Norwick's envoys and the goblins of the West Rawlins

  • Narfell PG

    For a very brief moment, Tindra looks at the torn arm in surprise at how easy it popped off. Then she grins ferally and jumps at the mummies as they struggle to stand, bearing her full weight on top of them with claws ready to start ripping.

  • *Roling and tumbling on the ground, trying to avoid being squashed by the elemental, Dwin shouts to Ragnhild:

    "LASS! The STATUES! Are they yer kin turned ta STONE?!? Think they could HELP?!?"

    Assuming he catches her eye, Dwin flashes one of the "turn stone to flesh" eggs at her as an idea…

  • Ragnhild howls in rage at missing her mark, followed by a series of terse and unintelligable profanities in her native glacial tongue. As Spitter seems focused on the wounded Grahk, Ragnhild aims another kick at a pestering nearby mummy while quickly fumbling for a healing potion tucked into her belt. Instead of drinking it, however, Ragnhild aims it at Spitter's head, throwing as hard as she can, then lunges at him with another swoop of her axe, attempting to shove him to the ground. //come onnn knockdown!

  • :: Tindra grabs the mummy which barely weighs 20 pds and throws it into the other mummy ripping and arm off in the process. Something definitely broke in the crash though both slowly raise not looking much better for the ordeal::

    :: Foilir summons the undead near the Lady, before it can strike she holds forth a symbol and says 'Orcus commands you to destroy the dwarves' and the undead quickly moves to block Foilir's advance::

    :: Dwin spies the statues and notes they seem to be geared very much like spitter, bigger than average goblins with battle axes::

    :: Ragnhild's axe falls, maybe it was a fluke, maybe bad luck, but she could swear at the last moment Spitter pivots Grahk right into the axe blade catching him on the shoulder.::

    :: Spitter uses the new wound on Grahk to his advantage and throws him off moving with great speed for an undead rolls to his feet axe in one hand and looking at Grahk spits some foul looking black fluid into Grahk's eye::

    :: the elemental turns and begins pummeling his new dwarf playmate dwin as he pulls objects out of his pouch leaving more than one dent in his armor::

    :: the goblin wizard is enveloped in a shield of flame::

    (( yes Teah, you were about to move towards dwin when he sprinted past the Lady))

  • (( tying this up because it is just wrong to leave it. Yes, there are a number of goblin statues))

    Quickie map:



    W = Goblin Wizard
    F = Foilir
    L = Lady
    D = Dwin
    E = Elemental
    B = Belin
    M = Mummy
    T = Tindra
    R = Ragnhild
    S = Spitter
    G = Grahk

    • = Statue
      U = Undead

  • (((Just cant let this wither away… Salsa, you said there were some goblin looking statues in the room at one point, right?))

    Dwin looks up and sees the goblin statues in the room that he hadnt really noticed, or cared about... squinting at them, he reaches into his bag and pulls out a few egg like objects...

  • Dwin sighs and jumps back up as he sees Foilir leave the scene, leaving him in the "I duck behind and you push him over" pose. He approaches elemental carefully, and tries to pick up where his kin left off.

    I guess its just you and me, Mud-turd!

    Belin! Move yer arse and get over here!

  • ((sorry I think I've totally lost track of this. Where is Belin in relation to everyone? She was closing with Dwin as the bat woman closed on her. Is that right? But now Dwin's run off to Foilir?))

  • Narfell PG

    Tindra snarls in anger as she sees the blast of negative energy engulf Ragnhild and Grahk. This battle just gets more and more annoying. Instinct tells her to stop thinking like a mage and more like the beast she currently is.

    Her tail flicks angrily as she crouches low and still, waiting for one of the two mummies to try to strike her. Instead of trying to dodge the blow, Tindra instead snaps her arms up to grab onto the mummies own arm and with all her might lift the mummy and toss it at the other.

    // Tindra's strength as a werecat without spell enhancements is a 20 (and she's have Bull's Strength cast).

  • _Growing irritated and more furious by the moment, the armored dwarf glances sideways at the lady.

    As she unleashes her negative energy he grins seeing his window. He mutters and turns a ring (ghostly visage) and another (Bull Stregnth) and starts to charge her back. He runs furiously at her intent on driving the metal studs from his shoulder plate into her back.

    He starts to run as fast as he can, ignoring the elemental that Dwin has just run into like a brick wall.

    As he runs, he summons an undead near the lady as a distraction, knowing that the negative energy will only heal it.

