Tavern Rumors of Peltarch

  • [Cray’s blank expression falls upon the bartender, and Cray matter a factly says.]

    There goes the shittiest friend oi ever ‘ad... And oi was born and raised in the Underdark.

    [Short pause and a smirk, despite his empty shell or soulless demeanour at current]

    The shit show must go on... apparently.

  • *In the doorway, before he steps across the threshold, the grim-skald takes a pause -- he wants to be better, but the notorious opportunist simply can't let it go. There's a moral to every story after all, a moral that he'd hope would still be fresh in the minds of the plain folk who'd heard his story just now. Maybe the singular 'little piggy' squeal Cormac let out to punctuate his feelings on the matter would die there. Perhaps, just maybe, as the most petty part of him secretly hoped, the entire tavern might be inspired to join in.

    He did not stick around to find out. He had business. All of the things that had lead to this point aside, he had business - and to it he must adhere.*

  • @kingcreeper

    [After a few drinks later Cray, probably paying more attention to the story than he first let on. Comes and sits down beside Cormac. Cray sets his drink down in front of him. And just stares blanky forward. Seeming rather intoxicated and a bit of a sad drunk this evening.]

    Look enough is enough, this 'as to get buried sooner than later...

    Do you believe yet, that when ye made those allegations against us, at that toime they were absolutely false? Do you realoize yet that... that shit koinda ruined me loife. It instantly severed every friendship oi 'ad. Fer absolutely no reason? The the thanks oi got from yer friendship was a fate worse than death. {Pauses a moment] Ya then one thing led to another...

    [Pauses another moment with a slight grimace at the memory recall]

    But oi even let ya kick the absolute living shoite out of me for that. Even petitioned to 'ave the charges dropped. Is that not enough for, you considering YOU started it.

    Did you know... To this very day. The only person in the all the land that will still associate with me is... yer woife?.... You made that 'appen all boy yerself.... Loike thats koinda farked up. You should 'ave come talk to me and looked me in the eye, and see it was nae true. Instead of assassinating moy character.

    [Sits there still staring blankly forward, blinking some, takes a sip of his drink. He sits there completely devoid of emotion, awaiting a response.]

  • [Cray begins listening to the story, but then is quickly distracted by the barmaids attire.]

  • One of those rare days where Cormac visits the Mermaid, his iron mask and heavy helmet set aside while he takes his meal and drink. The skald doesn't go out of his way to draw a crowd - but he's been in the news a lot lately, whispers and glances abound. He'd wiped his mouth with a worn out bar rag before offering;

    "...I heard a story once about three little pigs. There was one that built his house on the sand or somesuch, another that made his out of stone. But I'll tell you about the one that built his shelter from sticks".

    He turns the earthenware mug between his hands on the surface of the bar and waits for any stragglers to finish their whispers, or leave should they wish it. When he's sure its time, he goes on...

    "Well this little pig had heard of the big bad wolf and what he'd done to his friend on the sand. Little pig, anyway, seemed he liked to squeal and bluster and make noise about his situation. Well anyway that little pig he got it in his head that he'd build a castle made from sticks. The little pig, he made his way to the deep dark forest where slept the wolf, and he slept there still. The little pig took a stick here, a stick there - still the wolf slept. The little pig started taking sticks by the armful and squealing all the way back to his plot to build his castle. He squealed and bragged and peacocked around at his great idea, told all his friends that it was fine - and all his friends, the sheep and the dogs, and the rats with whom little pigs consort -- they looked at him like he was mental, that silly pig... heh. The asked him, 'little pig, from where did you get these things?', and the little pig squealed his squeals at them, he said 'I got them from the wolf. He's sleeping, and he won't do anything if we take his sticks', non of his friends thought that was very wise...".

    He holds his cup out and its quickly refilled by the dutiful bar staff. He wets his throat and resumes the silly childrens' story.

