Tavern Rumors of Peltarch

  • A young woman is noticed looking for, and hiering, a farmersboy to bring a message to one of the Tiller family

    -Let the Lady know that the time to settle the business proposal is at hand.

    the boy is given a few more instructions before being sent away on his quest. The woman takes a sip froma glass of fine elven wine and asks a serving staff how come her roasted quails with fresh figs order is taking so long

  • Councillor Grimm has been going around the commerce district recently talking to his constituents asking for their opinion on expanding trade routes to the east. He is considering bridging the gap across the scar to allow caravans to pass that way rather than by boat or by going south and crossing near Jiyyd. He mentions that there would also be a watchtower with Defenders stationed to monitor the lizards and possibly the trolls if needed and may even consider having the tunnels collapsed as long as it doesn't cause the structural integrity of the cliifs to be compromised. His hope is to have the road lead out east of the residential district to bypass the difficult terrain of the swamp and then curve south to where the gap across the scar is most narrow.

  • Bardess Isolde Garibaldi, who has not performed in public in years, is said to have sung a most enchanting song at the Commons recently infront of a rapt audience. While a number of spectators seem strangely at a loss to remember the performance afterwards, a handful others may speak of the sudden dimming of light and a spectacular display of a heavenly creature with long curls of crimson hair, spiralling like galaxies across a starry void.

  • In recent days it has been more frequent to find necklaces of fireballs all around the city. For now it appears the happenings are limited to Commerce District. Rumor has it they appear whether adventurers even heroes are there or not, whether commoners along with children are there or not. Doesn't matter who picks them up, but may actually be drunkards inside the inn telling the others they stumbled with one that they possibly picked up and may or may not keep it.

    Who would have dropped them accidentaly, you may ask?

    Well, it's public knowledge some of those necklaces have a bit of rust over them.

  • Rumors run wild after the killing of Wilkes at the big Union announcement. The following can possibly be found being discussed over drinks in bars, possibly leading to fights:

    1. Wilkes was murdered by the hin as the Ros can be seeing as trying to take total control before it expands into the rest of the city. She conveniently moved to the other side of Wilkes before the arrow was fired, she conveniently was the only one to spot the human assassin as the hin with the bow tried to flee the docks.
    2. The crown had drawn a line in the sand and Wilkes was getting ready to cross it. So convenient that the princesses small army of defenders was their to quell the riot. A messae was delivered.
    3. Why was Wilkes body disintegrated, when cheaper and easier methods could have been used. Was he a simulcra like seen during the senate period. Was his body actually disintegrated or was he a vampire hit with a holy arrow?

    The stories and rumors go on and on and get stupider and uglier the drunker and angrier the different parties become.

  • The rusty man can be seen entering the inn to sit in a random seat from time to time at the bar, without drinking a single drop of alcohol, tossing coins here and there around, accidentally or not, only to engage random commoners and specially drunkards with comments of the like of:

    Hey yo! You see that public notice in the Tillerzz farm? She thinks she owns people, dude! That people ain't free as she wants you to think!

    Switching seats to another drunkard, throwing a coin here an there:

    Dude, what's with all that fuss! But if the Cerulean let me free when he asked me questions in 'that' regard, because I ain't no dad nor tyrant to tell people what to do with a necklace of FB if they pick them up from the street and accidentally kill themselves! It was a pretty grown up one!

    Leandro would stand up and probably leave the inn laughing madly.

  • A minor Damaran Noble Stepatheny Johnaseburg III stopped by Peltarch in his ship the Salty Sea Dog. It was uneventful, so uneventful that people can't be bothered spreading rumors. What they do like to spread rumors about was Step's departure from Peltarch, which was punctuated by someone hucking something at his ship which then exploded with such a violent explosion that the docks now has several shattered windows, soggy piers from a giant wave hitting, and a few workers with tinnitus. Nobody really knows who had it out for ol' Stepatheny Johnaseburg III, or Twiggy as his friends used to call him, perhaps it was a rival noble. Or an assassin. Or a forgotten heir with a grudge. I dunno.

    Point is he's dead from that explosion. Like super dead.

