Tavern Rumors of Peltarch

  • _Recently, Adrian has been spotted wearing a magnificent suit of fullplate, seemingly made entirely out of gold. To those who ask, he eagerly explains how he came into the possession of the armor.

    It seems that it once belonged to the champion of Firthram's Hold, who lost it to the mute blademistress Sara (yes, the very one recruiting for the Spellweaver Keep guard right now), who graciously donated the armor to Adrian afterwards.

    Though some may call the armor decadent, or question whether gold makes for a decent armor at all, it would take a truly jaded man to call the armor generic._

  • The silent warrior most call Sara is seen passing about town and the nearby encampments using notes and smiles to convey to those members of combat units, be they mercenary or retired milita, that Spellweaver Keep seek good men to form a more solid guard for the Keep and grounds. Any who seek to join such a guard would recieve the best in magical healing and regeneration magics, as well as all the usual benefits of working for such a prestigous institution.

  • Rumors swirl through the Mermaid that Peltarch's most well known and well to do wizard, Enenan Snydder, had a portion of his estate set ablaze the night before.

    Some speculate that it was an experiment gone arwy, others say it was a mad maid tired of being groped by the younger Beldor, while still others say it was a drunken noble harboring hatred for the past Snydder sins.

    Whatever the cause, the estate does not look to worse for wear. A tree was burnt down and the back corner is noticably scorched but the infastructure of the strong stone building remains standing stoutly.

  • The last day a certain honey-haired sail was seen about the commons, several people nearly lost their heads on account of being bitten off, and friends and strangers alike seem to have had their dose of venom for the day.

    As she was seen at the end of the day though, as she turned in to the mermaid to sleep for the night, she was damned near skipping.

    How odd is that?

  • ICC

    A tall red haired fellow in silver armor can be seen around the red bearded sailor. Obviously a friend or bodyguard.

  • A certain red-bearded sailor can be seen loitering again in various places around the city. He claims to be representing Sterr interests and desires a meeting with the League of Merchants about getting a local industry enlisted with the League.

  • _As word began to spread throughout the city that an important Seafarer caravan was running worrisomely late in arriving from the south, both the guild's heavily armed guards and opportunistic adventurers set out to find some trace of it. Later rumours has it the caravan was ambushed by a large group of vicious gnolls. While the Seafarers soon secured the precious cargo, and no lives were lost due to the timely arrival of the well-known druid Jerrick and a couple of other brave and helpful souls, it is said that the gnolls took off with another type of prize.. namely the young lady Ciara Ashald and her paige.

    The druid and his companions returned to the city many hours after the Seafarer guards themselves returned, and looking decidedly battle-worn. Alongside them walked an equally ragged-looked group of Black Sails, and in their midst, lady Ciara Ashald, recovered from the gnoll abductors safe and sound. The question to some people's minds might be what's more unlikely: the Seafarers actually hiring the Black Sails, or the Black Sails helping an Ashald out of the kindness of their hearts?_

  • A month or more later the young mother returns to the inn. Her mother, father or sister frequently around to help with the new bundle. To those who ask she shows the baby. Stating that his name is Giliath Tol Silmarien, Gil for short.

  • as soon as hen hears aobut the elf she goes to cheak it out, hidden of course. (If u would like to beat a base 45 hide cheak without the d20 with a roll. . let me know. . . Me is also 34)

  • Travellers from south report about an odd elf maiden, spot several time during the night not very far away from the road. The elf has been sighted dancing and singing while wearing almost no clothes and chanting praises to a Dark Maiden. Some citizens believe she may be a spy working for some dark allegiance and started growing some concerns.

  • _Tavern folk speak of a few Temple lay servants climbing to the top of a house in the Residential District carrying a pouch and then drawing from it a stone which shone brightly as day. This particular house had been the roosting spot for a good number of ravens but after the bright stone is placed, they seem to at the very least keep their distance from the house… but then so do many of the townsfolk, as the stone glows brightly day and night.

    Knights of the Cerulean Star are often frequent visitors to this particular residence._

  • Several days in a row Sarah is seen moping around the Mermaid. Rumor spreads that she asked some people to spread a message, but its reciever either didn't get it or doesn't seem to be showing up. Finally one early morning the young and heavily pregnant woman is seen getting onto her horse and heading south. The inn keep knows nothing about it beyond that she paid for her room for the next 6 months.

  • Jay, for the most part, says the words with a dull tone, and with an unenthused look. Not exactly putting excitement into the teachings. Usually, he motions at Luke and claims that "he knows the answer" when a child asks a question. When Luke forces him to answer, he does so as vaguely as possible… which likely just prompts more questions from the kids..

  • The Halfling Defence League

    Luke wears a rather forced smile throughout the ordeal, looking especially forced when the precocious tykes seem inclined to ask question, after question, after question. This is exacerbated by his rather obvious fumblings with the unfamiliar religious material, often falling back on looking to Jay and pleasantly saying "why don't ya tell'em?" when stumped, or saying, after an awkward pause that it was a "Tyrran miracle". His grasp of Peltarch's laws however is surprisingly extensive, which he tells rather more enthusiastically, certain laws sometimes being accompanied by somewhat relevant, colorful personal accounts of his experiences with them.

  • _For the past week, an odd sight is seen in the docks district. It seems the orphans are having days out to sit by the water and listen to two men, Luke and Jay, well known in the docks as members or associates of the Black Sails, talk about the laws of the city and the tenets of Tyr himself.

    Although the children seem to utterly enjoy the two new men teaching them such a valuable lesson as they ask lots and lots and lots of questions. The sailors who gather around to watch the sight seem to find it more amusing, pointing fingers at the two men and whispering, then breaking out in laughter.

    Many a toast is heard in the taverns around the docks after the first day, going out to the honorable and law abiding Black Sails and their Tyrran dockhands._

  • Bespectacled scholar Ms Caramella Bestefaren, while always happy to accompany the fashion-acute Mr Doubleday on any endeavour, recently appears to have suffered something of a blow to her ocular abilities. While inspecting a possibly magical telescope at the commons, a bright light burst forth, blinding the avid researcher. Ordered by the city's Magistrate D'Arneau to take the investigative object elsewhere, Luke C. Leathertail and a bubbly hin in a bright golden plate lead the stumbling gnome off towards the foothills.

  • …Rumour has it that gallant gnomish citizen, Perriwig P. Doubleday has been appointed - or at least, informs those nearby that he has been named as - Chief Dressmaker to the City Hall, charged by Senator Brynmor to oversee the creation of some simply fabulous water-proof adornments to brighten up the grey stone face of civic Peltarch. The gnome - no doubt accompanied by the lemon-flavoured variant Caramella Bestefaren - is apparently asking about for skilled craftspeople to assist him in his colourful endeavour. At present, the gastrognome is said to be favouring a lilac, burgundy and lime green "melange"...

  • Rumours have begun that a blood-feud is brewing within the city walls. One family of means has already suffered a death. Talk is of an ancient curse, perhaps even some mystical disease carried by ravens.

  • ICC

    Word has it a battered mercenary has returned to the port city and is locked in a room at the Mermaid, trying to sleep off his aches and pains. Those who witnessed him say he was in such bad condition, it wouldn't be a suprise if he spent another few days in his room.

  • Some travellers report seeing kobolds dead from strange disease, in the swamps they inhabit now.