Tavern Rumors of Peltarch

  • Battle in the Commons.

    Rumors run around town about a battle between a group of adventurers, shadows and shadowy things. No one knows for sure how everything started, but the more consistent reports say that, after arriving at the sundial, Lady Varya and the dwarf named Axe briefly witnessed a conversation between Comarc, his friends and a shadow.
    The paladin righteous heart drove her to act against the fowl creature and fuelled the Dwarf’s spirit as they both charged the shadow. The dark creature summoned his minions and, soon, the central square was filled with wraiths and darker things.

    It started.

    The ground shook and all the adventurers there quickly acted. At the north side of the Commons, the raging roar of Axe echoed as he faced a dread wraith, placing himself between the creature and the other adventurers. He was backed by powerful magic that hit the creatures hard or just kept him standing up. The elegant magic of Sebrienne and the powerful blessings of really turned the tide of that fight.
    In the middle and south portions of the Square, Lady Varya, Comarc and Salin faced, among other things, a gigantic creature. Despite all the magic thrown at them, the adventurers were victorious. But victory came with a price. After the fight was over, they took their friends’ bodies to the Temple to be brought back and fight another day.

    Aye. Ah wus just goin ter mine sum tin when ah saw all uv dem der, talkin to that thing. Miss Varya arrived roit after me frum da other side. She said sumthin’ fancy afores chargin.. and... uhh... ye, know… I ain’t dat good with ‘em words, eh.

  • Rumours abound about demons, sighted just shy of the city walls (although some vehemently claim to have seen a winged and most shapely one inside Peltarch proper, too). Fighting is said to have taken place both near the farmsteads and further out by the Witch and Seer, several times in the past few days. Some travellers reputedly stagger into the city pinpricked by a cascade of fiery arrows from the sky, while others speak of combatting countless Vrocks and their beefier bigger cousins. One particular rumour describes lady Varya Tiller's fearless besting of a dread Balor, no doubt giving the people of the farmsteads hope in the otherwise trying circumstances.

  • *Rumors bustle through the city about Cormac drawing his Lantanese pistol and firing at a bold murderer who'd been threatening to assassinate King Thalaman where the city's own Defenders failed to act. Maybe the shadow-cursed witch-lover is a true hero at heart after all.

    The would-be regicide was not killed by the inflicted wound from the shot; but instead was successfully apprehended (finally) and taken to the city jailhouse to face the consequences for his slaying of a Peltarch citizen, and his act of deadly treason against the Crown itself.*

  • DM

    Voice of the Docks Roslyn Underhill has been raising yet more rabble, albeit in a decidedly different direction than her usual activities. Word has it that she has been using her platform within the City Council to argue for increases in funding and recruitment for Peltarch's military, citing unspecified threats to the city from abroad. Indeed, the matter has been in the forefront of many of her addresses to the council of late. Some theorize that she strongly implies this to mean N'jast, however it's worth noting that the hin herself has avoided naming any specific potential adversaries. All this alongside her more typical appeals for stronger protections and higher minimum wages for the poor and working classes.

  • Rumour is that ex-senator Marty has been seen very actively helping the city by helping reduce the impact of the plage on the residential district thanks to her blessing of restoration and remove disease.
    Fresh pure water seems to be also making it to the city, although in small quantities, and some people claim to have seen ex-senator Marty by the Ashald Park, praying often and constantly in order to keep the water comming.
    Some people, the first and second day, offer some prayers to nature gods, but as the days go on, they forget about this and just keep living their difficult lives.

  • Rumours from the Commerce district also revolve around a strange magical storm - some citizens may go so far as to claim it was raining blood and that lightning danced all around the Commons before obliterating the sundial. From the debris rose a beautiful womanly figure, winged and most scantily clad. It is said she was soon jumped by one of the Ceruleans on the scene - though whether he was overwhelmed with desire or considered the newcomer a threat is a subject of some speculation.

  • A gruesome scene was revealed at first light, at the farmsteads just a stone's throw from Peltarch's walls: the skeletal remains of more than a dozen children lay sprawled out in a ritualistic spiral pattern, while five adult corpses slowly sway in the morning breeze, hanged in the adjascent tree. It is said both the Knights of the Cerulean Stars as well as lady Varya Tiller and a number of volunteer investigators were quickly on the scene, entering one of the houses and leaving about an hour later with a wrapped object.

  • The Nars Pass thundered with hooves and the rythmic beat of marching feet - but contrary to any doomsayers cry of war, the large contingent stopped shy of Peltarch proper. Not only that, but the gathering outside the Witch and Seer soon turned out to be a celebratory one, with raucous cheering and a feast lasting long into the small hours of the night. Rashemi warriors, witches, and even commonfolk appear to linger for the following days, all in high spirits and lauding the saviors of Tinnir!

  • The situation in the Residential district indeed seems to be getting worse, with a riot nearly breaking out a few days ago. A gaggle of guards appeared on the brink of having to restrain the increasingly agitated masses, when focused efforts from gathered adventurers and city employees saw the mob disperse peacefully. Then again, perhaps it was simply the rain's doing, wreaking such murder on fine silks and laces. Rumour has it that the plague, thus far contained, now seems to be spreading throughout the district, though word of a cure is also on everyone's lips. Hope is alive - for now.

  • Rumor has it that the new elven chick with the fancy hat, the priestess of Corellon, is seen spending a lot of time by the residential district. Offering blessings of remove disease to as many people as she can. She doesn't overdo herself, and rests in duely time, letting other priests take over when she's out of blessings.

