Tavern Rumors of Peltarch

  • This thread is for all rumors going through the various Taverns in Peltarch. If you wish to designate a SPECIFIC tavern this rumor is going through, simply note it at the top of your post such as:


    Heard in the Lucky Ferret

    Luke likes laying with lucy Longlegs's lamprey

    Otherwise, assume that if you frequent any particular tavern in Peltarch you would have heard the rumor.

    Remember, this is a rumor thread. That means two things. One, not everything said in here HAS to be absolutely true, though should have some hint of truth. Two, please no extremely long rants or conversations. Small comments is one thing, but if you want any sizable response please make a secondary post to do such.

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  • Narfell DM

    Herald Isaac Thaddeus delivers the letter to Thalaman personally.

    [DM Xanatos Gambit]

  • A couple of dwarven defenders of the dwarven army, clad in polished fullplate, march along Peltarch’s gates and find their way into the town’s Hall. There, they find any appropriate officers and ask to be led to their King to deliver him a letter that bears the official stamp of the Council of Moradin. They deny any other to carry the letter and only hand the letter to the King himself. Shall he is found and accepts the letter, upon reading it, the letter contains the following:

    "King Thalaman, son of honorable King George. The Council of Moradin express our condolences about your late loss. King George was an honorable man who righted his past mistakes and reforged a long lost alliance between Peltarch and the dwarves. Leaving this realm in this way is the mark of a great leader. We trust you bear his ideals, will lead your people with wisdom and honor this renewed alliance by keeping to the terms your father agreed upon. As long you show the same valor and wisdom as your father did, dwarfs will pledge to support you. Looking forward to meet you in person in the near future.

    With respect, the Council of Moradin."

    //OOC: The content of the letter is only known to the King, until he takes it and read it. No other person is to know of it, unless their King decides otherwise.

  • Narfell DM

    At the recommendation from a close acquaintance, Scott takes to the streets of the commerce district to speak with the people, vendors, businesses, and consumers throughout the commerce district to let them know that he is running in the coming election for Voice of the People.
    His main talking points are that he has been a Defender Lt for some time now and that he has faced threats to the city that stop trade almost every day whether it be Orcs in the woods, Giants in the hills, and even threats that lurk in the underground trying to make their way to the surface.
    He makes it known that he is not a politician, he just wants to make sure everyone has the best opportunities to better themselves.

  • Ros seems to take the limericks in good stride as she makes her rounds through the district's wine sinks and gutters, playfully advising any found reciting them that they're forgetting the part about how she also is friends with ghosts and bugbears, and that she's actually tried to eat the occasional elven mage

    "Friends, yer not gonna believe this. Jessica Whyte herself actually offer'd me a position with th' league o' guilds if I'd only be so kind as ta drop out o' th' runnin' fer this Voice position. Said I could represent yer int'rests better ther than ta th' crown directly, th' cheek of 'er."

    She grins, looking around at those in the tavern

    "Anyway, natch'rally, I told 'er I'd accept! Long as she could provide some guarantees, that is. Namely, all hin an' gnomes would receive immediate pay raises ta bring ther wages level with th' Seafarers' human workers, would receive back pay as reparations fer bein' denied full wages totalin' up ta what'd be owed fer th' last five years, yearly guaranteed pay raises fer all guild employees - hin 'r no - amountin' ta not less'n ten percent yer salary, an' ownership o' th' Seafarers bein' divested from its current heads an' instead distributed equally ta all employees."

    "She ah...wasn't amenable, I'm sad ta say. She's pretty upset tha' some o' my kin here is refusin' ta work fer th' pittance she's offerin', an' won't hire humans ta replace 'em on account o' how much more a'spensive they is. She says hin an' gnomes get lower wages 'cause we're smaller. Weaker. It's a lie, o' course. Our kind gives 'em th' same time each day as humans do, an' they make even more profit off it fer payin' us less."

    "It's a ploy. It's made ta create division. Er'ry bit o' profit they get off yer labor is gold ther stealin' from you. An' tha's just as true if yer a human, as it is if yer a hin, if yer a gnome, if yer a dwarf, if yer an elf. They want cheap labor. They want a divided workforce wher they cn' use wages ta pit folk against each other, even when them folk got th' same struggles, th' same problems, an' th' same root cause o' each of 'em."

    "An' now th' same folk who's exploitin' folk left an' right here wants ta get a shot ta represent them folk's int'rists at court? All they'll do is use tha' position ta keep th' little guy down. An' I don' jus' mean my kin, friends, I mean er'ryone who works fer 'em, or folks like 'em. Ther with th' League o' Guilds. They have enough influence already. They may come down hard on ya fer strikin', but ther givin' ya a chance ta make a statement with a vote. Be sure ya don' waste it. Don't give it ta th' ones tha' wanna control ya."

    Ros then raises a glass, buying food and drink for the poor, the destitute, and the downtrodden, then stays a while to listen to their concerns and what they'd expect of a Voice, before moving on to the next inn and discussing many of the same things with the people there, and on to further inns where she does the same, till she's made a solid circuit through the docks.