    "...comes to a point where the wolf stirs. Someone's come cut the whole damned forest down from around him while he was docile. But he can hear the squealing now, the big bad wolf could see clearly . Easy to do once everythings been cut clear from around him yrrh..? The wolf goes to the little pig's shelter, this castle made from the bones of whatever the wolf had called home. The little pig squeals down at the wolf, safe in his castle, laughing. Tells the wolf 'you can't get me, look at how safe I am in here'. Well the thing about wolves and pigs is one of those beasts is far too smart, too smart for the shit he chooses to live in one could say. The other? Well the other doesn't think around corners so they say. And the wolf huffs, and he puffs, and he wraps his hands around the castle and he shakes all of the sticks free - every last one comes tumbling down. The little pig, he's terrified - closes his eyes and waits there to be eaten."

    Cormac finishes his drink and stands, he puts on his helmet and his iron mask, and likewise finishes the story.

    "...see the thing is. The little piggy squealed and his knees knocked all the while. He blustered his apologies and reasons from one side of his smart little piggy snout, and the damndest thing was that he still managed to throw out veiled threats and smart little words at the same time from the other side of his little piggy snout. But the big bad wolf wasn't listening. See, when the little pig opened his little piggy eyes he could see that the big bad wolf had just come back for his favorite stick. That's all. The little pig might've kept on squealing but -- that mean old wolf? His tail was wagging, he was already gone".

    He leaves anyone who'd cared to listen to their thoughts, to what business is anyone's guess.

  • Rumour has it, that Cray is looking for those that have the magical ability to detect truth. The more the better he says. He also suggests that people should get their popcorn ready.

  • Rumors spread from workers at city hall of Prince Kasimir. Supposedly the sleepless prince has tumbled down the stairs, breaking his leg. Though healing was quickly applied by royal staff, the frazzled Prince seemed unusually emotive and panicked. It is rumored he will be confined to his quarters for a few days to recover. People wonder what could have the usually stoic prince so frazzled.

  • After the intense, fun and dangerous demon-fortress crawl through the weekend, I wasn't expecting such a casual, light-hearted, and thoroughly fun Tuesday evening, but I certainly welcomed it - so kudos to all who were part of it, players and DM alike, for setting such an endearing tone to it all. Rare steaks and shiny brooches included!

  • Rumours spread of Cray offering a 10,000gp reward for information regarding the whereabouts of Rosie. And a 20,000gp reward for her safe return, as odd as this sounds, to wherever she wants to be returned to.

    To anyone that thinks this is a lot of gold, or a bit silly, etc. Cray snaps back. “Then you clearly don’t know the true meaning of the term drinking buddies”.

    A man the corner pipes up, “well shit I got a lot of drinking buddies” and then he cheers his drink with a large group of people sitting around a table. They laugh and carry on a moment. Cray replies simply, “ya well, I don’t”.

    ((Edit: reward claimed))

  • A relatively talented bard graces the Lucky Ferret for an evenings performance. He ends his set with a catchy little ditty, “Cormac fought the law and the law won”.

    ((Cray bins 500gp))

  • Quiet rumors spread of a brawl outside of the Mermaid early into the night. A brutal brawl started by Cormac Randolph. It ended with Cormac over a man, strangling the life out of him, until he was downed by the Magistrate and dragged away in cuffs. No one knows for sure what has happened, but everyone has a theory.

  • Word has it that Deacon Sterr is looking for one of his Black Sails advisors, and also wants a word with Cormac Randolph.

    ((OOC: Regarding the ban above, please assume the ban has not issued as a matter of retroactive continuity. Whether there will be a ban will depend on Deacon Sterr and IC developments.))

    [DM Xanatos Gambit]

  • Another night, another round of the usual suspects gabbing amicably around the usual table - but this night, the party's abruptly cancelled as a swift and deadly assassin descends from the shadows to stab Reyhenna Jorino! Rumours swirl of vicious vampires and crazed blood cultists, particularily as the dawn arises to shed brutal light on another, yet more savage attack in the Nars pass...

