Tavern Rumors of Peltarch

  • This thread is for all rumors going through the various Taverns in Peltarch. If you wish to designate a SPECIFIC tavern this rumor is going through, simply note it at the top of your post such as:


    Heard in the Lucky Ferret

    Luke likes laying with lucy Longlegs's lamprey

    Otherwise, assume that if you frequent any particular tavern in Peltarch you would have heard the rumor.

    Remember, this is a rumor thread. That means two things. One, not everything said in here HAS to be absolutely true, though should have some hint of truth. Two, please no extremely long rants or conversations. Small comments is one thing, but if you want any sizable response please make a secondary post to do such.

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  • Peltarch Employee

    Confirmed rumors have it that the child of Ravos Calchais and Lady Varya Tiller has finally been born! A healthy young baby boy had been birthed, with Baroness Anna Tiller acting as the midwife assisting them. The child is estimated to weigh a good 9-10 pounds and seems quite healthy! A few others from the Tiller community are welcome to visit not too long after in the wee hours of the morning, the child having been borne just before the sunrise.

    The parents had chosen to proudly name their child Valdabrin, who now rests in his mother's arms.

    Also... rumor has it that the two of them plan to be wed soon, and are undecided whether to make the matrimony a public affair or not, choices either being in the festhall or at the barony pending on certain Varyables - variables.

  • Since her return in the days after the devilish incursion, it was not unusual to find the gray druid sitting before City Hall and staring at the rubble that was once King George’s statue. When asked what she was doing, her only answer was, “Negotiating.” But those days seem to have passed as swiftly as they arrived.

  • A few commoners can be heard complaining in the Mermaid "Them jagass adventurers I says, no wine and no food for us who came late to the Kings coronation! Bet dem adventurin types scarfed it all! (Or was it stolen! Dun dun DUN!)

  • It is rumored that while Jurino was ranting in the market square a Million golds was withdrawn from the Peltarch bank.

  • Dev

    With the recent upheavals surrounding the city, and the increased incursions from outside forces reshaping the countryside, new opportunities have opened up for intrepid adventurers seeking to make a name, or a bigger name, for themselves. New legions of undead in the barrows to the west of the city wait in their dark crypts to test the mettle of anyone foolish enough to venture into their dark recesses!

    Tales have been told of secret passages and hidden treasure for those who survive the onslaught of the damned. At least, for those who return from the barrows...

    0_1634927314687_Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 11.26.42 AM.png

  • The city is abuzz with news of an unexpected light show that happened just the other night. All over the city, fireworks exploded into a riot of color, all of them shaped like the smiling face of a gnome. That same gnome - one Jorvin Fendiggle - was later seen walking the streets, asking citizens to please vote for him as the gnomish community's representative in the Hinhold elections.

    The fact that the people he was speaking to were not citizens of Hinhold, and that most of them weren't even gnomes, did little to deter him.

    He was also said to be quite enthusiastic about his proposal to declare that Hinhold's sister city is the Moon, as well his commitment to fighting for the right of Hinhold's dogs and horses to vote.

    Some have noted that there is a relative lack of horses in Hinhold, owing largely to the fact that most of its residents are far too small to ride them. Fendiggle dismisses these assertions, claiming such to be vile anti-horse propaganda which he does not deem worthy of comment. He further asserts that such lies are likely spread by the Cat industry, long known, he claims, for promoting such falsehoods in the name of their dark and mysterious agenda.

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  • Every few days or so.. an apparently blind lady wanders Peltarch seemingly at random. Raazi never makes it too far from the Mermaid Inn or the Lighthouse Temple. She often is discovered knocking on and/or trying to open doors when she finds them. For the most part she is predictably distracted and is rather easy to subdue. Usually its the abrupt crying or bouts of screaming that leads others to ferry her to elsewhere, but more so than not its the trespassing. When she's turned over to guards or priests there is nothing known amongst them currently to help the woman, only a place to stay and disturb the public less.

    The answers provided from guards or local priests are that a few weeks ago Raazi had a run in with a horror of the Astral Plane and is a subect in a murder case. Studying or attempting to cure her blindness and/or her mental state reveals that her condition is of a non-magical nature and that she herself is resisting and not accepting help to cure the blindness. The details of the event are known to a few adventurers: Sebrienne, Makoto, Elodie.

  • An exciting, lighthearted day in the ruined city of Peltarch; Somekind of festival! Five contestants running through the city, collecting eggs and friendly sparring matches to a loud, joyous applause. Curiously, no one seems to be able to say who organised the festivities, what the festival was for, or where the applausing crowd seemed to be. But it seemed to be devilishly fun!

  • As the repairs of the lands surrounding Peltarch get underway, one of the morning's shipments of materials carries an unusual sight.
    A normally extremely colourful and lavishly dressed halberdier goes out with the shipment, dressed in undyed wools and leathers. His halberd on his shoulder just the same, but he doesn't seem dressed for war.