  • Narfell DM

    Lt. Scott Grimm warns the locals that Kobolds and Lizardmen have been ambushing adventurers in and around the swamps. Caution is advised.

  • As Roslyn makes her way around the docks, she may hear some crude limericks in some of the rougher taverns.

    “Roslyn Underhill, it’s time fer disclosure
    Hero of hin or a pimp and a poser?
    Fer when dragons come
    Demanding their sum
    She’ll ensure yer properly bent over“

  • Narfell DM


    Indeed there is talk of elections for the three vacant Voice seats on the Royal Council.

    Herald Isaac Thaddeus is taking names for the ballots. One need only give him the name and the district. He is set to announce the details more formally soon ((sometime after next week, i.e. my finals))

  • Korak, a popular figure among many ruffians on the docks, visits his usual taverns to drink his coin away and riff with the dock workers. He sits at a crowded table near a roaring fire with a haze of pipe smoke lingering in the air. When talk of the election for Voice of the People comes up, Korak announces his run.

    “Clearly oi’m the only soddin’ choice fer such o’ position. Oi ain’t rubbin’ shoulders with the rulin’ class, the fancy bards, ‘er the military higher ups. Nay, me bank is empty and so ‘er me pockets at the end of o’ proper night’s drinkin’, just like the rest o’ ye bastards. Ye want teh complain teh some ufdi who’ll sweeten yer words when they approach the rulin’ class only just teh kiss their arse? Or do ye want someone without good graces teh give it teh the crown straight, the way the voice o’ the people should be? Come votin’ day, ye remember yer choices. O’ bunch o’ lolly lickin’ fancy pants friends o’ the elite. Or yers truly..

    Korak raises a mug at that and buys a round of ale for all those at the tavern.

  • With talk of an election for the position of Voice of the People heating up, it seems that Roslyn Underhill has thrown her hat into the ring to represent the people of the Dock District, and has been seen increasingly of late traveling around the district's taverns and slums, talking to the people about what they want out of someone who would represent their interests. Pointedly she seems to be avoiding the guilds, preferring to instead directly address the concerns of their employees.

  • Narfell DM

    Some may recognize the Cerulean Knight Jonni as he is seen limping his way to the Harbormasters office and out again. Later in the taverns the fisherman can be heard commenting over more than a few ales that the cost of the boats and an extra few hundred for each fisherman was paid for in full by the Cerulean for the damage done and any lost income they may have suffered while replacements are found for them.

    (DM Bastage approved NPC actions)

  • Twice in one day, the relative peace of the Dock District was shattered - first when a body was found floating just off one of the docks and was retrieved by the guard and a group of adventurers, and second when many of those same adventurers returned several hours later at the helm of a sloop called the "Hippogriff", though poor helmsmanship saw them crush several smaller two-to-three man vessels moored at the docks crushed under keel. The boat now sits on, rather than at, its pier, wedged at an awkward angle while defenders attempt to move it free and repair it. Word is that some of the cerulean knights have laid a claim to the vessel.

  • A woman of short stature and slim build, wearing a helmet and armor, warns of the creatures known as gnolls at the southern farms. Apparently the woman had happened upon such a creature wich resultet in fierce battle between the two. At the infirmary, staff members can confirm that the woman was treated for severe punching wounds for some time.

  • That Cerulean woman, Shesarai, was heard warning patrons in the Mermaid not to take kobolds lightly. She has been clearing them out of the farmyards just south of town for several months, firing from the hilltop at them in the dark without even bothering to spell up her armor. Then one recent night she told of a very powerful kobold assassin that waited for her and attacked. Apparently it was out for revenge. It disarmed her of her bow and proved nearly impossible to hit with her sword, forcing her to flee severely wounded. She healed herself and finally defeated it using several magic spells, then retrieved the bow.


  • Narfell DM

    Rumors of a meeting that took place in the Regal Maid. It seems Defender Lt Scott Grimm had a meeting with staff of the establishment proposing to purchase or invest in the business. While nothing was decided it seems there will be another meeting at another time after the Lt has an accountant check the establishments records.

  • Narfell DM

    Scott seeks someone capable of lifting a curse from an object. Anyone that may be of use should come find him

  • Rumors spread from a party just arriving back from the underdark. Something beyond deadly lurks near the skindancers and the party had to retreat....almost losing a member.

  • By now, few could have missed the gruesome rumours - on at least three separate occasions, townspeople have literally burst apart in the middle of the Commons, showering the area in blood, gore and some strange dark fluid. What the cause of these horrendous incidents may be is a subject of much speculation - some tie the events to reports of vile undead rising, while others speak of some unknown malady with symptoms as mild as a stomach ache, nausea or fever. Those inclined for better safe than sorry reasoning may well jump at the opportunity of visiting Dolor's temporary clinic.

  • Narfell DM

    Dolor Patiens, humble servant of Ilmater, has set up a temporary clinic in the docks for all who are unable to afford temple services. Anyone feeling unless is encouraged to come for a check up.

  • Narfell DM

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