Tavern Rumors of Peltarch

  • Narfell PL

    Magistrate Cecil is walking the city in ... clothes. His armor stowed safely in his apartment, and his sword wrapped in an oilskin over it's scabbard, uttering creative Illuskanese swears...

  • Among the thick layer of rust that covers most of the Commerce District of Peltach, attentive walkers could read here and there, like if the letters were drawn with a careless finger: "P r Of F EsS i O N A L s S T R I K e A Gai N. . . !"

  • Rust exploded in the city. Rumors run rampant and are easy to see as rust covers most surfaces in the city. Monsters seem to have been attracted by it and stormed the city in waves, damaging anything metal as the guard and citizens tried to drive them off. Rumors purport that Leandro has returned to the city and unleashed this vile storm that rose above the city like a plague cloud and focused eventually just outside the western walls. The spinning cloud of dust spawned innumerable creatures the adventurers and city employees slew and drove off in hordes. There are even tales of a demonic presence driving the storm to greater and greater fury....but in the end all settle once again. The city remains coated in a layer of rust and still there is damage to metal as if something tried to eat it. And Leandro? who knows where he disappeared too and why he caused this mess....

  • Narfell DM

    The King has named his second son Kasimir Fisher. Despite the son's early youth, the King has hired private educators to teach the boy languages, history, and arithmetic.

    [DM Xanatos Gambit]

  • Rumors spread about two large explosions coming from inside the Town Hall during midnight. Apparently, after the commotion, troops, both guardsmen and even defenders, were mobilized to occupy and safeguard the emblematic building of the city. No martial law was stablished though.

    Some words are constantly passed through between commoners and drunkards. These are: Kingsguard, The Princes, Guard Inspector, Thrones, Ruins, Evacuations, A Dwarf, Shadow Magic, Boom. Whatever they mean it’s up to the pedestrian to understand.

  • A large explosion goes off in the Commons in the middle of the day. Word spreads the explosion was caused by the dwarf Brumir after an old man was passing gas of his own. Apparently, it was a matter of pride for the dwarf and he would not be outdone by some old long-legger.

  • The strange newspapers keep turning up; under benches, in gutters and on windowsills, fluttering down cobbled streets and strewn across the city by some invisible hand - for no criers hand these old-looking rags out, nor are they printed by the Peltarch Times, whose editor and chief Lorelai Phinkwell vehemently denies any links to it. The news they bring is oddly bizarre: who in their right mind would believe there's a second Ashald park, adjecent to the real one, but forbidden for all bar the mystery hooded figures the paper is sure to include and in the same sentence, instruct readers to not think or ask about? While some people dismiss the mystery rag outright as a hoax, others murmur with uncertainty. Wasn't there a rumour about an ~actual~ floating pet hanging around the Mermaid, eerily similar to the peculiar paper's story of Freckles, the floating latrine cat?

  • The Peltarch brewery's vats have been unexpectedly drained. It appears the esteemed brewmaster Labur Strin has pulled all his contracts with the brewery and will be taking his business south. It is almost with utter disbelief that the longstanding agreement ended so abruptly. Strin was the exclusive brewer for many of the Lucky Ferret's events including Toss 'N Thrust Eve and Reapin' The Harvest Night.

    If one was to question Mott on the reasoning, he will be quick to defend Labur's loyalty to a fellow kinsman. Ask Juster and he will talk your ear off about it being a political reason. The real reason may never be known but the city of Peltarch will be lacking fine dwarven ale for some time.

  • Toisin is nots good at doing this! He haves hopes, this will works! Hims needs to haves somes majics done on hims things.

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    Toisin Rodin, played by Gatlord

  • An announcement from the City Hall informs the populace that King George and his concubine Maurina have had a baby boy. While the official statement says that the boy is healthy, suspicions arise as the Spymaster is seen receiving a herb from a group of adventurers just prior to the announcement and rushing to the City Hall.

  • After all the bitterness, death and spite sown by the ex-Far Scout known only as "Smoke", the city comes together in celebration of the traitor's downfall at the hands of a joint task-force of city employees and independants. Berlinne Toews' and Reyhenna Jorino's tag-team parties, Autonomists and Royalists, shared in both the struggle and the victory against Smoke. The tall Princess-Defender could be seen joining in the celebrations at the Bardic College afterwards, where the partying was quite arguably at its loudest.