  • As days pass by, the rusty good looking man seems to have found something. He speaks nothing but instead he laughs. When asked, by curious farmers perhaps, what he actually found, he just laughs back and throws a gold coin to them. He throws one, rather than toss, so maybe they get hit by the coin.

    Yelling out the "I am rich, I'm gonna buy all the fireball-necklaces of this world" (from Shady, he means) phrase, he runs to the city rather to the nars crossroads. Throwing gold coins to the people passing by, no matter if citizens, adventurers or guards (but he's more careful with guards as he actually tosses them a coin for no reason).

    And so the madman gets lost in the middle of the city.

  • A rather good looking man, yet leaving always a trail of rust behind can be seen from time to time outside the city walls digging up many holes. Randomly, sometimes ruining up some crops yet fixing them afterwards as he swears and demonstrates he knows how to use a hoe (this is but a rumor, though some say he's actually using an odd looking serrated halberd, yet this crazy good rusty looking man keeps digging up the holes, looking for something).

    When asked why so many holes, he'd just reply that someone actually told him there was a reward hidden underneath outside the city walls, some where around the outskirts, maybe even across the nars pass, probably even near the gypsy camp. That it was his right to claim it as he rescued someone or something or some children from a kiddo-eater demon prince or lord.

    Anyways, the guy keeps digging up from time to time outside the city walls. Maybe he's actually looking for nothing, maybe he just does this for mere fun. The truth is he keeps digging and laughing (madly? Who knows and cares), and also he keeps lighting some candles he swears were made from human fat, very legal, that the city approves, that even Lady Varya approved too... But that's a matter for another rumor.

    He'll just keep digging up those holes.

  • The latest rumors of Peltarch relate to Louis du Lorraine, subject of many statues and merchandising. First seen teleporting in in a busy street with Scott Grimm and the giant metal manifestation of tetanus, folks were shocked, horrified and even a bit curious when the giant golem grabbed a hidden assassin and squeezed them until they broke. That same golem was later seen, rather cleaned up and repaired, in City Hall, where it remains decorated with the banner of du Lorraine's family banner. Supposedly, or so they say, this is Louis du Lorraine's new bodyguard. A big metal... thing.

  • A day later 4 figures limped into town, covered in ash and blood they made their way silently through the city and down to the farmlands, one figure supported by a large warrior in scorched plate. If any followed they would witness one fall to his knees in the damp soil and after a short conversation he collapsed and did not rise. They gathered up the fallen and made their way into the wood....

  • People came out of the taverns and residences and up onto the ramparts as the sky to the west of the city glowed orange and red and then darkened with smoke. For leagues around ash filled the skies and rumbles and flashes could be seen and heard from the city walls as the eerie glow waxed and waned through the night. And then like a stoked furnace the glow intensified and the temperatures climbed along the walls, even the heavy rains could not subdue, what was obviously fires raging beyond understanding in the foothills of the Giantspyres. Mists filled the air as nature itself seemed intent on fighting the unnatural blaze, rain slashed down and lightning danced through the sky and slowly, ever so slowly the glow lessend as the sky seemed to weep.


    Those words so brazenly painted on the side of the City Hall, in red dripping paint.... well you'd hope it's paint. Nobody really knows who has returned or what it is that is theirs, some say it's some forgotten heir to the throne or maybe a forgotten Nars demon or other such outlandish things. The patrons continue to guess, but honestly, who can say?

  • This one is really hard to believe! Cerulean priestess Shesarai was seen running through the town all bloody and battered, yelling for a skinning knife. She entered City Hall and returned a few minutes later brandishing one. Lady Varya saw her and followed. She claimed a Stegadon chased her all the way from the Gypsy Valley and nearly killed her three times before she finally defeated it with a Sunbeam spell. It's body was blocking the south gate. No one else saw it, however. Shesarai then led Varya to the south claiming there were giant wasps near Nars Bridge. Maybe she had too much to drink and was seeing things. The waitress said that was unlikely as Shesarai rarely drank anything.


