Tavern Rumors of Peltarch

  • There are rumours about disturbing events in Peltarch. During a strangely quiet evening, a patron of the Lucky Ferret assures that a beautiful elf lady of green hair was wandering the Docks District when several giant flies descended upon her using the night as a cover.

    Although the lithe elf resisted to the best of her ability, at some point she seemed to give up, and the horrid creatures picked her up to carry her away into the dark sky and above the city walls, southwards.

    The witness was found to have drunk one too many ales, however. A single guard was alerted, and he couldn't find evidence of any of this, so it may as well been all fabricated.


    • [DM Serendipity]

  • The apothecary known as Primrose Grubb-Hallow has recently been seen venturing into the residential district, bags and other unusual equipment in tow. She has apparently set up her travel cauldron, her right-sized mortar and pestle, her sacred wooden stirring spoon, a ladle, her athame, and some other miscellaneous campfire tools on the Tourney Grounds near to the makeshift clinic of St. Sollars. When asked, she gestures to one of the healers to explain in her stead: That she has begun experiments with a herb called "Voodoo Lily" or "elephant yam", originating from far to the east, somewhere in Kara-Tur. It is allegedly her aim to infuse a jelly made by grinding the root of the plant with some disease-fighting properties granted to her by her dedication to nature magic, with the intended effect of subduing the insatiable hunger suffered by the afflicted.

  • Legion

    On the occasions that Marty emerges from the plague stricken residential district to busk and raise coin for potions, she is not dressed in her usual druidic robes. Instead, she is donned in armour which has been embossed with runes warding against chaos and evil. She also Jingles with other charms, talismans and trinkets bearing similar wards. Even her boots are trimmed with protective runes.

    Her standard performance is the Mountain Song, a folk hymn sung in honour of Jerrick Rayfe who is now the Guardian of the Balance, His spirit united with the Sacred Mountain. This song is sometimes followed by a sad Hin lullaby.

    As she sings, she maintains discomforting eye contact. Her piercing gaze only softening once coin has been given.

    Her periods of busking are not usually very long. She emerges only to raise coin and to pray by the tree in the commons. Once she has regained the needed magic from nature she returns to the ill in the Residential District.

  • A local hin adventurer by the name of Ray Biers and two other hin accompanying him, report to a Peltarch guard that they'd encountered what by descriptions seemed to be an Illithid in the nearby Eastern Swamps. According to the report, the Illithid, whom which they referred to as 'Wiggly Man' had apparently already been injured and severely weakened, with an enchanted dagger to its side.

    The trio had attempted to reason with the creature and offer aid, only to be attacked with magic before it "nearly ate our brains" before it was bested. The three attributed their good luck in the battle to Tymora smiling upon them, claiming they were blessed for their bravery.

  • After what feels like an eternity, the official ruling on whether Janna, prisoner of Peltarch, would be extradited to N'Jast has finally come into view. And yet, as Peltarch officials prepare for the verdict, the N'Jastians have done something rather... odd. Today both the vulgar Emissary and his shifty associate took their official leave of Peltarch, citing that Janna was no longer of any interest to N'Jast. To some, this is a blessing, ending a potentially messy trial before it began, and being rid of two unpleasant individuals.

    But other, more paranoid folk, have different theories as they drink their troubles away in the taverns. Some speak of a breakdown of negotiations, or the beginning of a war. That the negotiators have only left so that the army can march in. Other even more paranoid folk wonder if the Peltarch had given N'Jast something even more vauable, but if so what? For now, their reasoning remains... unclear. Time will tell if N'Jast will reappear, and if it does, will it do so with an open hand or a closed fist?

  • The Amethyst Festhall recently housed a Seafarer event, well attended even by parties formarily often in conflict with the Guild. It seems the organization's new leader, Edwin Ashald, is distributing rather large amounts of gold not only to the city itself but to a wide variety of recipients, including even the labour union. While speculation as to this unexpected generosity abounds, the bard Isolde Garibaldi, one of the attendants, voiced her opinion both during and after the event in favour of lord Ashald's good intentions and desire to set right the wrongs of his predecessor.

  • Legion

    Sharp eyed folk may notice that the grass growing around the posts in the commons has been left to grow and hasn't been trimmed. *

    Marty no longer leaves the Residential District, but now spends all of her time there tending to the sick. Her other duties, such as the gardening the does around the city, is largely being neglected.

    (* Although - maybe another gardener could take care of it? Duno. Anyway - Marty isn't around any more. 100% of time is spent in Res Disctrict. Abstaining from "adventures" with her.)

  • A curious rumour circulates about a monster rampaging around the Amethyst Festhall. While details of the supposed beast may vary, most agree on two things: the unearthly screeching, and bugs. Bugs, bugs, bugs… oh and did we mention bugs?

  • The Order of Sylla have become a subject of several tavern rumors. The mysterious hooded men who showed up on a boat now anchored in the docks earned immediate favor from many by spreading bread and water among the locals, offering warm meals such as soup and meat for those in need. Members of the order seem to pop up all across Narfell in recent times, with rumors that they are also sighted at random in Norwick and Oscura, and even on the road offering their water to travelers. They never even so much as ask for a donation.

    Aside from the fact that their water has healing properties, not many actually know anything concrete about the Order of Sylla. Rumors of them being nefarious do exist, though just as many rumors exist of them being a broken god offshoot order of some kind. Still, they don't seem to want to cause problems and aren't so much as asking probing questions. And so most are content to leave them be, and drink the water when offered. Nice, refreshing water.

  • The Halfling Defence League

    A new cabin has mysteriously appeared in an unused patch of land adjacent to the farms where several recent battles took place. Apparently put into place as accommodations for guards assisting in remediating the damages from those engagements, it seems to have been magically summoned into existence by the diminutive Cerulean Knight, Leofric Grubb, who insists that it will only be there as long as needed to repair the damages.