  • An exciting time in Peltarch as a wandering priestess of Waukeen brings the annual celebration of Spryndalstar to the city. Intended to be an appreciation of the positive impact the arcane arts bring upon the people of Faerûn the celebration took a turn for the disastrous as three mages bungled their demonstrations spreading fire and chaos through Peltarch's market square.
    However, two additional performers soon arrived to salvage the event; the one-armed elven witch of Myth Drannor with a dazzling aerial display of arcane might, and the nimble Sir Firefist who wowed the audience with a flaming dance that even extended to the rooftops.
    With excited cheers from the crowd, Spryndalstar celebrations were saved. Much to the delight of the Waukeenar who quickly made off toward Rasheman for further, and hopefully less chaotic, celebration.

  • Rumours swirl around the city after a bloodied and unconcious Damian Fisher is brought through the gates by his daughter Bess and a number of others. Carried in this bleak procession is also Defender Captain Sally Williams, who according to initiated sources tried to defend the herald from a Cerulean gone rogue. Some tie these tragic events to explosions in the docks district, a few days prior.

  • Word on the street is that the mining town a Westcliff, a far-flung outpost of Peltarchian authority, fell under attack by a mercenary unit as well as a contingent of renegade Defenders from High Hold. According to reports, only five or six of the town's fifty inhabitants managed to reach the safety of Peltarch.

    Following reports of the attack, it's said that a group of adventurers followed Leofric Grubb, one of the city's Cerulean Knights, to investigate and then, finally, to counterattack the attackers' position. It's said that it was a difficult fight, but eventually some number of the mercenaries were captured, including the band's leader, and they now await trial for their atrocity.

    It's also said that some sort of magical ritual was being prepared in their headquarters, and more hushed whispers speculate that perhaps the attack on the town was in some way connected.

    Regardless, what is known is that after the attack, a contingent of Defenders was dispatched to take account of the dead, bury the locals, and bring the Peltarchian forces who defended the town home.

  • Narfell DM

    Word begins to spread that High Hold's forces have come down from their Giantspire Fortress and attacked the western Defender encampment on the beach. Stories begin to go around that all the Defenders were slaughtered by the Renegades, some say they just came to talk, some say the Defenders fended off the assault, others say that High Hold was destroyed during a siege by fire giants years ago and no Renegades remain. Whatever the truth is, some in the city are on edge with the thought of another possible war so soon after the previous conflict.

  • Tolling bells woke up people in the night. As the commoners gathered on the streets, King George made a brief public appearance with Lady Aino Harthgroth and a small baby boy. An heir has been born.

  • Dockside gossip tongues may wag about the latest exploits of the king's niece, Bess Fisher. While known to enjoy a good bar crawl, the events of last night may strike some as unusual in that she brought along not only the bardess Isolde Garibaldi, but the Commerce district guardswoman Jasmine. All three were seen stumbling along the streets, frequently falling over, 'til entering the Lucky Ferret Inn. Rumour has it they rented a room there for reasons one might only speculate over. And some do, in great and explicit detail, noting the voluminous racket from the room as well as the overturning of near all of its furnishings.

  • Narfell DM

    Speculation about a new, controversial book authored by former Senator and bardic malcontent, Eowiel Senella abounds. The elven avowedly anti-royalist elf has been seen interviewing several individuals with known links to the Senate of old, and rumours suggest she is already sending advance copies of her manuscript to known autonomist leaders such as Berlinne Toews, and planning a huge rally in the Commerce District to celebrate both the history of the Senate and the launch of the book proper.

  • Red eyes lit up the night past the city's sturdy walls and in waves, frost-bitten undead assailed the city's gates to the west. City employees sprang into swift action, aided by a fair number of volunteer adventurers and while the gates bear a sooty layer from the repelling fires, the cold claws of undeath never made it past the defenders.

    In other, brighter news, the buzz goes around of the fabled spelljammer the Star Harpy having once more graced the city with an appearance - landing past the farmsteads and then dropping off a fair number of noted Narfellian adventurers mid-city upon departure. Will Captain Beeter and his intrepid crew visit again? Only time will tell!

  • Narfell PL

    Redheads and pancakes. On an otherwise uneventful night, the Mermaid had a run on several stacks of pancakes, upon the return of not one, but TWO familiar faces. A couple in fact! An elf with a bear mask joined them, and for a few hours, the inn seemed lively again, before they departed after enjoying some bardic entertainment.