Tavern Rumors of Peltarch

  • Korak laughs harshly at the news and mutters to a group of ruffians.

    “Oi sure hope there’s enough teh get ye’s through the winter...

    Say now, didn’t yer king fight the dwarven council tooth an nail teh avoid payin’ any gold debts out o’ his pocket? Aye, yer king chose teh give up his people’s food supply instead. Tsk, tsk... at least he’s still got his gold so his daughter can keep providin’ free shows wit those fancy linens o’ hers.”

  • Narfell DM

    The following rumors circulate:

    1. A powderkeg explosion erupted in a Seafarer Factory late last night, laying waste to imported grains that were recently purchased from the Seafarers by the Crown by order of Enenan Snydders to supplement the food supply, which was low to begin with due to Peltarch's commitments to ship grain south to the dwarven council. Gerard Fortescue is leading an active investigation.

    2. Rumors circulate that Lady Maurina, one of King George's concubines, has let slip at a recent soiree amongst Peltarch's nobility that she recently learned interesting details concerning her fellow Concubine, Aino, which might surprise some. It is unclear what these details are, and the Lady Maurina was notably vague before changing the subject. Now people are whispering and wondering what the details might be.

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  • Narfell DM

    The following rumors circulate:

    1. The Defender navy's flagship left port yesterday evening, under command of Defender Captain Lorn Hrresh and his regiment. It returned to port in the morning. Since its return, it has been heavily guarded by Hrresh's regiment as well as Gerard Fortescue's guards.

    2. Defender Captain Lucy Rhodes and her regiment assisted Seafarer Guards in securing the trade route to the west against giants and bandits. She was seen discussing the matter with the Seafarer heiress apparent, Jessica Whyte.

    [DM Xanatos Gambit]

  • Seems someone wrote Nate and Kathy on the wall next to the door to the bardic college in red paint...a check mark is put next to each name.

  • Word spreads that a funeral for Kathy, the waitress that was savagely murdered in a devil attack on the city is being held at the Mermaid, the place where she worked. The Mermaid is open to all during this time who want to come pay their respects. In the days before the ceremony, the whispers around the tavern are that the family are said to be looking for answers as to why their poor daughter is dead and why they have no body to bury.

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  • "Devils!" comes the panicked cries, after several infernal incursions in and around the Jewel. Residents of the Residential district speak in hushed awe of a vicious clash between the knights of the temple and their allies, against a veritable horde emerging from the tourneygrounds - and of the angelic figure of the beloved lady Daisy Millern, swooping down as the saving grace against the dark forces.

    Horrified scenes are said to have played out in the Commerce district, where several cases of possession culminated in the literal explosion of a poor innocent girl, before devils struck there too - right at the heart of the city. And finally, a large scale attack took place just outside city walls, after the slaughter of a Defender squad by the ruthless infernals.

  • Rumor has it, lovely slightly shorter young woman wearing what looks like a Norwickian red cloak uniform with a red cloak has been talking to a few adventurers at some point soon to what she called 'land of the fairies' to show them the most beautiful rainbow ever. The invitation didn't seem open to just anyone, but at the same time seemed to be the openly friendly sort. One person would quote her name to be Nadia, while others may have observed her cast some random (thankfully non hostile) spells in the Commons.

  • Rumor has it that Dame Jasmine emerged from the sewer entrance covered in filth, and dragging a fuzzy ear the size of a chair behind her. Word had it she took a dip in the Ice Lace, and headed to the bath house for a lengthy stay.

  • Pale as death and covered in his own blood, a High Hold soldier known to some as Eric stumbles into the Commons. There, he collapses, managing to wheeze out a warning about devils to the small party present before losing conciousness.

  • *Rumors circulate through the Mermaid about a magical battle occurring in the Commons a night or so ago. A hooded figure in black robes was seen rolling a barrel into the center of the Commons and then fleeing to the west. When Raryldor opened the barrel, he was attacked by a Black Pudding. A brief fight in which numerous spells were cast destroyed the Pudding just outside the Mermaid's door.

    Peltarch guards investigated, and called on Cerulean Shesarai to check for magic. Though some footprints were found, they disappeared northwest of the Commons. Somewhat later, Shesarai warned patrons in the Mermaid not to enter the sewers. The place was infested with rats (many more than normal, she said), oozes, slithering trackers and some Jubilex Cultists. A drow assassin also was mentioned.


