Tavern Rumors of Peltarch

  • Lines into the temples of Peltarch back up with commoners seeking aid for pain in their stomachs or carrying dark tales of battles of the bowels fought and won but without glory.

    Two adventurers march valiantly from out of the sewers, covered in excrement and the flies that love it so much. After a quick aside with the guards, the seeming culprit is arrested: an unsuspecting food vendor recently set up shop along the docks. Much cheers and flatulence can be heard through the alleys of the docks district as the adventurers find their way back through town and the perpetrator brought to justice.

  • ::: Augustus Farthingdale, who appears to have no association with any lodge or city authority, a self-declared businessman seems to be making his wards available sometimes for zero cost to those who furnish him with scrolls he has an interest in, or charging a highly competitive fee for wards of very high duration. :: He remarks in public: "Cast immediately for you, before you step forth upon the hazardous roads of the land."

    :: He's available to consult,from the comfort of his armchair in the mermaid or even provide a magical lesson or two for those who are not adepts of the art or to simple soldiers wishing to test their resilience to magic. ::

    :: He reminds all who speak to him about the excellent permanent magical wears available from the Mystic Lodge.. who he is certainly not affiliated with in any way, and makes no comment about the origins, cleanliness or uncertain divine origins of any items sold there.. :::

    :: Heading back to a nearby Wavebreaker table, he then goes to buy them another round of drinks - seeming to spend a fair bit of his coin on such socialising ::

  • There is quiet talk in taverns of an odd fog or mist (and arguments about what the difference is) that occasionally seems to roll into Peltarch from the alleys on occasion. It's a bit odd, but as it happens in the early hours, few are prepared to pay it much mind. There is also, probably unrelated, some talk about a missing person or two. But people tend to show up eventually in Peltarch.

    Nothing to worry about. Just drink your drink.

  • The new rumors abound that Morgan has chosen his inquisitor. Droim, the notorious(?) mage(?) who Morgan claims he recruited because he heard that Droim already had a uniform. And that saves on costs. Morgan pointedly did not question how Droim had a uniform, or why. He just sort of... trailed off and wandered away.

  • Tavern rumors spread that the newest Magistrate is seeking an Inquisitor to bully and do all the actual work aid Morgan in his duties.

  • Despite much publicity around the formation of a new mercenary company, former Captain Reyhenna Jorino is said to have departed Peltarch the day after the Military Tribunal which saw her long career as a soldier come to an abrupt end. She exited through the South Gate on foot and has not been seen in town since.

  • Ravos Calchais has been appointed by Guard General Velhar to replace Oscar Halbrook as Captain of the Commerce District Guard and the administrator of the Gaol.

    Calchais has been the Guard General's second hand since his allegiance with her on the Council. His appointment follows a high-profile arrest of the Princess Reyhenna Jorino several days ago, which Ravos and Velhar carried out personally.

    [DM Xanatos Gambit]

  • Things overheard in taverns and inns around Peltarch:

    I tell ya Henry, was a guard for 20 years, there will be blood aflowin in the streets afore da days out

    Hey darlin, give me the Jorino special, got me some coppers ta burn

    Ya heard? Ole Jakes cousins wife heard tell the carpenters are building a gallows. Got all the wood ready

    Best hunker down lads, this goin ta be a rough one

  • Upon hearing the rumor, Sam just shakes his head and chuckles

    Everyone knows Dwarves don't drink milk...

  • *Rumor has it that the Tiller Farm will increase production in dairy as advised by Lady Varya Tiller in order to help provide milk for the dwarves. 4000 coin on possibly importing some rothe to meet the dietary needs of the dwarven people. She would also let all the dairy farmers know that the dwarves Bunus and Dalton are to thank.

    Furthermore, 500 gallons over the next few days of regular milk as thanks will be donated to the dwarven Refugee camp as a gift, courtesy of the Tiller Farms on behalf of Bunus and Dalton's needs to purchase large quantities of milk in the future.*

  • The talk of the taverns for a few nights is that of the mysterious, incredibly loud entity that tore up part of Peltarch's wall as it pursued unknown individuals. This strange, firey creature let out roars of fury and threats of death as it bowled through several Defenders, just after two guards were slain by unknown assailants. The creature, and its prey, vanished south, leaving only awoken and confused Peltarchians and shaken and battered Defenders.

  • A new game has spread around some of the dingier taverns of Peltarch, thanks to the actions of someone they're too drunk to remember. Spice Beer, they call it, and boy do drunken idiots like it. Can you handle the heat? Turns out a lot of them can't, and the lighthouse is none too pleased with the amount of sickly people being dragged through their door. The local guards, much to their displeasure, have had to remind people not to put literal poison into their beers.

  • A certain rusty man, maybe with some kind of wicked glow in his eyes and a broad grin in his face, says, or rather shouts after hearing all of the commotion

    OH YEAH BABY!!! If they are closing the bank, make it so they give money back to the people, specially me who has never opened up an account but WANTS THE MONEY BACK FOR THE PEOPLE HAHAH hahah HHA AHAH haahHA AH AH !

    HEY! I bet the troops storming the city is all about closing the bank and taking the money for theselves, NO WAY, LIBERTY FOR ALL!! HAHA HA HA HA Ah.

    Here, have this special beer-spice, pal. Tastes better in yer drik, yep. Just watch me.

    The rusty man, after swalloing the full contents of one of the offered vials he may or may not hand out some of those to the drunkards, letting them to make the choice whether to spice or not their beers.

    The rusty man, takes his leave laughing madly and babbling some words


  • Ya gots no money Fred, Why you cares?

  • out of breath Henry!! Henry!, dey closin da banks Henry!!

  • Hank, yeah, my brother sista Em was rollin wit one of old Whytes guards and heard tell dey threatened to assassinate the bitch.!! Ale, more friking ale!!!

  • Is it be true Nate? I be glad I aint no Solder, heard they gon to start geldin the princess troops. Gi me another ale!!! Dat aint right!!

  • "you Fred!!!, ya hear dat? Da only ting missin from da bank was the union dues from dat bastard Wilkes!!"

  • You hear why all them troops stormed into the city? Seems the princess has some sort of creeping crud and all them troops came into have their "privates" checked out. They was all itching like crazy down there, if you know what I mean.

  • While Cerulean Priestess Shesarai sat eating dinner in the Dancing Mermaid, a couple of patrons wandered over to her table, hats in hand, and spoke to her.

    "Miss, we saw you in uniform standing outside the crowd of Peltarch Defenders and Goal Guards the other day. But nobody heard you say nothing! Which side were you on?"

    Shesarai answered calmly. "I took no side. I am an officer of the City. The proper authorities handled the situation and prevented a violent confrontation."

    Not satisfied, the pair asked again: "But which side are you on now?:

    "The City's side," she replied. Then she went back to eating dinner, clearly discouraging further questions.