Tavern Rumors of Peltarch

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    Confused patrons of the Lucky Ferret emerge from their dank sanctuary at the sound of intense, hip thrust provoking lute music echoes from the commons. They spot two confused looking adventurers wandering north through the docks district talking about some nefarious plot brewing in the sewers.

    Those too intoxicated to find their way back into the Ferret after an hour or so observe the very same adventurers talking about group cult sacrifice and omox demons as the two walk back towards the commons.

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    After being escorted into the city a few days prior by a group of adventurers, a Wavebreaker caravan laden with food that had been unloading outside the south gates is seen loading back onto wagons at the western gates owned by the Calashite traders from High Hold. As the wagons slowly make their way out to the beach and along the road to High Hold they are joined by a large company of Defenders wearing the insignia of the Loyal Fists and Archangels for the long trip up into the mountains.

  • With the latest pamphlets of the S.O.S. circulating in every district, talks take place about the absence of The Voice of the People who has gone very silent from quite some time. Rumor has it that Lady Kathea Snyders is nowhere to be seen, even more rumors circulate from drunkard to sober people about how, if alive, she must be reclusive inside her Residential District home, or that maybe she's not alive but nothing has been announced to contain the masses distress.

    At any rate, people is speaking between them, incoherently like the masses sometimes do, but there seems not to be any Voice of the People to either echo nor make them coherent.

  • A recent celebratory feast at the tourney grounds turned to tragedy after several people took suddenly ill. Despite swift action by a number of high profile adventurers and city employees, deaths could not be prevented. The food, originating from the orcish Many-Arrows Keep, seems to have been the source of the problem and interrim Herald Isaac Thaddeus the target for much of the citizens ire. Despite the Herald's assertions that the food had been checked thoroughly, emotions ran high over the tragic event.

    Some time later, the autonomist splinter organization known as the Sons of the Senate were seen handing out free food in the docks, alongside their distinctive badges. After all the food had been distributed, a ruckus occurred between said Sons and Crown agents, resulting in at least one person being dragged off to Gaol by the guard.

    Isolde Garibaldi, well known friend of the Princess Fisher, has since been vocal and insistant in spreading word that the poisoning of the tourney ground food supply was in fact the work of select members of the Sons of the Senate, subsequently tracked down and neutralized. She adds to the organization's lists of crimes the poisoning and abduction of Autonomist leaders Berlinne Toews and Arch Weyland, the explosion at the Seafarer silo, the multiple murders at warehouse 8, along with direct attacks towards beloved king George and Princess Fisher.

    "I understand well the strive for liberty; I understand that some are tired of waiting and to them this cause feels right and just. But I ask you, how do you justify abduction, murder, the willful bringing about of starvation of the very masses this group claims to fight for? Support the Autonomists, and you lend weight and might to their demands! Support the Sons of the Senate and your cause is tainted by a string of heinous crimes."

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    Interrim Herald Isaac Thaddeus announced recently that thanks to generous donations from Erurk Hurgenpox, the Seafarer's Guild, the Hemway Nobility, and other donors, including the orcish Many-Arrows Keep, the Peltarch treasurey has funds to fulfill soldier backpay, repurchase imported foods to supplement Peltarch's recently sabotaged stores, and commission medals of service for soldiers. The date of the medal honorifics is sure to come soon.

    In fact, there is so much excess food that the Interrim Herald has commissioned new silos to be built to store the food.

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  • Rumours around the docks still abound about the recent attack, in which horrific fiends roamed the streets with murderous intent. Much of their attention seemed to focus on the Wavebreakers, though Seafarers, guardsmen and adventurers all joined up to repel the attack. Possibly related rumours speak of a hijacked Wavebreaker shipment of grain, destined to High Hold - now all but ruined.

  • As several people stood and sat around in the Commons, two stinky men were seen entering the area carrying a large black barrel. They set it down next to the Sundail, and claimed it was a gift from the Sewers. When questioned closely, they took off running, but were held in their tracks by Hold Person spells cast by Ceruleans Chea Allen and Shesarai Foutopolis. Kingsguard Erurk then knocked them out.

    An examination of the black barrel indicated it was not magical, but something was inside. Erurk lifted it and tried to carry it away, but it began vibrating heavily. Erurk dropped the barrel and it exploded open, revealing a huge elder Black Pudding. Several people in the Commons attacked it with weapons and spells, and eventually destroyed it, though it spawned a second large Black Pudding. In the process, the Sundial was destroyed and some of the benches were damaged.

    A little later a small group headed for the Sewers to investigate and found the upper reaches beneath the Docks District covered in slime. They fought many other Black Puddings, and two huge Otyughs. Guards claimed that nothing like those had been seen in the Sewers before. Four adventurers returned a little later, covered in slime, and told the Guards the problem was taken care of. The culprit, a fat fellow calling himself the King of Slime was killed and the upper sewers returned to their normal disgusting appearance.


