Rumors heard throughout Oscura.

  • They come over here
    And they take all our land
    They chop off our heads
    And they boil them in oil
    Our children are leaving
    And we have no heads
    We drink and we sing
    And we drink and we die

    _This masterpiece of lyrics can be heard at the Barony most evenings, usually with a bunch of drunken Orcs, and Arnath commoners, standing in circle around a table where a red-haired elf is dancing.

    Gildor seem to have become a much more common a face lately, and some even gossip about her being involved with “Murk” the one armed, half dwarf.

    But when morning comes, and all are spread across the small tavern, drooling on the floor, sleeping in their own vomit and body fluid, she is seen outside, sitting by the cavern lake and throwing pebbles in to the water.

    Many rumours circle the girl, about her past, and why she is down here. She is hiding, and those that know her can only dread to think what mess she has gotten herself in to this time.

    But one thing is known, by the way she praises having a home such as Arnath, and the amount of drinking she does, she seem to have done something “big”._

  • "Vick is possibly seen hunting for Chaevre' in Oscura"

  • Word spreads that the necromancer Chaevre' is offering enchanting services for a limited time.
    ((9pt item = 15,000 gold and 50/50 double price for no 50/50))

  • A group of three warriors, all wearing the black and white tabards of the Knights Requietum were seen entering the Keep of the Fallen. Shortly after, they all left again, relatively uninjured. One of them seemed to be carrying a scroll as they left…

  • A large man, nearly seven feet tall, is seen down there once again, in Norwick reds and golden looking armor, heading to the west gate. Stopping briefly with the freed slaves, and sharing some food as he has before, he continues on his way to the little hellspawn hole, wiping them out with some female companions before heading back to Peltarch via the docks.

    He seems to know his way around, and nods at some familiar faces along the way. He steers FAR clear of the well, but seems otherwise comfortable enough, there.

    He will return again, it's certain.

  • The Banshee's dancer has sometimes been seen frequenting the library. She doesn't cause a ruckus, and tends to go more often if a certain few are with her. Some of the Red Falcons notice she's looking into old Narfell History and maps, regarding old ruins and places of power, including more recent developments.

  • The Banshee's dancer might of been seen frequenting the northern Oscura tower from time to time. Spooky place that.

  • The Banshee's delight dancer was seen escorting the absolutely average noble Samos of Oscura out of town. Something about exploring the land of demons to find what vampires might be hiding out there.

  • The new dancer at the Banshee's delight has been seen moving about Oscura more frequently. Visiting temples and frequenting a trip to the tower north of the city. Though she accepts tips from patrons, she oft asks for information instead, of late, " Who knows a sister of bone I can talk to? "

  • Rumor has it, an old orcish female in crimson robes was spotted leaving Oscura.

  • The rumour spreads once again that bandits are being spotted in the pass. Some swear they are the old Nars bandit that have come back to claim what's theirs, others say they are Sharrans, others just think is a prank.

    Whatever the case, what is true is that the caravans have been having trouble arriving to Peltarch, and that in some cases they didn't arrive at all….

  • A certain elf (Anar) can be seen making introduction to the Oscuran officials… looking for something she can forward Oscura's efforts...

  • Rumor has it that the feint glow of candle light seems to be viewable from the tower of one of the long ago tribunals in the undercity. People haven't been in and out of there in years could it be haunted?

  • A knight of gold and crimson would be occasionally seen speaking with the local Rothe's keeper, oft leaving with a bottle filled with a deep red fluid tucked away beneath a cloak.

    That same knight might later be seen by the docks, arguing with some of the 'specialty' vendors.

  • Sergeant Alvi is seen browsing the Ocsucan Library for any ideas how to quell the voices in her head. Alas, it seems the Oscuran library does not hold such tombs.

  • Rumour has it that a group of surfacers came down to Oscura and clustered down by the Well.

    What they were doing, stories vary. But shortly after lights appeared and creatures appeared. A guard wizard managed to bring it all under control, and before disappearing he gave the group of surfacers several strong words, involving "disintegrate" and other expletives.

    Shortly after this a large scream echoed around the Forbidden City for a few minutes.

  • A proven sister of Mask is heard to have returned after a numerous tenday absence, likely caused from the horrid demonic war in Peltarch. Whispers mull around that she is looking for a group of thieves to strike Peltarch in a series of thefts while the city's defenses are weakened and recovering.

    // If anyone is wanting to do this, either as a PC thing or an NPC DM event, please PM me!

  • A shadowy robed figure entered the local temple, turning right and going to the shrine of thieves. Others who had remained in the faith and area for a few years recognized the young clergy member… it would seem the Lord of Thieves' presence would be increased once more in these lands.

  • Rumour has it that the Kyzanos family have managed to secure a large Thayan supplier of slaves from the hands of the Sakhmet family. While the details of what brought this on are not known, it will certainly adjust the balance of power between these two houses.

  • Frances looks interrested somewhat when she hears about auction.