Recruit Trainining with Colonel Mord Cabro

  • Elyl, Besk and Varian can be seen drilling dayly in the practice yards between sessions they have been inventorying supplies and sharpening weapons and waxing bow strings

    In the evenings they can be seen, blue staves in hand, jogging from post to post in full battle gear, delivering warm food to the sentries on duty

    Elyl is pulled aside one evening ino the generl conference room and later can be seen jogging off to the Great Hall ((I will PM you what is occuring))

  • Mord approaches the fire and looks around for a familiar face

  • A hastily scrawled note is magicked to the door of Mord's office. It is written in Dwarvish runes and translates roughly to:

    I'd like to speak with you in private. I won't say more here where your nosy recruits can read it, and I like the mystery in it. Meet me at the fire in two days time.
    -Bagnar Steelfist

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  • *A new recruit shows up in the barracks. When the next days roster is posted the name Dilinus Gest has been added. He is to report directly to Guardsman Sela Thenders or Kresha Vinland for his duties.

    Dilinus Gest
    Fights with hands and feet and light armor
    Possible scout skills
    Train accordingly
    Show him the wood and all its pitfalls.
    Draw on healing from the barracks locker to aid in his quick training.


  • Sela steps back into the ranks, her heart pounding in her chest. A guardsman next to her whispers to her; "yer can breathe now kid…". She exhales slowly, and relishes the moment, full knowing that the events to come will greatly overshadow the joy she now has. She thinks one small idle thought.... "Will I get a red cloak?"....

  • *Sela Thenders is called out before the troops at the next mornings muster. *

    Recruit Thenders, Front and center. Through yer hard work and earning the respect of yer peers ye are hearby a full member of the Norwick Militia. May ye serve it long and well.

    Mord steps back and snaps a fist to his chest

  • _Sir,

    I went on Patrol with Sr. Guardsman Kersha and fellow recruit Remy today. Kresha had us simulate holding a defile against an enemy who outnumbered us (Goblins). Later, in Norwick, we noted three new strangers in town; a Lionel Clemente, a fellow named Arlegis, and one named Roedran. We also assisted Sr. Guardsman Kresha with convincing a Half Orc to put away its axe in town.

    Sela Thenders, Militia Recruit_

  • _Sir,

    It has been my pleasure to complete several patrols South of late, finding the areas near the lake and westwards still infested with Goblins. There was also a recent incident in the one of the crypts, whereupon a "Chosen" raised a multitude of undead and created great havoc in the graveyard. Coravel, Zanetar, Guulde, and Roland Steel assisted in quelling that uprising. There have been no major incursions of Goblins, Hin, Bugbears, or Brood Creatures to report of during my patrols.

    Sela Thenders, Militia Recruit_


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  • Watching the exchange, Dwin waves to his hired horc help.

    Lads, dont think for a second that you have any favor over my own guard. You are not banned, but I doubt you are entirely innocent here, either.

    Continue doin' the work yer paid for, keep yer traps shut, and all will be fine!

    ((and stay out of our training thread! 🙂 ))

  • Arak´Hur and his boys can be seen entering norwick to patrol the woods as they have done for the past month. He enters norwick holding a letter with Norwick´s chancellor seal. Passing by Eliliam Ama, he nods and grins a toothy grin at her as he passes by

  • Mord receives the letter and opens and reads through it. His frown deepens and he curses quietly and heads out of the office muttering Hells and blazes …this will send the Chancellor through the roof..

  • Arak´Hur of the Iron Chain Clan delivers a sealed letter to one of the Guards in Norwick

    Tis be a complaint ´bout one of deh Norwick-Scouts, and elven lass with blond hair! Take it and deliver it to yer Captain, Mord Cabro, on da double!

    He then turn to another guard
    An this be a copy o deh same complaint, take it to Chancelor Dwin Dolvak!

    he leaves norwick, and in that day non of the Iron Chain clan halfers done the usual and daily patrol in the woods

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  • _A Report to Commander Cabro:

    Last Even, I made an extended patrol South, accompanied by Telli Thunden. We made a sweep of the Northwest and Northeast Rawlins. There was a great deal of Goblin activity in the Northwest, with many Casters and Elite being present. In the Notheast, the presence of the Spider Broods is a continued threat, and they are increasing in numbers. In both areas we dispatched a fair number of those fell creatures I mentioned and yet there were more there to replace them. We returned to Norwick and reminded the Guard to maintain vigilance.

    Sela Thenders, Militia Recruit_

    Papa D

  • *Recruit Bob can be seen riding to the north gate, making sure all is well there before heading to the south gate to spend night watches guarding over those gates. He buys oil flasks from his own pocket to set up guard fires by the tree line to aid in seeing anything approaching in the night. *

  • ((OOC not much we can do when PC's leave the gates open. You kind of have to assume the guards would hassle anyone that tried to do that and worst case they would close them themselves.))

    Mord jots a quick note and hands it off to one of Sela's officers. Good to see the lass be coverin some ground. Please put er on a double rotatin round of gate and wall duty at both the north and south gates. I want er familiar with wagon and trade inspections.

  • _Sir,

    I am increasingly alarmed at the lack of attention our guards are giving to the North Gate. Just this day, I passed through there and the gates were wide open, and the guards nodding at their posts. This could be a vulnerable point in Norwick's defenses should we neglect it. I shall endeavour to keep a closer eye upon it in the future.

    Sela Thenders, Recruit_


  • Mord reads through the reports and nods and grunts Wells seems trainin has taken on a more realistic aspect… he sets it aside and moves on to the rest of the stack

  • _I was patrolling the North gate last evening when I came upon strange tracks that led eastwards. I followed them through Jiyyd, Ormpur and into the Coldspire foothills before losing them in the deep snow. Upon my return, there was much ado in Norwick, as there had been some sort of attack from the South. A party was formed and we went out in search of an earlier group that had not returned from the Rawlins. We found the group intact, investigating bodies that had mysterious wounds upon them. Scouting deeper into the eastern Rawlins, we encountered the creatures that caused those wounds; Fell, monsterous spiders and other abberations of man-insect that were doughty and difficult to dispatch. We entered a cave and we set upon by zombified bugbear and were nearly worsted. The party beat a hasty retreat without losing anyone, though many were grievously wounded. We returned to Norwick and set to tending our wounds as best as we could.

    Sela Thenders, Recruit_

  • _I have made several patrols into the Rawlins of late, encountering only Goblins. Nothing unusual to report from South. Of my checking on the North gate, there has been a lack of care in keeping the gates shut. I spoke with advisor Aramuil of my "vision" during the recent Bugbear attack at the gate where there were Fell Magicks used.

    Sela Thenders, Recruit_