  • A loud and booming alarm goes off in the docks district, the shrill tones resounding even to the Residential and Commerce parts of Peltarch. Curious onlookers gather outside warehouse 8, from which the sound emerges, struggling to see past the shut doors and shuttered windows. An explosion follows, the fiery blast collapsing a section of the wall and when the smoke clears, the bodies come into full view. Murder, murder most foul - a horror scene with victims slashed and pierced by blades, laying in pools of their own blood.

  • Korak laughs harshly at the news and mutters to a group of ruffians.

    “Oi sure hope there’s enough teh get ye’s through the winter...

    Say now, didn’t yer king fight the dwarven council tooth an nail teh avoid payin’ any gold debts out o’ his pocket? Aye, yer king chose teh give up his people’s food supply instead. Tsk, tsk... at least he’s still got his gold so his daughter can keep providin’ free shows wit those fancy linens o’ hers.”

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    The following rumors circulate:

    1. A powderkeg explosion erupted in a Seafarer Factory late last night, laying waste to imported grains that were recently purchased from the Seafarers by the Crown by order of Enenan Snydders to supplement the food supply, which was low to begin with due to Peltarch's commitments to ship grain south to the dwarven council. Gerard Fortescue is leading an active investigation.

    2. Rumors circulate that Lady Maurina, one of King George's concubines, has let slip at a recent soiree amongst Peltarch's nobility that she recently learned interesting details concerning her fellow Concubine, Aino, which might surprise some. It is unclear what these details are, and the Lady Maurina was notably vague before changing the subject. Now people are whispering and wondering what the details might be.

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    The following rumors circulate:

    1. The Defender navy's flagship left port yesterday evening, under command of Defender Captain Lorn Hrresh and his regiment. It returned to port in the morning. Since its return, it has been heavily guarded by Hrresh's regiment as well as Gerard Fortescue's guards.

    2. Defender Captain Lucy Rhodes and her regiment assisted Seafarer Guards in securing the trade route to the west against giants and bandits. She was seen discussing the matter with the Seafarer heiress apparent, Jessica Whyte.

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  • Seems someone wrote Nate and Kathy on the wall next to the door to the bardic college in red paint...a check mark is put next to each name.

  • Word spreads that a funeral for Kathy, the waitress that was savagely murdered in a devil attack on the city is being held at the Mermaid, the place where she worked. The Mermaid is open to all during this time who want to come pay their respects. In the days before the ceremony, the whispers around the tavern are that the family are said to be looking for answers as to why their poor daughter is dead and why they have no body to bury.

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  • "Devils!" comes the panicked cries, after several infernal incursions in and around the Jewel. Residents of the Residential district speak in hushed awe of a vicious clash between the knights of the temple and their allies, against a veritable horde emerging from the tourneygrounds - and of the angelic figure of the beloved lady Daisy Millern, swooping down as the saving grace against the dark forces.

    Horrified scenes are said to have played out in the Commerce district, where several cases of possession culminated in the literal explosion of a poor innocent girl, before devils struck there too - right at the heart of the city. And finally, a large scale attack took place just outside city walls, after the slaughter of a Defender squad by the ruthless infernals.

  • Rumor has it, lovely slightly shorter young woman wearing what looks like a Norwickian red cloak uniform with a red cloak has been talking to a few adventurers at some point soon to what she called 'land of the fairies' to show them the most beautiful rainbow ever. The invitation didn't seem open to just anyone, but at the same time seemed to be the openly friendly sort. One person would quote her name to be Nadia, while others may have observed her cast some random (thankfully non hostile) spells in the Commons.

  • Rumor has it that Dame Jasmine emerged from the sewer entrance covered in filth, and dragging a fuzzy ear the size of a chair behind her. Word had it she took a dip in the Ice Lace, and headed to the bath house for a lengthy stay.

  • Pale as death and covered in his own blood, a High Hold soldier known to some as Eric stumbles into the Commons. There, he collapses, managing to wheeze out a warning about devils to the small party present before losing conciousness.

  • *Rumors circulate through the Mermaid about a magical battle occurring in the Commons a night or so ago. A hooded figure in black robes was seen rolling a barrel into the center of the Commons and then fleeing to the west. When Raryldor opened the barrel, he was attacked by a Black Pudding. A brief fight in which numerous spells were cast destroyed the Pudding just outside the Mermaid's door.

    Peltarch guards investigated, and called on Cerulean Shesarai to check for magic. Though some footprints were found, they disappeared northwest of the Commons. Somewhat later, Shesarai warned patrons in the Mermaid not to enter the sewers. The place was infested with rats (many more than normal, she said), oozes, slithering trackers and some Jubilex Cultists. A drow assassin also was mentioned.


  • Crazy rumours circulate about talking animals wandering the city streets - dogs, cats, even a big brown bear! Either the circus is in town or those good for nothing druids are at it again, mutter some of the more sour disposed, while hopeful children may well roam the streets looking for their very own talking kitty cat.