Rumors of the Valley

  • _Her entire family having been in the Great Glacier for over a decade, they finally return to offer their aid.

    Mara at this point will be taking a permanent station in the Silver Valley, helping in what ever way she can. Years of wear and tear on her body, she decides to pick up her axe once more, only when necessary.

    The little hin goes back to active duty. Her son can be seeing helping with any relief efforts and magical protections needing, as well as keeping watch when he can under the guise of invisibility.

    Her two daughters in the mean time Marie and Maera do what they can to make the lives of those in the town a little easier._

    "The Hiltold family have return from the Great Glacier, and we do what we can to help those in need, yes."

  • General Theaon is seen in the Valley warning the guards about a note found at the Grapevine Inn in Norwick. It appears a goblin supplier has just made a delivery of potions to his customers. Could this mean another attack is coming soon?

  • _A scant day or two previously, the Valley defenders saw themselves hard pressed to fight back another bug-and-goblin assault. Warned in advance, thanks to the watchful eyes of adventurers Sheserai and Silver, the stout halfling defence was ready when the strike came, likely sparing the Valley's commoners great pains. The defence was bolstered to some extent by a long-legger blonde who rushed into the fray at the start of the attack, fighting alongside the Valley's own.

    Though the aggressors were fought off successfully, victory came at a cost. Several defenders lost their lives, many others suffered grievous injuries._

  • _The bodies of 10 hins were brought in from the Rawlinswoods earlier this evening. When asked about them, Theaon says they were found in the Rawlins near the hobgoblins and that they looked as if they were gathered for some sort of experiment completely unrelated to the recent beetle attacks.

    The fallen hins were given their last rites. Their fellow kin can take comfort their souls are now under the care of Yondalla._

  • Frequenting the Valley is the nomadic blue mage, shifting into large creatures to assist with the rubble removal and providing strength spells to the small diligent folk when requested.

  • General Theaon can be seen spending much of the last tenday between the Silver Valley and Norwick. While in the Valley he assists with the clean-up efforts and can also be seen giving the Dragoons advice about the Valley's defenses. Occasionally he is seen escorting some hins from the Valley to Norwick. Perhaps some of the Valley residents are no longer feeling safe in their homes, so close to the ever-dangerous Rawlinswoods.

  • _Smoke rises from the Silver Valley and trickles of refugees can be seen leaving the small-folk haven in the aftermath of two successive goblin raids. The first attack saw chaos erupt as giant fire beetles and bugs strapped with explosives made their way inside.

    A small group of adventurers, including well-known local long-legs Elaine and Rasuil, are said to have come to the Valley's aid, but not before significant damage had been done. The bathhouse was completely collapsed and the bodies of the fallen counting double digits.

    The second wave came less than a week after the first, though appears to have been stopped from reaching the Valley proper by the concentrated efforts of several adventurers. Eye-witness reports may mention a very large bug carrying multiple kegs on its shell, making a speedy bee-line towards the settlement.

    It was stopped half-way up the hill…_

  • General Theaon of the Troff Legion has been going around the Valley asking the guards about the strange mist that has appeared in the small town.

  • After tending to the wounded and helping the clean-up efforts after the undead goblins were defeated, Theaon can be seen heading to the Valley Bathhouse and spending several hours there.

  • No smallfolk in all of the Valley seems to have heard of anyone called Rustblade.

  • A red-haired woman, a "tall-one" and not a hin, was seen in the Pipeweed Shop and other locations around the village asking if anyone knew a Harvey Rustblade.

    "You sure he's a hin?" Circini asked. "No. The woman responded. "He might be one of the Moldy Rat Tribe grave robbers for all I know. I just need to find out who and where he is. Send word to the Grapevine if you hear of him."

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    Characters: Romulus Grey, Bard the bowman
    Trotter, Spooky halfling ranger
    Shesarai Foutopolis, Red-haired cleric of Mystra

  • Maki Hiltold, Sorcerer extraordinaire can be seen spending numerous hours attempting to divinate where the poor hin might be. Using magic detection skills as well as any traces of hair from the hin's home (with permission from the valley to be granted access).

  • nothing out of the ordinary was seen in the morning according to family and neighbors.

  • Hinnish Bard Vera C. Tingle rushes to the scene as she hears of the disappearings, asking anyone if they'd seen anything at all the morning Bravda's gone missing.

  • Rary heads to Bravda's home

  • Bravda's family informs anyone asking that he was last seen heading to bed at a rather early hour, and was gone by the morning.

  • Raryldor takes notice, and begins asking around town about her last whereabouts

  • _Bravda Bigginsfoot, one of the most well-known hin gardeners of all time, has been reported missing.

    No traces were left of poor Bravda, leaving his family quite distraught and begging for anyone who knows his whereabouts.

    The shrubs are already looking a bit out of control without Bravda._

  • A charming gnomish bard dressed in purple visits the Valley, asking the locals about their feelings on one Filtan family. If asked why she's asking, she mentions the fire that happened in their house and that she's looking for the heir to the property.

  • _A cascade of the most foul smelling dung rains down on the Silver Valley, day in and day out, with farmer Drem humming happily throughout. Everyone with any sense - or sense of smell - hides out in the Silver Streams, the stench absolutely sickening. An assorted group of tallies and right-sized come to the rescue however, setting boldly out by the cover of night, towards the Howling Woods. They return some hours later, limping and covered in blood and poo splatter - but triumphant!

    Despite Drem's fond idea of Chauntea answering her prayers with manure, the adventurers tell a different tale, that of a mad goblin mastermind and his catapoo'lt, now smashed to pieces and defeated!_