  • *A loud explosion rocks the commons; the freshy constructed and replanted sundial is little more than smoldering shattered stones, none larger than a man's fist. This loud explosion is followed shortly after with a similarly loud 'bang'.

    Those few witnesses tell tale of a tall man clad in dark blue, wearing a dark blue hood throwing some kind of handheld grenado-bomb, and paying for his nonsense when Cormac Randolph shoved the barrel of his Lantanese pistol into the assailant's ribs and blowing his guts out into the commons.

    Rumor suggests the man actually got away on foot, retreating with is hand holding the big bloody wound, yelling insults and swearing vengeance through his pained screeches.*

  • A new trend? That is certainly what Isolde Garibaldi, author of "The Mystery of the Eye" appears to attempt to spread with a public event at the Commons. The novelist reads snippets from her best-selling book, but also signs autographs. She does so not on paper, however, but rather insists upon horse shoes, of all things, a stack of which she has brought with her. These are prettily painted jade green and with a depiction of a bright orange eye at the middle of the arch - but are, for all that, in all other respects seemingly normal iron horse shoes.

    "You might recall in the book, there were dreamcatchers, handed out city wide... oh you still have one? Wonderful, do keep it hanging over your bed for sweet dreams, my good woman, but the ~horse shoe~ is the hot new household item for warding off wicked things! They're not only stylish, but will keep your children safe in their beds at night - yes, do hang one up over their window, and no, no charge necessary! Where to find more? I recommend the excellent Samwell Ward and Gnarl of The Edge as your go-to smiths for quality goods!"

  • A few tavern rumors spread of a particularly nasty and sleep deprived looking individual absolutely tearing into Peltarch across bars and establishments, most of which he proceeded to mock for their shitty service. While jerks who like to talk big and talk rough aren't uncommon in Peltarch, the rumors mostly focus on the fact that the guards almost seemed to begrudgingly be giving him distance, and never tried to interrupt him no matter how much he barked at those around him. Why? Who is he? Can somebody just punch him in the face already?

  • Rumours from the Commerce district make vague mention of a vampire playing peek-a-boo during the small hours of the night, though the biggest gossip point is assuredly the sudden vanishing act by three of the would-be vampire hunters, a mere stone's throw from the guards perimeter. A flabberghasted Mildred Dunderstone called on the Knights of the Cerulean Stars, and some hours later a bruised and battered Nate Wingates returned to the city, lost damsels in tow.

  • About six to midnight a deep rumble is said to have disturbed the streets of the merchant quarter, just south of the commons main. Excited rumors suggest the rumble was met with a report - an angry snap, bang, or roar. Then silence. By two minutes to midnight the alarm bells were sounding their merry music. By midnight all that would be found is a dead man; a seafarer, who lay dead in the streets...

  • Rumors swell of a duo of strange individuals that rode into Peltarch on horses and have begun to question, almost interrogate, the people of Peltarch. One, armed with numerous blades, and the other with a shining hammer and a gnomish blunderbuss. The duo never directly state who they are after, but rumors state they appear to be searching for someone, and that some nosy individuals have overheard them talk about "the hunt" which seem to indicate they are, perhaps, assassins or bounty hunters.

  • *Rumor suggests that Cormac, who had been running tournaments out of the Residential District has foregone payment from the Crown, and has rather publicly recommended that the coin instead be used to provide relief to those who are suffering within the city. He himself footing the bill for the last games. He of course is very discrete, and yet somehow it is widely known publicly and loudly...

    He has also made it known that until the plague has been suppressed or eradicated his semi-regular tourneys will be postponed.*

  • Legion

    @mcplay said in Tavern Rumors of Peltarch:

    She also makes it a point to denounce the gods' work, claiming that humanoidkind can fix this crisis on their own without the so called gods' meddling.

    Marty, who has been busy removing diseases from as many as she can with divine magic, takes a certain offence to the denouncement.

    "Hey, I think at this point humanoidkind can use whatever help it can get. I don't think your blasphemy is going to do anyone much good!"

  • DM

    Three other newly arrived healers take vastly different approaches to the aid they render:

    Baird, clad in the characteristic Ilmatari robes and bindings, spends most of his time comforting the afflicted and their families, attempting to ease both the symptoms of the ill, and the suffering of the relatives of those who have fallen.

    Maximilian, wearing the grey-green robes that mark him as a Talontar, offers his services to those who need to dispose of the dead, or to test the food and drink the nobles consume to ensure it bears no illnes.

    Hanna the black robed scholar spends her days taking notes of the symptoms on her journal, drawing schematics and brewing tinctures and concoctions that she hopes will serve as a proper cure for the plague. She also makes it a point to denounce the gods' work, claiming that humanoidkind can fix this crisis on their own without the so called gods' meddling.

  • Peltarch Employee

    @caoimh An experienced healer herself, Anna Tiller offers to devote her time to help ensure that the problem doesn't spread to the farms by screening and using her blessings to do what she can. At some point she would like to speak to anyone who may have a better understanding of what's going on to assist with a possible collaborative effort to help create a cure. (Healing 33+) Productivity in the mean time as she saves her blessings to help the ill would decrease slightly as natural blessings she'd normally use to tend to the farm would be diverted to the efforts of keeping the plague at bay.

    Furthermore, her daughter Varya will be willing to offer to walk between the zones to help administrate help and communications due to her divine blessing that wards off the ailment.