Tavern Rumors of Peltarch

  • Another night, another round of the usual suspects gabbing amicably around the usual table - but this night, the party's abruptly cancelled as a swift and deadly assassin descends from the shadows to stab Reyhenna Jorino! Rumours swirl of vicious vampires and crazed blood cultists, particularily as the dawn arises to shed brutal light on another, yet more savage attack in the Nars pass...

  • Abe, aka John Ableman the somewhat young, innocent, and naive looking Swabbie from the Oscurran ship Leviathan. Has been spotted in and around the various pubs of Peltarch recently. He always carries with him a few fishing rods, skinning tools, and his faithful bait bucket. He certainly blends into the local crowd fairly well, apart from the well known black and gold colours he wears. He certainly does not look like any great or skilled adventurer. Just another common sailor, trying to get by in life. It seems a slight modification of duties has brought him to the surface, as he sometimes boasts to the young common ladies about being the “chef” or “galley manager” of the Leviathan. When in reality he stills does a fair bit of deck swabbing. So when he is not slinging ales at the local pubs, trying to find “love.” He can often be seen hunting game West of Peltarch and South of Norwick. As well as endlessly fishing any of the known honey holes about Narfell. He seems to enjoy his new responsibilities, stocking the galley, cooking the food, and the freedom it brings. Life is looking up for him, he’s moved up a notch in the world, and he is quite proud of his relatively insignificant achievement. So much so, he often try’s to subtly pry and spy, on the local kitchens about Narfell. Curious about their recipes, sampling different dishes, asking about spices and methods. Even keeping a cooking journal. He seems intent to not let this one little opportunity to better himself slip away.

  • Seems most establishments may be getting sick of Cormac's patronage, all the coin in the world won't compensate for his bitter temper forever.

  • Word spreads amongst the bouncers, staff and some of the regular patrons of the Lucky Ferret. Cormac Randolph is barred entry into the Ferret until further notice...

  • Cray has been making the rounds of the Taverns and Pubs of Peltarch. Trying to drum up some business for himself and crew of his ship, the Leviathan. Letting it be known he is open to charters and commissions of all kinds. He boasts about the massive figure head of Akadi adorning the bow, giving the ship the blessing of the winds. Making it faster than any other ship of its kind, as well as allowing it to travel up river above ground or below ground. The drawback however being, that crossing the open sea may attract the negative attention of the Bitch Queen. So they prefer to travel around the shoreline when navigating very large bodies of water.

    Cray of course does not forget to mention the Leviathan's Wonderous Planar Cannon, that as one would imagine, fires planar cannon balls. To fend off pirates, sink the competition, or even bombard fortified positions on land, that are in range.

    Anyone interested can drop by the ship at its birth in the Oscurran docks. It's clearly marked with a sign. To see Cray himself, or leave a message with the ship's first mate, Andrew Deck.

    ((500 gp binned for buying people alcohol at the various drinking establishments))

  • The taverns are abuzz with news of King Thalaman and his party, held in the most unlikely of taverns available, the humble Three Legged Mule. The evening was lively, with many revelling in the streets given copious amounts of free food and alcohol by city guards and defenders, who all seemed to be in high spirits. The strange guests of the kings party are on everyone's mind. Kobolds, elementals, and strange planar creatures, some so tall they had to duck to get inside. Several adventurers were also in attendance. A strange party indeed.

    As the party died down and the King and his brother took their leave, it is said that he seemed to be in a great mood, with a peaceful look on his face, even stopping to shake hands and chatter with any who approached him. His brother, naturally, was less talkative, but still seemed to have a glimmer of positivity about his stoic exterior. It is a party few in Peltarch will soon forget. Because hey. It was free.

  • Rumours speak of strange and sinister happenings in the Peltarch crypts, including the macabre find of a family of four, found dead in mysterious circumstances. Whispers claim the dead belong to the tattered-rumoured Whitedune family, known to have dabbled in the occult in the past.

  • Cray took the Leviathan's crew out for an evening of dinner and drinks at the Dancing Mermaid. They were dressed kinda well, freshly shaved, with their hair styled too. It appeared to be a somewhat formal work function. The guests included: Quarter Master Robert "Bob" Jones, Boatswain William "Billy" Miles, Carpenter Timothy "Little Timmy" James, First Mate Andrew "Hands On" Deck, and Swabbie John "Abe" Ableman.

    There is some talk during the evening of them sourcing more Planar Cannon Balls for the Leviathan's Planar Cannon... Which eventually leads into a funny story. When they tried firing a regular cannon ball out of it, and the cannon ball just disintegrated inside the barrel. The cannon ejected a cloud of iron power that covered them all in a coat of thick metal dust. Apparently Carpenter Little Timmy got a mouthful of the stuff. Then had quite the fit of choking, coughing, retching, and even a little vomitus. Timothy was essentially the punch line of the entire story.

    Cray seems rather tight with the crew of his ship, as they ate, drank and cavorted late into the evening. Eventually stumbling off to their hotel rooms at the Mermaid.

    ((Binned 300gp))

  • Cray has been observed spending much time in the taverns of Peltarch, meeting with various locals and adventurers alike. It would appear Cray is looking to invest significant financial capital into a new business venture. He listens carefully to each persons ideas and business proposals. Some people bring written material with them, that contain clearly laid out models, plans, blueprints, margins, etc. Others have only half brained ideas and pipe dreams.

    Anyone with a good business proposal but lacking the coin to get it started. Should seek out Cray as a potential business partner.

  • Word begins to spread through the adventuring community: a Silence spell within the walls of Peltarch is most educational. Simultaneously, it's recommended people congregate outside those same walls. It seems something illusory threatens the city, but the rumors spread within the Peltarch never quite articulate what save for the phrase The False Hydra.

