Rumors of the Valley

  • Something, or someone has been ambushing goblins around the Misty Pond. All the attacks thus far have occurred at night and no one has seen the assailant. But many of the bodies have been discovered near the approach to the bridge leading to Silver Valley.

  • The Halfling Defence League

    word has it Captain of the Valley's guards Dietrick is patrolling with a small band of dragoons at the far outskirts of the silver valley's borders and will not be back in some time. It may be up to others, perhaps straddling new adventurers to stop the audacious goblins.

  • A certain paled skin hin and a kind dwarven cleric of Gond were rumored to have destroyed the portal that lead from the goblin lands to the valley as well

  • Legion

    The Silver Valley has been plagued by some strangely clever goblins, most recently involving catapults.

    Thanks to a few Valley dwellers and a couple long legged soldiers of fortune they've been defeated… for now.

    ((Be on the look out for more low level events aimed at the Silver Valley!))

  • *Ignoring Ben's outburst, Z just gives him a polite smile and wave as he enters Ginger's tent.

    Later, Z is seen exiting the tent. As he heads back towards Norwick, he is smiling.*

  • Legion

    _Muffled giggling comes out of the tent next door until Benji trips out of the tent walking backwards grinning, and buckles his pants.

    He turns and looks up at Z over by Ginger's tent. He blurts:_

    <g>Holy fark!</g>

    What are you doing here?

  • *A familiar face appears, once again, in the Silver Valley.

    However, the normally happy farmer and crafter known simply as "Z" seems troubled as he makes his way through the village towards the Tealeaf residence.

    As he arrives, he pauses briefly and takes a deep breath before politely knocking on the door.*

  • There are plenty of wagging tongues in the village. The gossip seems to be centered around Peltarch senator Marty Leaffall's horse parked in front of dragoon captain Dietrick's tent.

  • A fair haired newcomer has been moving through town. His polished, sunny plate armour and matching disposition make him stand out in the rural town. If he’s not a paladin he sure does dress like one with a blazing sun embroider onto his sunny cape. He speaks of the Shadovar as if he has good knowledge of their intentions, and seeks an audience with the towns leaders, delivering a letter to the head of the towns militia though one if its recruits.

  • Legion

    Benji and Talyna pack up and leave on a trip to Waterdeep to visit her father.

  • Legion

    Early on the morning after his wedding Benji steps out of his tent with his hands on his hips. There's a look of triumph in his eyes.

    From inside there's a shout of Talyna's voice.

    "Benji! Get back in here and put some pants on!"

    He looks down and blushes then dashes back inside.

  • A hin woman dressed in a short ephemeral sky blue robe and a cheerful flowery matching bonnet regales a handful of the Valley's children with stories of long lost hins. This weeks heroes include Bob Bobbins, Philomena Sureshot, Pip the Monk, Lolita Clearbrook and Zak Spear. There is much giggling (particularly any time goblin farts are used as a curse), and the woman shares a rhubarb pie with the happy kids.

    When the voices of the children's mothers can be heard above the sound of the gurgling brook, calling them to dinner, she quickly hops to her feet and begins to shoo them all home, but not before giving a last warning:

    "Don't go poking around the Norwick graveyard. There's lots o bad stuff there, and a zombie the size of a longshanks house! Tell ye friends! And I'll get ye more stories next week!"

  • Theaon can be seen a lot in the Valley over the next few weeks. Most of his time is spent between praying at the altars, and spreading blessings around to those whom live in the Valley. While praying at the altars, he is usually there for several hours at a time.

  • Legion

    Benji and Talyna spend some time wandering around the Valley looking at houses and tents.

  • Legion

    Benji asks around about buying a house or a fancy tent.

  • Legion

    Benji stumbles into town looking for Talyna. He looks like he's had at least a couple ales.

  • The Halfling Defence League

    Dietrick refers Hahn to Yana. Informing him the lass had once visited the dojo with the same purpose and would likely know more.

  • The poor monk Hahn has been asking around about acquiring membership to the local dojo. Apparently he found the place when touring the Silver Valley just before the Festival, though he was unable to get inside due to the door being locked.

  • Word spreads Councillor Theaon is preparing a service for the hins that were found burned in the Nars. It is set to happen within the next few days.

  • Talyna perks up when she hears about the planned trip. "Did somebody say adventure? Count me in!"