    That same knight is seen using his spells to enhance the abilities of any personnel aiding the reconstruction, and has even employed an apparently invisible being named "Frank" to assist in some of the more menial tasks.

  • Battle in the Commons.

    Rumors run around town about a battle between a group of adventurers, shadows and shadowy things. No one knows for sure how everything started, but the more consistent reports say that, after arriving at the sundial, Lady Varya and the dwarf named Axe briefly witnessed a conversation between Comarc, his friends and a shadow.
    The paladin righteous heart drove her to act against the fowl creature and fuelled the Dwarf’s spirit as they both charged the shadow. The dark creature summoned his minions and, soon, the central square was filled with wraiths and darker things.

    It started.

    The ground shook and all the adventurers there quickly acted. At the north side of the Commons, the raging roar of Axe echoed as he faced a dread wraith, placing himself between the creature and the other adventurers. He was backed by powerful magic that hit the creatures hard or just kept him standing up. The elegant magic of Sebrienne and the powerful blessings of really turned the tide of that fight.
    In the middle and south portions of the Square, Lady Varya, Comarc and Salin faced, among other things, a gigantic creature. Despite all the magic thrown at them, the adventurers were victorious. But victory came with a price. After the fight was over, they took their friends’ bodies to the Temple to be brought back and fight another day.

    Aye. Ah wus just goin ter mine sum tin when ah saw all uv dem der, talkin to that thing. Miss Varya arrived roit after me frum da other side. She said sumthin’ fancy afores chargin.. and... uhh... ye, know… I ain’t dat good with ‘em words, eh.

  • Rumours abound about demons, sighted just shy of the city walls (although some vehemently claim to have seen a winged and most shapely one inside Peltarch proper, too). Fighting is said to have taken place both near the farmsteads and further out by the Witch and Seer, several times in the past few days. Some travellers reputedly stagger into the city pinpricked by a cascade of fiery arrows from the sky, while others speak of combatting countless Vrocks and their beefier bigger cousins. One particular rumour describes lady Varya Tiller's fearless besting of a dread Balor, no doubt giving the people of the farmsteads hope in the otherwise trying circumstances.

  • *Rumors bustle through the city about Cormac drawing his Lantanese pistol and firing at a bold murderer who'd been threatening to assassinate King Thalaman where the city's own Defenders failed to act. Maybe the shadow-cursed witch-lover is a true hero at heart after all.

    The would-be regicide was not killed by the inflicted wound from the shot; but instead was successfully apprehended (finally) and taken to the city jailhouse to face the consequences for his slaying of a Peltarch citizen, and his act of deadly treason against the Crown itself.*

  • The Halfling Defence League

    Voice of the Docks Roslyn Underhill has been raising yet more rabble, albeit in a decidedly different direction than her usual activities. Word has it that she has been using her platform within the City Council to argue for increases in funding and recruitment for Peltarch's military, citing unspecified threats to the city from abroad. Indeed, the matter has been in the forefront of many of her addresses to the council of late. Some theorize that she strongly implies this to mean N'jast, however it's worth noting that the hin herself has avoided naming any specific potential adversaries. All this alongside her more typical appeals for stronger protections and higher minimum wages for the poor and working classes.

  • Rumour is that ex-senator Marty has been seen very actively helping the city by helping reduce the impact of the plage on the residential district thanks to her blessing of restoration and remove disease.
    Fresh pure water seems to be also making it to the city, although in small quantities, and some people claim to have seen ex-senator Marty by the Ashald Park, praying often and constantly in order to keep the water comming.
    Some people, the first and second day, offer some prayers to nature gods, but as the days go on, they forget about this and just keep living their difficult lives.

  • Rumours from the Commerce district also revolve around a strange magical storm - some citizens may go so far as to claim it was raining blood and that lightning danced all around the Commons before obliterating the sundial. From the debris rose a beautiful womanly figure, winged and most scantily clad. It is said she was soon jumped by one of the Ceruleans on the scene - though whether he was overwhelmed with desire or considered the newcomer a threat is a subject of some speculation.

  • A gruesome scene was revealed at first light, at the farmsteads just a stone's throw from Peltarch's walls: the skeletal remains of more than a dozen children lay sprawled out in a ritualistic spiral pattern, while five adult corpses slowly sway in the morning breeze, hanged in the adjascent tree. It is said both the Knights of the Cerulean Stars as well as lady Varya Tiller and a number of volunteer investigators were quickly on the scene, entering one of the houses and leaving about an hour later with a wrapped object.

  • The Nars Pass thundered with hooves and the rythmic beat of marching feet - but contrary to any doomsayers cry of war, the large contingent stopped shy of Peltarch proper. Not only that, but the gathering outside the Witch and Seer soon turned out to be a celebratory one, with raucous cheering and a feast lasting long into the small hours of the night. Rashemi warriors, witches, and even commonfolk appear to linger for the following days, all in high spirits and lauding the saviors of Tinnir!

  • The situation in the Residential district indeed seems to be getting worse, with a riot nearly breaking out a few days ago. A gaggle of guards appeared on the brink of having to restrain the increasingly agitated masses, when focused efforts from gathered adventurers and city employees saw the mob disperse peacefully. Then again, perhaps it was simply the rain's doing, wreaking such murder on fine silks and laces. Rumour has it that the plague, thus far contained, now seems to be spreading throughout the district, though word of a cure is also on everyone's lips. Hope is alive - for now.

  • Rumor has it that the new elven chick with the fancy hat, the priestess of Corellon, is seen spending a lot of time by the residential district. Offering blessings of remove disease to as many people as she can. She doesn't overdo herself, and rests in duely time, letting other priests take over when she's out of blessings.