    Also summoning the undead so close to her will confuse the group as to who summoned it._

  • Right leg bleeding profusely, Ragnhild bares her teeth in a growl as the negative energy burst through her body, the painful blast adding to her rapidly growing number of injuries from the persistant mummies. She aims a swift kick at the nearest one as Grahk tackles Spitter to the ground, then raises the axe above her head for a mighty downward swing, shouting out in common:

    "Father.. duck avay.. NOW!"

    The axe comes swooping down in a gleaming arc of silver, aimed for Spitter's neck.

  • Helm misaligned so that only one eye is visible, the now floor-dwelling Dwin exclaims some choice Dwarven profanities as he tucks into a ball directly behind the feet of the mud-creature.


  • _Dwin pumps his legs hard and slams into the right leg of the earth elemental with the force that only a charging dwarf can muster and the room resounds with the sound of steel smashing against hardened earth and stone….and falls flat on his butt with an audible '''oooff".

    (( and yes, the goblins took all the enchantments offered, I think the only one out of that list dismissible is mage armor))

    Seemingly annoyed by his ineffectiveness versuses Spitter, Grahk throw his axe at Spitter's face and when Spitter raises his axe to block the throw axe he tackles the ex-goblin to the ground and grapples with him. While the few remaining mummies take the opportunity to get in some free swipes.

    Grahk: Daughter! Cut head off!

    The now not Tensered Goblin's skin takes on a stoney shape and continues to cast.

    The Lady gestures at Spitter and the area is soaked in negative energy hurting Rag and Grahk and seemingly healing the mummies and Spitter._

  • Narfell PG

    As Tindra fights off the two mummies on her, she silently curses to herself at not being able to cast spells while shapeshifted. Her feline mouth was not suited for pronouncing incantations correctly. She's sure a strength spell would make Grahk's blows quite formidable.

    The werecat groans at a realization. She shared spells with the whole group before entering the chamber, including Spitter! Maybe if she can concentrate on dismissing those spells…

    ((I did post way back that she offered spells to the whole group. Not sure what Spitter may or may not have accepted. Spells she often offers people are: Strength, Cat's Grace, Mage Armor, Prot vs. Evil, Prot vs. Elements.))

  • Dwin reaches the elemental and charges full force into it using his shield and axe as a battering ram (KD attempt). As he charges he yells to the other dwarf.

    [d] What the fark are ya foolin with this mud-doll for? We got work to do here!

  • _Perhaps the armored dwarf's plan would of worked were it not for the weight of the elemental or the fact that being of the earth it was exceptionally we grounds. Nonetheless some very nice disc shaped pieces of metal are left where the bullets were tossed.

    The Lady merely sneers as Dwin runs by and getsures towards Belin who is now left alone on the side of the room. The tensered goblin untensers and seems to be prepping a spell.

    Rag rushes forward taking several minor but painful wounds from the mummies and exchanges blows with Spitter her axe slicing his skin with a sickening smoke issuing from the wound. Unphased by the wound, Spitter's return blow creates a deep painful gash across Rag's right thigh.

    Grahk shrugs past the mummies and lays a broad strike at spitter which seemingly bounces off SPitter leaving a few choice goblin curses on his lips.

    After taking their swipes at the passing Grahk and Rag, 6 of the remaining 8 mummies move up behind Grahk and Rag, the other two making futile attacks at Tindra._

  • Gulping down a potion on the way, a bruised and bloodied Ragnhild reaches Spitter and slams the silver greataxe down against the goblin's chest, trying to forcibly smack him down on the ground and give Tindra time to leap to safety. She focuses all her power on Spitter, likely leaving herself open for numerous attacks by the encircling mummies, yet seeming to shrug some of the damage off. The desperate circumstances aside, she can't help but to shoot a quick, feral grin at Grahk as he arrives a step or two behind her, her axe soon swinging in rythm with his.

  • _Moving backwards the armored dwarf grabs at a bag hanging on his belt.. Holding his shield up he keeps moving backwards keeping up the pace. Loosening the pouch, he spills some master worked sling bullets between himself and the elemental.

    Hoping to cause it fall, he keeps an eye where the female wiggler is, planning on making her life hell, or a minimum taking the fingers of her right hand with him._

  • taking quick stock of the situation, and making an even quicker decision, Dwin rushes towards the elemental that Foilir is currently battling thinking "2 axes are better than 1".

    Belin! Stay with me, and be ready to ask for Moradin's blessings…we're gonna need some healin'!

  • (As this is pertaining to a plot two years done, I've moved the thread to Tales By The Fire so people don't confuse it with current happenings.)