  • Reemul has been seen in the Ferret drinking as of late, uncommon that. Hasn't he been sober for year's? He's been overheard saying "Something is there, behind us all. Devouring and feasting in our midst. Our own eyes tell us lies and deceive us. Your own eye's in a mirror know the truth, and then forget. Glossed over and soothed, it lies to us all." will this be a new normal for him? Some are taking bets that he's finally gone off the deep end.

  • A local arena fighter from the Ferret is recently overhead speaking of some evil that seems to cloud minds and has been feasting on the people of Peltarch has settled in the sewers. Ramblings of a punch drunk pugilist for sure.

  • More adventurers are seen with the "Cat Daboons" in the taverns, none seem overly willing to part with them, tales of a fancy feast for the Cat Merchant and his guests abound. Some are over heard talking about a hot pot made by a local chef. "Oh did you see that hot pot Xiulan made? I wanted to eat it myself, Cat be damned!"

  • Morgan Azzen heavy drinking magistrate and part time father to his monster children has been found in the taverns rambling about merchant cats, and how they are the future of merchanting. He states that he lives and dies by the creed that if he can't give a merchant a treat, they aren't worth his time. What that means, who can say?

  • Juniper asks around the Mermaid and the Commerce District in general about a n old worn knapsack she and Rosie found in front of the Mermaid. Each time she explains about the worn diary they found inside along with, a package of fine tea, an apple and some blue forget-me-not flowers.

    Seh also explains how teh diary was mostly about mundane every day things like birthday parties, fights with parents and makin gup after the fight...and crushes. Juniper makes sure convey the names of said crushes as written in the diary in case that helps jog any memories. And go so far as so show them the last page that reads 'IT"S IT"S HERE IT KNOWS I KNOW-'
    And trails off with drops of blood.

    Juniper is mostly seeing if anyone recognizes who it might have belonged to.

  • A woman is seen in the Mermaid, absolutely bawling her eyes out to her friends.

    “I don’t understand. I’ve never in my life had a child- but I opened a door in my house, and there was an empty, dusty nursery. I can’t stop crying. What is this? What kind of cruel joke-!?”

    A few hours later, however, she is seen happily drinking with the same friends, seemingly without a care in the world. As though the sobbing had never happened.

  • An incident at the trade hall baffled dock workers and tavern hoppers alike as the door completely froze over. As the guards struggled to try and crack it open in the ensuing half an hour, the door suddenly gave way. Those within the trade hall shrug it off as "just one of those things that happens" and the local Ceruleans took their samples. Most people are happy to blame Elliott Lancord, local Gondar, because honestly anything that goes wrong in the trade hall is usually his fault.

  • Lucy Rhodes, former Defender Captain turn renegade, is dead. The news returning with the troupes under General Gom and alongside the adventurers reportedly spearheading the breaching of the bandit fortress is clear and the mood in general one of relief, if not much celebration. Rhodes is dead by Elizabeth Fisher's own hand, or Reyhenna Jorino as some might have taken to calling her anew, and the threat to the city successfully neutralized. So why no glasses raised in cheers and revelry?

    The answer may lie in those that did not return - in particular one man, disgraced and beloved both. Arch Weyland, who hung from the gallows for his involvement with the traitorous Smoke, accompanied the adventurer contingent to Rhodes' fortress in chains. Noticably, he did not return. Hushed whispers speak of some manner of doomsday device, the firing of which would've set the lands ablaze, stopped short by Weyland's skill with manipulating that element. His longtime partner and fellow Autonomist Berlinne Toews, has yet to comment, and is indeed a scarce sight on the streets in the days that follow.

  • In the midst of a mass of Defender and GFC forces surrounding the Fisher Estate and rumors that a private council meeting heard evidence of Elizabeth Fisher’s illegitimacy, the arrival of a delegation of Siamorphe was cause for a crowd. First guild leaders, then many common folk followed until the estate grounds were too packed shoulder to shoulder.

    After a brief debate on the nature of nobility, the visiting priestess revealed that Herald Thaddeus had fallen from grace with their goddess. She also produced a sealed missive from King Thalaman asking her to confirm that the Princess Elizabeth’s blood was noble through prayer. Though no spell was cast, the priestess declared the princess a fraud, and her delegation was consequently asked to leave the estate.

    Feeling confused and betrayed, the crowd of commoners became hostile, quickly dividing into factions as they demanded answers from all parties. It became clear something big had in fact happened in that private council session a tenday ago, but nobody present revealed more than the rumors already suggested.

    Bottles and more were thrown, tables overturned. A few fist fights broke out. Some of the Goldfish Company seemed ready to return the violence. Responses from royals, city officials, and adventurers varied. Whereas Sebrienne used a thundersome noise to shock the crowd into quieting and Prince Adrian was heard to threaten the crowd, Isolde and Aoth used their words to soothe.

    During the heat of it, the princess and Magistrate D’Arneau argued over who had caused Peltarch more harm, and the two appeared ready to duel when D’Arneau disintegrated a chair. This shocked the crowd, and they began to depart at last. Even the princess’s factionals were urged to return home by her companions. D’Arneau’s parting words were directed at those friends: You all knew.

  • A smattering of rumors briefly cross the taverns of Peltarch. An outlandish story of a public execution of some sort held in the Peltarch Commerce District in the middle of the night. That Raazi, that old nefarious possibly demon possibly not woman of chaos, was killed by Far Scouts within the city walls. But it's absurd. For one, Far Scouts can't be executing people in the streets, that's ridiculous. And for two, Raazi seems alive and well, and was even given a generous dinner by Prince Kasimir, who paid for it out of pocket. Plus, why would Prince Kasimir stand by and watch people get murdered? None of it makes any sense... oh well... the rumors will fade soon enough, like most do.