  • Peltarch Employee

    Rumors have it that the loving couple of Ravos and Varya Tiller will look into organizing repairs for towns and lands on the outskirts of Peltarch to be restored and fixed. The duo seem enthused and happy as ever, working together outside the realm of their usual duties in service to Peltarch as captains of their own branches.

    Another rumor going on about the farmlands is that Tiller may be expecting a child in a few months from now, and while training and exercise regiment seems to remain the same with her and the soldiers under her charge, the paladina seems to be refraining from active adventure at the moment to preserve the treasure Chauntea had bestowed upon her.

  • In the aftermath of the downfall of Jessica Whyte, one familiar face in Peltarch is notably absent much of the time: Roslyn Underhill, Whyte's longtime political adversary and, some might say, nemesis, is said to spend long hours shut in her apartment in the docks. While she keeps up her usual cheerful appearances on the rare occasions she ventures out in public, those closest to her would speak privately of a depression that seems to be settling over the normally raucous hin.

  • In the aftermath of the defeat of Jessica Whyte, the city, albeit even more badly damaged than before, regains a certain spirit of optimism. The Black Sails, they say, came out of the ordeal with flying colours (for staying out of the fighting entirely) and celebration runs rampant at the Lucky Ferret Inn. This can perhaps explain the tale of one particular guildsman, who swears to have seen a small army of monsters calmly traipse out of the city through the main gates in broad daylight. A floating suit of armour, a rakshasa, a towering ogre, glowing green lights and other oddities - either a very unusual circus passed through town or this Black Sail stood guard still drunk as the proverbial skunk!

  • In ever increasing numbers children are heard chanting odd slogans, some wile doing chores, others while playing, some just scampering about. Things like Fish Breath Jess and Whyte smells of Seamen can be heard while moving through the city. A new popular jump rope song pops up (to the tune of Lizzie Borden) Jessy Whyte bought a death, payment was under her dress, when it failed she stomped her feet, and out crabs dropped onto the street.

    The children might react in a number of ways if approached by an adult, guard, seafarer or other.

  • In the various taverns, bars and dives across Peltarch, particularly with crowds who were receptive to the Song of Brante, Elodie Rumae has a new song to sing.

    Oh people, of The Jewel
    The kind and the cruel
    Come together, come to me
    I would have words with thee
    Of oppression, of strife
    And of upcoming fife
    And a hero, Sebrienne
    Maybe you've heard the name now and then?

    Oh people, of The Jewel
    Look up from your gruel
    Are you rich? Are you proud?
    What about the others in the crowd?
    And the Guilds? The Seafarers?
    The "beloved" torchbearers?
    While we're in ruins, and the muck
    In which ditch are they stuck?
    Oh wait! There's no ditch!
    Just a certain stuck up...

    Oh people! Of The Jewel!
    Will you be played for fools?
    Will you be suckers? Be schmucks?
    Hang around like sitting ducks?
    Let them rule you? Let them abuse?
    Just quietly cover up the bruise?
    Quietly suffer? Quietly blame?
    Quietly consider all the shame?
    Or will you stand up? Stand up?
    Stand up for all the

    People, of The Jewel!
    Things have already begun
    They're going to silence those who stand
    The one named Sebrienne!
    She fought oppression
    She helped saved lives
    With mystic powers over the skies
    And what did they do?
    To the Gaol they threw
    And next they'll do it to you.

    Oh people, of The Jewel!
    Don't you think it's unusual?
    They praise Asha, Isolde, Eliro and Rey
    But not the one who saved the day?

    Oh people, of The Jewel!
    Don't you think it's unusual?
    She's on trial, for what?
    For Peace? For Naught?
    Is this all what you were taught?
    To take it? To obey? To watch on in shock?
    Until it's your time on the headsman's block?

    Oh people, of The Jewel
    Are there ones among you who'll
    Stand for freedom, Stand for what's right?
    Who wont run away at the sign of a fight?
    Stand for Sebri, who stood for you
    Or will you stand aside and allow the coup?

  • Amidst the swirl of rumours around Edwin Ashald's attempted vote of no confidence against Jessica Whyte at Seafarer HQ, one particular story stands out. This rumour describes Reyhenna Jorino's sudden beheading of a boy during the middle of the meeting, and the full-blown chaos that ensued after. Some versions of the tale insist the boy beheaded was still not dead, was in fact ~undead~ and that the head and body continued to wreak havoc upon the assembly until finally destroyed with great mutual effort. While those in the know might whisper the name Triloquist, others can but state one strange fact in the aftermath: neither head nor body of any child have been found after the dust settled.

  • Attacks on Peltarch continue intermittantly from the Jewel's more opportunistic neighbours - most recently kobolds and lizardmen in joint forces, striking through the waterways. A successful evacuation of the Commerce district beforehand saw no commoners come to harm, though the scalykind's last big push wrought some casualties amongst the defenders. For now, however, the waters are still and the threat averted.

  • Rumours flying around the docks district speak of three Wavebreaker sailors, found dead in the sewers under suspicious circumstances. Darien Hardin, newly returned from travels overseas, could surely have hoped for a better welcome home gift than these dire tidings.