  • Abe, aka John Ableman the somewhat young, innocent, and naive looking Swabbie from the Oscurran ship Leviathan. Has been spotted in and around the various pubs of Peltarch recently. He always carries with him a few fishing rods, skinning tools, and his faithful bait bucket. He certainly blends into the local crowd fairly well, apart from the well known black and gold colours he wears. He certainly does not look like any great or skilled adventurer. Just another common sailor, trying to get by in life. It seems a slight modification of duties has brought him to the surface, as he sometimes boasts to the young common ladies about being the “chef” or “galley manager” of the Leviathan. When in reality he stills does a fair bit of deck swabbing. So when he is not slinging ales at the local pubs, trying to find “love.” He can often be seen hunting game West of Peltarch and South of Norwick. As well as endlessly fishing any of the known honey holes about Narfell. He seems to enjoy his new responsibilities, stocking the galley, cooking the food, and the freedom it brings. Life is looking up for him, he’s moved up a notch in the world, and he is quite proud of his relatively insignificant achievement. So much so, he often try’s to subtly pry and spy, on the local kitchens about Narfell. Curious about their recipes, sampling different dishes, asking about spices and methods. Even keeping a cooking journal. He seems intent to not let this one little opportunity to better himself slip away.

  • Seems most establishments may be getting sick of Cormac's patronage, all the coin in the world won't compensate for his bitter temper forever.

  • Word spreads amongst the bouncers, staff and some of the regular patrons of the Lucky Ferret. Cormac Randolph is barred entry into the Ferret until further notice...

  • Cray has been making the rounds of the Taverns and Pubs of Peltarch. Trying to drum up some business for himself and crew of his ship, the Leviathan. Letting it be known he is open to charters and commissions of all kinds. He boasts about the massive figure head of Akadi adorning the bow, giving the ship the blessing of the winds. Making it faster than any other ship of its kind, as well as allowing it to travel up river above ground or below ground. The drawback however being, that crossing the open sea may attract the negative attention of the Bitch Queen. So they prefer to travel around the shoreline when navigating very large bodies of water.

    Cray of course does not forget to mention the Leviathan's Wonderous Planar Cannon, that as one would imagine, fires planar cannon balls. To fend off pirates, sink the competition, or even bombard fortified positions on land, that are in range.

    Anyone interested can drop by the ship at its birth in the Oscurran docks. It's clearly marked with a sign. To see Cray himself, or leave a message with the ship's first mate, Andrew Deck.

    ((500 gp binned for buying people alcohol at the various drinking establishments))

  • The taverns are abuzz with news of King Thalaman and his party, held in the most unlikely of taverns available, the humble Three Legged Mule. The evening was lively, with many revelling in the streets given copious amounts of free food and alcohol by city guards and defenders, who all seemed to be in high spirits. The strange guests of the kings party are on everyone's mind. Kobolds, elementals, and strange planar creatures, some so tall they had to duck to get inside. Several adventurers were also in attendance. A strange party indeed.

    As the party died down and the King and his brother took their leave, it is said that he seemed to be in a great mood, with a peaceful look on his face, even stopping to shake hands and chatter with any who approached him. His brother, naturally, was less talkative, but still seemed to have a glimmer of positivity about his stoic exterior. It is a party few in Peltarch will soon forget. Because hey. It was free.

  • Rumours speak of strange and sinister happenings in the Peltarch crypts, including the macabre find of a family of four, found dead in mysterious circumstances. Whispers claim the dead belong to the tattered-rumoured Whitedune family, known to have dabbled in the occult in the past.

  • Cray took the Leviathan's crew out for an evening of dinner and drinks at the Dancing Mermaid. They were dressed kinda well, freshly shaved, with their hair styled too. It appeared to be a somewhat formal work function. The guests included: Quarter Master Robert "Bob" Jones, Boatswain William "Billy" Miles, Carpenter Timothy "Little Timmy" James, First Mate Andrew "Hands On" Deck, and Swabbie John "Abe" Ableman.

    There is some talk during the evening of them sourcing more Planar Cannon Balls for the Leviathan's Planar Cannon... Which eventually leads into a funny story. When they tried firing a regular cannon ball out of it, and the cannon ball just disintegrated inside the barrel. The cannon ejected a cloud of iron power that covered them all in a coat of thick metal dust. Apparently Carpenter Little Timmy got a mouthful of the stuff. Then had quite the fit of choking, coughing, retching, and even a little vomitus. Timothy was essentially the punch line of the entire story.

    Cray seems rather tight with the crew of his ship, as they ate, drank and cavorted late into the evening. Eventually stumbling off to their hotel rooms at the Mermaid.

    ((Binned 300gp))