Gold Seeker

  • _Rumor Spread Across the Places of Norwick and throughout the Land of mixed Tales, a Blade made of Gold, The Flame sword the gold seeker.

    Whatever Rumors people heard this ANYONE, they MEAN ANYONE can challenge for the blade and the challenges cannot be turned away!, to Possess such a blade would be a great trophy indeed.

    "A dwarf says the Original possessor of the blade says that the blade says the Blade was Crafted by Dwin and ehchanted by the Laughing Dwarf, a blade of the gods to bring joy to the land"_

  • Mikayl Fullhex has claimed the privilege of wielding the Seeker!
    After handily besting the warrior Dakran in a game of arm wrestling, Mikayl will now unlock the mysteries of weapon enchantments within his study.
    "Now, let's make something.. treacherous out of you~"

  • Dakran has claimed victory over Kay-Tono Feytom in a bout of arm wrestling. WHO IS BRAVE ENOUGH TO CLAIM THEIR STAKE ON THIS SWORD!

  • Legion

    The mighty LENWIG has been DEFEATED!

    A newcomer to town, Kay-Tono Fentom from the Zakhara High Desert, defeated Lenwig in an arm wrestling match and has taken Gold Seeker for himself.

  • Legion

    After defeating a brave prostitute in Peltarch's commons (Razzi), The barbaric elven warrior Lenwig is now the wielder of Gold Seeker.

    "CHALLENGE ME! - And LENWIG will WIN as she does in ALL THINGS!"

    ((I live in a "foreign" time zone to most of you. I'll try to make myself as available as possible though. If you ever see me on (St Albion or Crimson Button) and are keen to challenge send me a tell))

  • A strenuous contest of handstands ensued in the commons over the Gold Seeker between Juniper Amalith and Tilly, with Juniper rising to her feet as the swords new bearer!

    Days later, Rosie defeated a battle-dancer Juniper in a dramatic competition of 'sword flipping'! The duel raged outside The Dancing Mermaid for an extended period. Both participants managed to not hurt themselves or damage any property other than the ground as they attempted over and over to catch the blade by the handle.
    It is also rumored that Juniper has a curse of ill-fortune, but it is offset by her sportsmanship and virtue!

    On a different evening, the sword was once again challenged in a contest of loogies. George Longcloak, a salty marine-man A.K.A. Young-Beard and said by some to be actually aging backwards... was almost no match for Rosie with his -many- harboured years of experience spitting. The two dueled by vaulting their inner mucous into the Icelace until Rosie once again, raised the sword in revelry!
    It is speculated that Rosie's winning launch of phlegm was not a hocked loogie however, but a snot rocket directed out of the nose. The gentlemanly George however, declared her the victor to spare the lady the trouble of diving into the lake to retrieve the nose-fuel and retry it out her mouth...

  • The man of many names and many wives challenged Tilly for the Strange Sword before she had time to find a certain Guard and ask him to challenge her. The Challenge was a arm wrestling contest as the locked hands and began Tilly found the man weak.His hand flew to the surface and the look on his face almost Made Tilly laugh. By damn your strong he muttered as he walked away. He called over his shoulder be sure to tell many you beat ME very loudly.Tilly responded, Why would i need to do that spread your own words of failure.

    Tilly examined the sword and didn't like it it was heavy and flamed and just smelt wrong. She looked around for a would be challengers. She called to an Old man with snow white hair and beard who blustered and said something about being Only 27 , gnomes chaos jelly and he was in his prime. Tilly HAD to get rid of this sword, she spotted the woman who had been challenging Yamo when she arrived, It was agreed she could indeed challenge for the sword.....alt text

  • Peltarch Employee

    Another hard fought victory against Juniper would win Mako her fifth match (her fourth being a staring contest with an elf the other day), to which poor Juniper seemed to literally forget how to do a handstand when challenging Mako to do them!

    Mako was then dethroned in an armor-removing-vs-woman-fetching-a-sword contest later, unable to remove her full plate by the time a woman known as Tilly found her sword and brought it back!

  • Peltarch Employee

    A frustrated woman with blue scales on her skin can't seem to find any challengers who desire to win the Goldseeker blade she's been carrying. Some call it an inconvenience, some call it a curse, and some are legitimately afraid to take her on even if she makes mention that the challenge doesn't have to be a melee contest against her. The one known as Mako won't give up seeking new challengers, but is overall disappointed with the lack of spine from people in the region.

    ((Feel free to challenge her at anything (as long as she's capable of doing it, so no magic vs magic). Heck, can even RP having a chess match and we can broadcast in Disco like its a live IC thing too if you like!))

  • Peltarch Employee

    Two different challenges had been issued. A duel with Cormac which was close, but Mako was able to defeat him by a slim margin!

    The next challenge involved using the sword's fireball power to ignite the both of them, but the condition midway had been forgotten whether the person who is burned the most or the least won so the challenge was null and void. Raazi seems apprehensive about issuing another challenge anytime soon.

  • With the Re-Introduction with the Neo-Goldseeker, it's time to revive this thread!!!

    Makoto Yamamoto was seen defending the sword against Eric the Lumberjack in a jumping jack endurance competition!

  • Dev lost it to Fayde, and then it changed hands again, to the War Machine. (Really interesting seeing it in it's hands)

    It later fell back into Fayde's hands, and was soon lost to Telli again in a high jump competition.

  • tiff lost it to Dev ( dev woooooooped her in a boxin match)

  • _Fayde lost the blade to Telli in a juggling contest.

    Telli lost the blade to Calen in a boot stealing contest {Calen wrestled Tellis boots off her. the contest was named by Devlin.}

    Fayde challenged Calen again and lost in an endurance challenge {the contest also was named by Devlin, where Calen roasted his hand over a torch Devlin held}

    Calen lost the blade to Tiffany in a boxing match {tiffany was never touched}_

  • *aloura lost the gold seeker to fayde *

  • Legion

    Benji won the blade from Conner who apparently gotten sick of it. The challenge was an archery contest. Benji trounced him.

    He hopes magically cook some food before he loses it again.

    PVT. Calen Ashwynd challenged Benji for the sword. Benji accepted the challenge of an unarmed fight. To be fair he let Calen use any gear he wanted aside from his sword and shield. Benji won the brawl by a slim margin of about two and a half knee punches.

    CPL. Aloura managed to best Benji in a contest of rock throwing. Benji threw his rock about six feet. It was quite the embarrassing sight.

  • The Halfling Defence League

    Aramuil won the blade from Benji in a quick draw archery contest, the honorable Ronan Redralen presiding as judge.

    Cherry won it from Aramuil in a heave-inducing public display of affection, a kissing contest.

    A fresh-faced young man named Conner then won it from Cherry in a sled race down Sam's Hill.

  • Legion

    Benji won it from Tornar in a game of dice.

    He has been seen using its magical flames to cook deer meat.

  • Lycka won Gold Seeker from Tiffiny in a game of what she calls "Hoppetiskip" (jumping on one leg - tumble rolls with increasing dc for each jump).

  • Lost Goldseeker to Tiffiny - Boxing Match. Little hin was quick as hell.