Tavern Rumors of Peltarch

  • The city is abuzz with rumours of the Silver Host, a large and exceedingly well trained army of paladins, priests and faithfuls of Torm, arriving with thunderous fanfare and high ambitions of rooting out all evil that plagues the land. Sir Robert Holmsmead, the Host's leader, has spearheaded numerous successful campaigns in lands far and wide and is known not only as the Chosen of Torm, but his Voice on Toril. It is said the Silver Host has already wiped out three demon generals in their short time in Narfell, effectively ending the blight in Jiyyd - and yet City Hall has now proclaimed them banished from the city?

  • Several days after the incident with the hin and the beholder balloons, she's seen at it again, but this time she brings them out of the mortuary, and heads to Oscura via the docks.

    Some are seen to duck and run for cover before swearing about adventurers and their shenanigans, and the guards breathe a sigh of relief when she disappears, the boat captain taking the anxieties of the docks folk upon himself for a not insignificant amount of coin.

  • @jerrickrafe Faelar confirms Kat's talent as a fashion designer. Anyone who attended the wedding will know that as well.

  • Narfell PL

    A normal day in a normal town ... a bard was carried out of the Mermaid by two others bards, it seems, shortly after Cecil and Kathea walked in, with the Inquisitor having apparently had an upgrade on the details of his armor.

    Rumor has it that Kathea offers a new look for a perfectly reasonable price, and that Inquisitor is a model example, now.

  • Narfell PL

    Inquisitor Cecil seems keen on listening to rumors after the flustercluck at the Gaol, and upon hearing that he's 'vying for affections', he can be heard muttering, "But I'm engaged? What's this all about then..." before going about his business.

  • @necrofai Her milk shakes brings all the lads to the courtyard.

  • Apparently not only has our one and only pink haired inquisitor has found herself in the middle of a love triangle, perhaps many. Not only is Cecil vying for her attentions but it seems she has now been seduced by the bard Talisen. The plot thickens further as Vick was seen leering in her direction as well. It seems she has all the men's attention (and some of the women's too). Many wonder who her next victim will be

  • A pre-occupied hin gets off the riverboat from Norwick, with three dead beholders tied to a rope, floating behind her.

    She takes them to the mortuary, much to the relief of the guard and citizens.

  • Thorin in his obviously reduced, during the last years, trips to Peltarch is seen to be looking for Val Kyrie. He asks around the bardic College and the library. When asked the reason he just replies "historical stuff".

  • Dressmakers across Peltarch are chattering about an elven bridal gown recently crafted. A shift in fashion toward more ephemeral dresses in natural tones seems to be in the making.

  • The King's new Arcane Advisor, Shona Astrid Raxos, is surely a figure drawing much attention, both by the novelty of her assignment and her very striking appearance. Rumours buzz that she recently hired a group of mixed adventurers and city employees to find the missing scholar Arleth Je'laan.

  • Murmurs in the docks district mention gruesome murder once more, this time in the halfling ghettos alleyways. There's also talk of the clocktower's collapse under a flash of fiery magic, and a confrontation by rooftop between a singular woman with heavy armour and three others, elf, halfling and human respectively. The sky lit up by violent bursts of magic as the fight raged on, 'til four were three: Autumn, Roslyn Underhill and Isolde Garibaldi, caked in blood and limping off towards the Commerce district with troubled expressions.

  • Narfell DM

    Rumor buzz about the Peltarch Military forcing a small child to the gaol using force despite the childs pleas to be let go.

    Further rumors that LT Vick Blake was "frisking" the child in an inappropriate manner.

    The Child along with another man had been forced to the gaol, which later reported having a serious fire, after which no one was allowed in and no prisoners came out..

    Some time later an employee of the Bank was looking for the child and was escorted into the Gaol by the Inquisitor, not long after she was seen storming out looking flustered and extremely pissed off marching straight to the Bank with haste notably the child was not with her....

  • A blood-stained knife and a pool of blood have been found behind the Peltarch Morgue. Also, some bloody footprints leading north were found at the top of the steps on the nearby wall. The Peltarch Guards have been notified.

  • apparently Syltria has been seen about town with some marvelous new gloves. Select rumors state that they were given to her by a certain other inquisitor. Others even say that he was begging for the gold to buy her this present.

  • For the past two days, Cerulean Shesarai Foutopolis has been spending most of her time in the library, looking for references in old books to the Ceremony of Endless Night. She has been seen not only in the Peltarch Library, but also in the Bardic College Library, which Cerulean Commander Lycka allowed her access.

  • The hooting cheers of a sprightly old gnome can be heard all throughout the city one afternoon, as the simply ecstatic wizard leaps and bounds out of town, cheering "Wonder, wonderous, wonderful!", all the way to Norwick. It began spontaneously raining not ten minutes later.

  • The redheaded beauty is back! The sultry party thrower, heartthrob, and socialite is back from a trip home "visiting old friends." The trip south certainly has given her a more youthful, sunkissed glow, and her wardrobe has gotten even more exotic with extra jewelry and fine fabrics from her travels. Surely another one of her famous parties must be on its way...

  • Rumor has it that a certain blood-covered dwarf occasionally comes into the city for "supplies" before heading back to "camp". It seems most of the "supplies" come from the Mermaid by the case.

  • The rumor that a purple-robed, helmeted gnome has been spotted, wandering around with a flaming magical staff has begun circulating, with whispers that this stranger has domination over a young dragon! Though, for those who may recognise the description...

    They should begin counting the days until the next 'miscast', from the one they call 'Friendzap'.