields a day ago. The crew seem to be making repairs and are apparently known to some people already. A small squad of Defenders is always seen close by and the Captain of the ship, a man named Beeter seems to be letting children come tour the floating vessel.

  • Peltarch Far Scouts

    A red haired man in brown half plate and black cloak approaches the defenders at the foothills outside Peltarch, introduces himself as Khay Drakanan, paladin of Lathander and asks them about the situation of the Defenders and the possibility of becoming a recruit.

  • A small group of adventures can be seen entering the town speaking about mad paladins and mad orcs babbling together in a kobolds cave…

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  • Peltarch Far Scouts

    Rumors have spread about the former Captain of the Far Scouts, Aghila Than'hys, beeing back to the region of Narfell after a long absence. He has been seen around in the city asking about the current situation of the region and searching for old friends.

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  • Once again, goblins have been spotted in the foothills, their forces fought off by the city's own Magistrate D'Arneau, Defender Sargeant Aelthas Benthur and Cerulean Knights Lycka and Mordechai. There is talk of a mysterious pillar appearing at the same time, and one of the party's disappearance in relation to this. Nevertheless, all five participants can be spotted around the city in the following days, appearing safe and sound.

  • _Odd incidents of various crates and barrels containing either nothing or simple merchant goods being lit on fire or simply blown away have been occuring.

    All that seems to be known is that there is a mage on the loose doing this, but no one is quite sure why._

  • A party of partially burnt Black Sails, hauling bags of ogre loot to the market, can be overheard speculating whether or not a certain Gondar lout has left his mark on the neighbouring kobold tribes. The words "firecracker surprise" are mentioned, possibly explaining the scorched state of the group.

  • Legion

    A beggar who some folks may recognise has been weeping inconsolably at the ruins of the tower west of Peltarch.