Rumors of the Valley

  • On hearing Ardent and Ael's desire for the gloves Eluriel would be quick to let them know that she's after a pair of the same gloves and only got as far as confirmation from Z that not even anyone in the Crafters' Union could help.

  • An old gnome carrying a large stack of hides is heard to mumble…

    Back in my day… we used to make our own gloves. I remember my old man's old man teaching him, and him teaching me, and Id have taught my own... if it wasn't for that damn magic book his mama got him. No respect these kids have. Tallies.

  • Ardent may or may not bump into a burly elf inquiring about the exact same thing.

  • Ardent has been seen around the Silver Valley, asking any if they know of gnome craftspersons who work in gloves. She asks for something specific, masterworked steel finger wires, those useful pieces for the trapspringers of the world. She seems quite eager to make the purchase, disbelieving that there are no gnomish who engage in such work in all the land.

  • Maero Hiltold has heard rumours about the Gnomish enchanter that enchants wedding rings might be coming back to the Valley, and has been running around madly all day and night asking about him.

  • Moonie is just renting out a burrow right now (can burn a few hundred gold to represent it rp wise) until she purchases her own. Appreciating Ginger's kind gesture, the young mother lets Ginger hold Maki carefully. Baring the mother's eyes, the lightest of blues seem to look at ginger with a passive, tired gaze before closing hiseyes again, seeming happy enough with his holder. The pink-haired barbarian girl sighs.

    Its tough being a new mum… but he's such a blessing, yes. Hardly every cry unless he really want something. He eat a lot though.. hard to keep him away for too long" she giggles softly and sips some tea, enjoying Ginger's visit. Looking to Jade after, Moon offers her some of the fresh pastries she had Maero collect from the local bakery, letting her play with some of the finger-paints and parchment available she acquired from the bard college not terribly long ago.

  • Casseroles in hand, Ginger and her daughter Jade venture forth to Mooncandy's abode in the Silver Valley. They drop off their parcels of food, spend some time visiting the young mother, and oooh and aaah over the perfect new hin baby.

  • Yngdír had not been present entirely, his cloaked and imageless presence stood vigil for once outside of the valley ensuring that this night would see no diturbance from evil. He had heard of Moonie's condition, and anticipated this. And although Mooncandy is not Elven his words that night were to ask Sehanine to watch over this child, born of one who loves her.

    No effort or desire to see either Mooncandy or her child forced Yngdír from his watch, and as though he had never been there, would leave with the coming of dawn. Possibly to never speak of his mysterious act on the night of Maki's birth.

    ((not much of a rumor, sorry I couldn't come IG with the character I was committed to other things hope you all had fun!))

  • *Seen giving birth at the open-handed shrine upon the hill, the hin Mooncandy, along with Maero, and the noble human Val'kyrie work together to produce a beautiful baby boy. Under the moon's light, protected magically from the elements, she holds her baby close with her dearest friend, and her love.

    To add to the surprise, Maero was seen proposing to the girl, giving her a gold ring in which the small pink-haired barbarian girl gladly accepted.

    Lastly then, having visited after one of the silver dragoons had been told to see if any of her friends were at the south gate in norwick, the noble dwarf Vander was informed to come to the Valley, in which upon realizing what was happening, was more thank kind to offer Gorm's blessing upon Mara's request.

    The child's name was heard to be "Maki" (OOC: aboriginal australian for Moon… not the sushi).

  • The Halfling Defence League

    _When rumors of it reach Norwick, a thin blond elf with a noisy staff shows up, asking to examine the crime scene.

    "I expect there will be toys of some type present, ostensibly belonging to any children that might or might not be among the dea. But another distinct possibility exists. I'll need to examine them. This is not the first mutilation, and it is not restricted to the Valley."_

  • Recent immigrant Gnome and alchemist Burdo Brocketspan makes it clear that his services are available for use by the town.

  • Mooncandy rallies the people in the valley. Though she herself has a large belly, seeming due within a small handful of tenday, she still does her best to inspire them in whatever way we can. Speaking in hin:

    "We will find out what has happened. Brothers, sisters, what happen is tragic, and we will make damn sure as dragoon that we get to the bottom of this. There is no shame in fear, but do not let it control you. You must trust in us who guard you to continue to keep you safe. As of now, I make letter to see if any guard clerics or town alchemist can inspect people's food if they wish and worry of poison."

    Holding her hand high in the air

    "We are hin. We are gnome. There are reasons why we not get the attacks Norwick get. Our enemies fear attacking us, and try to poison us, the act of cowards. Never give hope, and keep in mind, while we have lost an important part of our communities, they are with Yondalla now, at peace, loved, and happy, yes."

    The scarred up halfling walks up to gently embrace and reassure anyone after who would have any comments, doing her best to turn fears into determination, trying to abolish any hysteria that might come from such an event in a peaceful community.

  • A familiar figure around Norwick, the biggest contrast to any hin around, walks to Silver Valley to speak with the authorities, and ask for details about it if they will share, letting them know that he may have encountered something similar recently, and would like to help

  • _Word spreads around the valley that hin family, Furrybellies, was found murdered from their home.

    Also some rumors spread that their corpses would've been somehow mutilated. Other rumors know to tell that they were poisoned with bad apples by angered hag of the swamps.

    Whatever really happened, this happening seems to create atmosphere of the fear to the valley._

  • The people of Silver Valley identify this "Narmie" and his wife as Narmo and Jenni Gobbin. The quaint, low profile nature of the Gobbins' lives only serves to worsen the pain caused by the loss. Narmo's neighbours throw a small, impromptu wake at the Gobbin home to mourn and celebrate the two.

  • Dawn brings an uncommon sight to the Valley: In a low crouch, Rasuil perches upon the ridge looking over the town as the early risers scuttle about. The first few rays of sunshine see the rest of the morning folk shuffle out of their homes and before long the community hums to life.

    Squaring his jaw the ranger slips off the ridge and sets to his unpleasant business of the day; Passing word among the townsfolk that the hin known only as Narmie and his gnomish wife have both passed. Encouraging others to spread the word, he gives clear directions to the site of their shared grave that any friends and relatives might know their fate and give their goodbyes.

  • After a long absence, White clad and blonde haired marshal of Arvoreen was seen making his way back into the valley, leading an old draft horse and a dog towards his old campsite.

    Soon afterwards, he was seen once again Blessing the Valley's fields and giving Daily sermons outside the Temple.

  • @f7cdfc2468=Kallethen:

    But Talyna didn't return with the kids?! She was brought to the infirmary in Norwick instead, having suffered some terrible wound that won't heal…

    Having gone to the Silver Valley precisely on account of having been asked to see what she can do for Talyna, Eluriel leaves upon learning this to instead present herself at the Norwick infirmary.

  • Word spreads that last week during an undead attack on Norwick's south gate that many of the zombies that attacked appeared as if they were right-sized. The source of the attack still has yet to be discovered. This may leave a dreadful feeling in the citizens of the Silver Valley. Who could be disturbing the souls of all these fallen hin?

  • Goblins kidnapped some children from the Valley! Those nasty greenskins! Thankfully, our Talyna Felf of the Silver Dragoons organized a rescue party which saw the safe return of the children.

    But Talyna didn't return with the kids?! She was brought to the infirmary in Norwick instead, having suffered some terrible wound that won't heal…