  • Crazy rumours circulate about talking animals wandering the city streets - dogs, cats, even a big brown bear! Either the circus is in town or those good for nothing druids are at it again, mutter some of the more sour disposed, while hopeful children may well roam the streets looking for their very own talking kitty cat.

  • A handful of wide-eyed commoners insist that they saw a dragon, smack in the middle of the city, in broad daylight. A ~dragon~!!! Some say the beast had enthralled a small group lead by Jasmine, while others claim it must surely have threatened to eat babies unless the group heeded its monsterous bidding! A few less hysterical bystanders may have noted the copper scales of the dragon, as well as a rather diminuative size.... suggesting a much reduced level of danger.

  • Maeve of High Hold has once more been seen around town, this time conversing with Princess Fisher and her friends before enjoying the Mermaid's best cuisine. Some time later, the parties reunited at the commons, where Maeve was presented with a pair of exquisite harps. Rumours suggest troublesome giant activity along the High Hold traderoute as a possible explaination for the visit.

  • From being lost, it seems some of Peltarch's heroes are a bit 'too' found - at least if you believe those who claim to have seen not one, but two Jonni Aelthassons outside the Lighthouse temple. Not only that, but a few of the drinkers at the Ferret insist there was also two Jasmines on scene - one living and one dead. Until suddenly, there was just one!

  • For months, they were missing - some of the city's most noticable city employees including Princess Bess Fisher herself, Kingsguard Erurk Hurgenpox, Cerulean Knights Jonni Aelthasson and Sheserai Foutopolis, Far Scout commander Vick Blake, Defender Scott Grimm and Guard Jasmine. The crack team, accompanied by Garen and Isolde Garibaldi, were presumed dead by most, following a raid on a devil-infested cavern where the wanted criminal Alfrick Visum was located. The team were lost in a cave-in, but mysteriously reemerged several months later in a state of severe dehydration and starvation - with Alfrick Visum, successfully apprehended.

    While the city rejoices at the return of its heroes, it's difficult to deny that there has also been a noticable return of some very peculiar happenings. A floating ferret was reputedly spotted in the docks, and some gossips vehemently claim it the work of Aelthasson, who they insist has a floating dog pet and indeed the power of animal levitation at hand. The curious newspapers are back too, and a smooth male voice pours like syrup through the Peltarch Times WWD...

  • In further news from the outbacks, the small village of Sweetwater is reported having been struck by ill tidings, first in its missing arcanist and then some manner of ailment befalling its people. Rumors claim a party lead by Princess Fisher herself located the arcanist at the bottom of his own enchanted tower, though what the precise nature of the calamity was is as yet untold.

    The word around Peltarch itself is sure to include the recent lockdown of the Docks district by captain Gerald Fortesque, following trouble at the Lighthouse temple, likewise barred from entry. Vague rumours stir of a hostage crisis within, resolved through the combined work of several city employees, not least the Knights of the Cerulean Stars.

  • News from the rural township of Honeyfield mention an incident with the wanted criminal Alfrick Visum, former Knight of the Cerulean stars. A contingent of four star Ceruleans and a party lead by princess Fisher seem to have failed in apprehending Visum, though stopped the unspecified calamity within Honeyfield. Rumours speak of a church defiled and townspeople possessed by dark magic.

  • Word spreads the Commander Blake is looking for a master smith capable of working Adamantine. Possible payment in Mithril if the item meets his expectations.

  • While the word goes around of orcs multiplying their numbers exponentially in the Giantspires... rumors spread among the commoners of the Jewel about a party of battered adventurers that returned from a long expedition to the Underdark. Scandalmongers swear having seen a certain enormous half orc was "crumbling himself" like a statue when he arrived carriying a scantly clad dark elf over his shoulder. The dark, shorter than any other elf known in the surface, was struggling to set herself free from the hands of the half-orc, very poorly indeed, as her fingertips appeared to be broken.

    The same scandalmongers quickly talk about a human, that looked like a monk-mushroom-lover, because his pupils were wide-dilated, he was cracking his knuckles joyfully while walking infront of Commander Vick and the Cerulean Fourth Star Shesaira. Some say that one of the last two (hard to tell who) was swearing about mummies, tendrils, gnomes and darkness. It is also said that a dwarf was walking triumphantly as if what they did, what ever they actually did nowhere, was of much rejoice, possibly kickig some asses out there.

    Finally, the very same scandalmogers swear having spotted a well known female hin, singing a song that involved the word Butts and her survival to a gang of very huge creatures, but this is a rumor in second degree because everyone quickly lost sight of the little one.