  • Rumor has it a pixie's been assaulting people in the docks district by literally raining coins on their head, possibly garnering mixed reactions by all people outside in the district. No one was left unmolested by coins

  • Rumors around Peltarch talk of the strange colorful foreigner who appeared in Peltarch recently, and has popped up at random without warning in various districts. He speaks to random people out of the blue, "Tell me something interesting" is what he always says. Most sputter in confusion, and of course he just sort of... leaves. But rumor has it that every so often someone will give him a trinket, or tell him something interesting, and occasionally he will react with a big grin.

    What do these people who amuse him get? Weird trinkets, of course! The Guard is less than pleased, of course, since one such trinket was a strange device packed to the brim with smokepowder given to a curious child hanging around the Commerce district. Hardly the gift most parents would give to their child, and showing a surprising lack of forsight. Still, the stranger's constant appearing and disappearing has led to many theories whether he's some sort of trickster avatar. Or maybe he just has a lot of time on his hands.

  • Rumor has it that Verika and Varya encountered a dragon cultist and defeated it. A note which they read mentioned that some cultists were located at Hark's Finger, and their members were raiding people for treasures.

    After the body burned, things escalated quickly when Ky demanded to know more information about what transpired, to which the paladin challenged him to a duel under the conditions that she was allowed to ward. The dragon outright attacked her and defeated her as she attempted to prepare herself, though didn't slay the Paladin.

    They made their way to Norwick in the end

  • The recent rumors travelling through the taverns relate to the recent "midnight execution" that happened recently. In the dark of night, with but a small crowd of adventurers, the one responsible for the Massacre of the Clear Water Festival was tried and sentenced to death. It was a surprisingly rushed state of affairs, but such is life in a busy city most suppose. But the talk of the tavern isn't the execution itself, which did ultimately result in the "masterminds" death. It was the fight.

    Nathelin the monk, who now has his face on the towns notice board, suddenly attacked the Sergeant on Duty. He took him down, as well as two other guards, though no deaths were reported. The bells rang loudly as Nathelin made his escape from what seemed to be half the guard force in the Commerce District struggling to catch up with him, the racket was incredibly loud. The Sergeant on Duty, and the Prosecutor who claims to have garnered the confession of the now deceased, both have stated that this man must be brought to justice for his crimes.

    Some however wonder why the monk attacked them, spit balling theories of corruption, with their evidence mostly relating to just how sudden and quiet the trial and execution had been. Still, most don't really care about the truth. It's just fun to imagine what you'd do with the money if you brought the monk in.

  • So soon after the Festival of Clear Waters, a new disruption has occured. In the streets of the commerce district, brawls erupted here and there. Citizens turned against citizens, beating each other for reasons currently unknown. Many blame the sudden heat that appeared over Peltarch, some blame the usual conflicts that cause violence, though some blame sorcery and magic and what not. Official word isn't out yet on what the Ceruleans have to say. At least not publicly. Most of the fighters received no worse than a few bruises, and a short stay in the gaol, but some lives were lost in a particularly brutal brawl near the bardic building.

    While nobody is really quite sure what happened, the tavern gossipers speak of some guards dying in a fight against... something. Nobody is quite sure what. The survivors speak of a strange red thing, and being saved by a colorful (almost eye-sore like) bard and a very plain looking brown robed monk. They even speak of a voice on the wind, telling them to "give in" to their hatred... but, well, these are just rumors and there isn't any real evidence any such thing actually happened. It'll surely be some time before any guard reports are released, right? What can you do until then?

    And so the gossip continues.

  • The recent talk of the taverns is the Festival of Clear Waters, some sort of happiness feel good tripe where most people only really go for free food and drink. And more importantly, the slaughter at the Festival of Clear Waters. Nobody is quite sure why it happened, some say the drinks were spiked by a third party, others say it was demons (it's always demons) and some say that the troupe itself lured in those poor revellers for the killing. Either way, the only survivor from the troupe appears to be its leader, Shadel, who is now rumored to be behind bars and awaiting trial. Some call him the mastermind, some don't.

    What isn't a rumor is the loss of life. Most of the revellers present, and some guards from Peltarch who were watching over the event, butchered in a chaotic mess.