Tavern Rumors of Peltarch

  • As the Lucky Ferret Inn gradually resumes business as usual after many months of rebuilding, a lot of new faces can be seen around the establishment, the barmaid Claire being one of the few survivors of the old Ferret's destruction in the war. Rejuvenation seems to not be restricted just to staff, however, but also to the menue, as new dishes are tested out and served to the hungry sailors and various riffraff frequenting the bar. Delicious aromas spread from the bustling kitchen, where yet another new arrival is hard at work - a cook recently arrived from Hoarsgate, by the name of Nancy.

  • Rumour has it the Black Sails hosted an impromptu fighting tournament in the newly rebuilt pit of the Lucky Ferret Inn. Simple leathers and the contestants choice of either quarterstaff or wooden clubs were handed out by the manager, Sabre Seesaw, who summed the purpose of the night's activities up in simple words:

    "Ya beat each other wi' sticks. Nay prizes, just fer t'fun o' it, an' braggin' rights at tha bar."

    _The fighting drew a large and disparate crowd from around the city, including the Sails own crewmen Luke and Jay, alongside Sabre herself, various more or less well reknown dockside sluggers, Defenders and Far Scouts and even a member of the Black Lotus from the docks of Oscura.

    Aghila and Luke started the tournament off with a nailbitingly close match, the Far Scout ending up flat on his backside one time too many to beat the blonde sailor. Ending up on her ass is precisely what the next contestant spent a lot of time doing also, as Sabre's bold plan to play Khay like a bongo with her clubs backfired, the redheaded Defender moving on to the next round.

    Alyssa of the Black Lotus impressed spectators and contestants alike by dishing out a series of painful blows to the hardened fighter Jay, and the hin Raul ducked and dodged his way to victory over Terrico Milkinsbane. Also moving on from the first round was the leery dwarf Jarkin McFarkin, an unnamed Peltarch Marine and late entrant Azatar Rymus.

    Round two proved just as exciting as the first, with Khay managing to stand his ground against the skillful sweeps of Luke's quarterstaff, Alyssa mercilessly pummelling Raul and the tenacious McFarkin beating Azatar. Due to uneven numbers, Jay was given another chance in round one, and now faced the Marine in perhaps the most rousing match of the evening, ending in a narrow victory for the Sail, the crowd chanting his name afterwards. They continued to cheer as he beat the hardy McFarkin in yet another bloody and excruciatingly close match. Finally, the iron lady Alyssa defeated Khay with as much brutal efficiency as the rest, and was declared the overall winner of the evening, having already won over Jay._

  • Legion

    Benji asks around the Mermaid for the name of the former Sail

    //Please PM me if you know.

  • A while ago, the commons were the scene of a loud priestess of Umberlee, tossing insults left and right. Allegedly a former crew member of the Sails eventually kicked her, or assaulted her in another way and was even escorted away by the guard. Now it seems tempers flared and the Sails are on the warpath with their former crew member.

  • Word quickly spreads of the murder of Senator Torin Bravickus, in his jail cell, possibly mere tendays before his trial for High Treason. The Guard sealed the city and conducted a manhunt, but no arrests have yet been made, and the city has since reopened. General Ash has commented that the investigation is ongoing.

  • Talk in the commons refers to Shannon D'Arneau, Kenton Seth, and Melanie Stern, who are seen entering Peltarch from the south one afternoon escorting a gnome - apparently, the recently rescued Magistrate Miranda Greywing.

  • a very surprised small group of adventurers was heard in the Mermaid to be talking about the knight Calen Ashwynd. He was thought to be seen running to the aid of Perin the shopkeep after hearing rumors of a mob after Perin over a sword. He helped the Halfling with healing and cleaning up from the mess made before the guards arrived.

  • It appears as the Gnome, the self-proclaimed Ludo the Great, has invented something called "Ludo-Vision" or LV for short. Some have even coined the term "Theatre-scope LV" and "Open-air LV" but they are seen as Illusion-o-philes and have been ridiculed by the more sensible citizens.

  • _The man who gets off the ship is tall and lean. He is dressed in loose fitting red, orange, and yellow garments. His face is weather beaten and crinkled from too many hours in the sun. His eyes sparkle with the joy of life.

    Dressed in similar style, a young elven woman greets him on the docks. There is formal exchange of greeting, before she smiles and hugs him. Then the two of them are seen walking around the city of Peltarch.

    The following days they are rarely seen apart. They are often seen running side by side throughout the city, the tall lean man effortlessly keeping up with the much younger woman. They are seen on the docks, sitting by the waters edge in deep conversation. But they are most often seen outside the inner wall in the courtyard, practicing.

