Tavern Rumors of Peltarch

  • Some travellers report seeing kobolds dead from strange disease, in the swamps they inhabit now.

  • Rumours begin to spread that Taria, the infamous Umberlant priestess was found dead in her cell, apparantly having been stabbed twice with one wound over her heart and another up through her throat. The body was later confirmed as being Taria by the city undertaker.

  • Word spreads, particularly in the taverns in the dock district, that a Damaran ship has been raiding vessels on the Icelace. The sailors Luke Leathertail and Jay either uncovered the pirates, or both discovered the villains destroyed their ship entirely, depending on who the tale is heard from.

  • Rumours linger about that the adventurer and Peltarch Defender Melanie Stern gave birth to a healthy girl in the Temple of Tyr.