Tavern Rumors of Peltarch

  • The King's new Arcane Advisor, Shona Astrid Raxos, is surely a figure drawing much attention, both by the novelty of her assignment and her very striking appearance. Rumours buzz that she recently hired a group of mixed adventurers and city employees to find the missing scholar Arleth Je'laan.

  • Murmurs in the docks district mention gruesome murder once more, this time in the halfling ghettos alleyways. There's also talk of the clocktower's collapse under a flash of fiery magic, and a confrontation by rooftop between a singular woman with heavy armour and three others, elf, halfling and human respectively. The sky lit up by violent bursts of magic as the fight raged on, 'til four were three: Autumn, Roslyn Underhill and Isolde Garibaldi, caked in blood and limping off towards the Commerce district with troubled expressions.

  • Narfell DM

    Rumor buzz about the Peltarch Military forcing a small child to the gaol using force despite the childs pleas to be let go.

    Further rumors that LT Vick Blake was "frisking" the child in an inappropriate manner.

    The Child along with another man had been forced to the gaol, which later reported having a serious fire, after which no one was allowed in and no prisoners came out..

    Some time later an employee of the Bank was looking for the child and was escorted into the Gaol by the Inquisitor, not long after she was seen storming out looking flustered and extremely pissed off marching straight to the Bank with haste notably the child was not with her....

  • A blood-stained knife and a pool of blood have been found behind the Peltarch Morgue. Also, some bloody footprints leading north were found at the top of the steps on the nearby wall. The Peltarch Guards have been notified.

  • apparently Syltria has been seen about town with some marvelous new gloves. Select rumors state that they were given to her by a certain other inquisitor. Others even say that he was begging for the gold to buy her this present.

  • For the past two days, Cerulean Shesarai Foutopolis has been spending most of her time in the library, looking for references in old books to the Ceremony of Endless Night. She has been seen not only in the Peltarch Library, but also in the Bardic College Library, which Cerulean Commander Lycka allowed her access.

  • The hooting cheers of a sprightly old gnome can be heard all throughout the city one afternoon, as the simply ecstatic wizard leaps and bounds out of town, cheering "Wonder, wonderous, wonderful!", all the way to Norwick. It began spontaneously raining not ten minutes later.

  • The redheaded beauty is back! The sultry party thrower, heartthrob, and socialite is back from a trip home "visiting old friends." The trip south certainly has given her a more youthful, sunkissed glow, and her wardrobe has gotten even more exotic with extra jewelry and fine fabrics from her travels. Surely another one of her famous parties must be on its way...

  • Rumor has it that a certain blood-covered dwarf occasionally comes into the city for "supplies" before heading back to "camp". It seems most of the "supplies" come from the Mermaid by the case.

  • The rumor that a purple-robed, helmeted gnome has been spotted, wandering around with a flaming magical staff has begun circulating, with whispers that this stranger has domination over a young dragon! Though, for those who may recognise the description...

    They should begin counting the days until the next 'miscast', from the one they call 'Friendzap'.

  • In the midst of scattered rumours of marauding bandits, wild Creel tribesmen and a spreading blight, there's once again talk of the elusive businessman Oliver Holloway. A certain redheaded bardess makes it known how Holloway's associate, Orlina Wrathgate, stole an artifact of infernal make from the Temple of the Triad and ended up dead in the chase that followed. "I wonder if this soiree of his is meant to reassure investors that Wrathgate was the single rotten egg in Holloway Security's basket?", muses Isolde while spreading word amongst her fellow adventurers of the upcoming event.

  • Narfell DM

    Off duty guardsmen whisper of the prisoner who murdered his family talking to himself as though there were someone in the cell with him.

    "He hasn't had any visitors and we haven't told him that the evidence suggested he killed his own family. . . yet he was shouting like as if someone had told him and he was in disbelief. . .we searched the cell but there was nothing there. I think we're going to post a Cerulean at his cell just in case..."

    Of course as other patrons overhear this through the next few days people gather outside the gaol calling for the murderer to face justice, while others call for his innocence as he was under a spell.

    In either case the prisoner is under close observation for the time being.

  • Narfell DM

    Rumors surface that a farmer murdered his whole family and is pretending to not remember doing it.

  • Narfell DM

    The for Sale sign in the Brewery comes down and word spreads that there is a new owner.

  • A chubby wizard is looking for customers. He claims to be able to create whatever wonderful item. Nobody cares about him.

  • Narfell PL

    Druids and portals and bears, oh my!

    Rumor has it that a familiar Druid has once more donned the strange wooden armor she occasionally uses, and a strange portal appeared out west where here and some others were, while some guards might speak of a big glowy bear, just casually hanging out with some. Or was it haunting them? Hard to tell what the exact rumor is, but there is talk, as usual.

  • The shiny Knight Fabian strikes again! He was witnessed walking around Peltarch's streets in a brand new even shinier than his previous armor. Some even say that the shininess is that much that the moon is a crystal clear reflection when one faces him directly.

  • Narfell DM

    Not long after the announcement was made a pack of large cats lead by a malarite woman was seen south of the city. Apparently she wanted to fight Rasuil to the death.
    Captain Gom ordered private Scott Grimm of the defenders to deal with the situation.
    After many hours of talking the malarite left without fighting.
    Captain Gom was pleased with Scotts quick response in dealing with the matter and offered him a positioniin his unit and a promotion to Lieutenant which Scott accepted.

  • A public announcement was made recently, declaring Holloway Security the official suppliers of the Peltarch Defenders. Oliver Holloway, around whom many rumours might still circulate in the wake of a certain well attended trial, promised cheap and reliable weaponry and armour to all military personel. He was met with cheer and applause, though a select portion of the crowd appeared to whisper and take careful note of it all.

  • Narfell DM

    *Walking through the dark alleys slowly looking down at the ground with the occasional glances up. I see a beggar on the corner. I can tell he is sick, suffering an unknown disease perhaps and by the looks of it for a long time.

    I approach him slowly and quietly.

    "Sir, this day is blessed for Ilmater has seen you suffer. You have been ill for long and endured the pain and for this you are blessed. Ilmater has brought me to you by his divine will to bear witness to your pain and by his grace, should you wish it, to bring and end to it. Look up with what strength you can muster and speak his name and you shall be rewarded. With his divine will i shall take away your pain and remove the affliction that ails you. "

    The beggar gave me an odd look and stared for a moment. I couldn't look much more than a beggar myself so why should he put his faith in me. To my surprise he spoke "Ilmater be praised!"
    At those words i spoke a blessing and layed my hands upon him. Color returned to his face, his wounds healed and his illness was cleansed.
    I had already retreated to the shadows before he was able to show his gratitude. A blessed day indeed. *