    In the courtyard under the man’s supervision, the young elven woman repeats a series of exercises for hours on end. The exercises take on a rhythm of their own, sometimes too fast to follow. A flurry of impossibly high jumps, kicks, and hand motions weaved into an entrancing and deadly dance.

    Each day, this is repeated. Each day, he corrects her. Each day the dance is done until one day, he doesn’t correct her at all. On that day, the tall lean man with the crinkled face departs, leaving her to practice on her own.

    There are some that say that the elven woman will be performing in a play at the Bardic college. Others say that she is training to be a city guard. Some even say that she is the next inquisitor, and is training to battle one of the renegade defenders.

    Regardless of the rumors, the young elven woman is seen every day in the courtyard…


  • Adrian is also spotted moving trough the city, asking seemingly random people of their opinion on the city, and what could be changed for the better. He speaks to farmers, fishermen, crafters, merchants, guards, defenders, sailors, adventurers and minstrels alike, wanting to gather opinions and suggestions from all people.
    When he encounters such, he spends particular time with those who have lost their homes in the war, and were forced to live in the streets. He does his best to encourage them to stay strong and stand tall, promising better days ahead. Though far from a rich man, Adrian still offers enough gold for a few nights in the warmth of the inn, along with hot meals, especially to those families with children.
    "All of us have suffered in the war, though many have suffered more than others. Those of us who were fortunate should share and do what they can for those less fortunate, for this city is home to us all."

  • The Helmite and Senate candidate, Calen Ashwynd has been seen more and more about the town visiting all of the businessmen and women and speaking with the guards and locals to include those in the Docks District. He was heard on more than one occasion stating "Everyone Deserves Protection. He is also regularly seen with a red headed woman both helping the city guard and commoners with menial tasks as well as offering suggestions for more successful patrols.

  • A familiar figure in blue and gold armour, resplendent upon a white horse of immense stature is seen leaving the city. Fluttering gentle in the cold northern breeze is a banner that unfurls from the tip of a lance. The familiar symbol of Torm and that of the Order of the Divine Shield are seen emblazoned, the golds and silvers of their weave catching the sun.

  • Rumour quickly spreads that the long serving Senator Roland Brynmor has retired from the Senate after many years of service, amidst the commendations of his colleagues and peers in City Hall. This also means that yet another seat is vacant and the Herald has confirmed will also be filled via the current elections.

  • The beginning of the election is marked by little public activities from the candidates, with speculations that they are taking their campaigns to the city's Guilds in search of both their crucial electoral support as well as financial backing.

  • Sorcerer Ronan Redralen, who runs for Peltarch Senate currently, is seen walking about the city with a smile on his face. He greets all who approach him enthusiastically, saying that he wishes to get to know the citizens of the city better. Occasionally he visits the Mermaid to have a glass of wine, catching up on local gossip..

  • Legion

    A rather nice looking Red head, is seen looking for the best price to book a room for the next year for. She says she intend to stay in peltarch for a while and does hate sleeping in her chain and in the cold plains in a breezy tent.

  • The Halfling Defence League

    Talim still recommends making a rug from the cat guy would be a good if not stylish idea.

    "It's not like he's still using it!"

  • Legion

    Marty get's busy cleaning up the mess in the common caused by the frost and slain interplanar beast, grumbling somting under her breath.

  • _Rumour abound of two very peculiar visitors to the Peltarch commons, both seemingly focused around the crew of the Black Sails. First, the grass and carefully tended flowers of the commons became glaced with frost, and a light snowfall began to herald the approach of the mysterious mage known as the Dark Enchantress. This ill-reputed arcanist is said to have proposed to hire the Sails to retrieve an object from the drow, but the deal seems to have been met with a polite refusal.

    Nevertheless, suspicion against the crew was raised by some, and certainly not lessened by the later arrival of what seemed a kind-mannered, if somewhat eccentric man offering tea to the crowd at the commons. He too addressed the Sails directly, speaking of forgiveness, repayments of debts and a game of the highest stakes. After sharing the tea and a tale of his life, the man was then inexplicably shot by the Umberlant priestess Sedea Sterr. Bright light and the flutter of wings was heard throughout the commons at his passing, fading to leave behind not the body of a human, but that of a catlike creature known as a Rakhasa. His name, it is said, was Illusif._

  • A Damaran noble has arrived in an impressively large ship at the docks, with rumours stating he is a Baron who is distantly related to the King of Damara himself, a cousin or somesuch. The man in question has been spotted touring the city with an unusual choice of guide, a local dock urchin and her deadbeat father, with only two guards strolling after them. Why the man is here is not readily apparent, though his sailors seem to be looking for part time jobs in the docks, suggesting a lengthy enough stay is planned.