Notable NPCs and PCs Around the Camp

  • (( If you have a PC that is around the camp alot, feel free to post to this thread, the spirit around the camp is supposed to be a family like atmosphere, so give a short description of your character so you're not a stranger 🙂 ))

    Jonni - Swordmaster - Jenni's brother, who lives in Tero's old tent (Old Swordmaster's tent). Lived in the camp for most of his youth but was driven off with the gnolls, eventually returning, with his butter-knives (kukri's) in tow and now acts as a Swordmaster of the camp. Friendly, though a little hotheaded and overprotective if something threatens something he cares about.

    Jeni - Camp Healer - Jonni's sister, who lives in what used to be Baba Katya's tree (Cera's Tree). Friendly and warm, though occasionally at odds with Jonni because of his overprotective-ness. She is the primary oath giver to new Gali's and has raised many a fallen at the camp.

    Cera - Camp Mage - Adored by those of the Camp, Cera is a bubbly cheerful sorcerer with a taste for spider eyes, and likes Silkstrand Sacks too. Her magical power causes the voices to be heard in the camp at night.

    Sam Malone - Bartender - Cocky but affable, tough-minded and stubborn yet sensitive and vulnerable, Sam "Mayday" Malone is the study in contrasts that shines from the center of the Waterfall Winery universe

    Rebecca Howe - Manager - Rebecca Howe is the Waterfall Winery' sometimes-scatterbrained, highly emotional, career-minded manager. Though slim and beautiful in adulthood, Rebecca was an obese teenager, and hence she harbors deep insecurities beneath her polished exterior. She grew up with a mother and father who expected only the best and a sister with whom she was in constant competition. As a child, Rebecca took great comfort in pets and, as an adult, remains a great lover of animals.

    Charic Fetter - Brewer - A conisseur of wine, carefully follows the traditional Romani recipe each year in the production of the famous Romani Wine. He is often seen tending the grapes, but is always ready to sell a case to Gali and gaje alike

    Ther Welm - Armor Merchant - Careful salesmen of the famous Romani armors. Slow to trust Gaje, and rarely shows them his finer stock. Ther is Samman's brother in law through his sister. Keeps his inventory neatly organized and is very careful to ensure everything is in order. He prefers following the old traditions of the Romani, though is one of the youngest to do so.

    Katania Fynolt - Clothing Merchant - Spends most of the day carefully sewing beautiful Rom gowns, often stopping to move to the fire to listen to the tales and stories the adventurers weave, and is rarely seen without a book somewhere nearby. She is slow to trust a Gaje unless they are a bard or show a strong interest in stories.

    Samman Bennemen - Weapon Merchant - A little more haphazard of the pair, though is excellent in maintaining his weapons. He has a "system" for organizing his weapons, which seems to be no order at all, though he can find them as quickly as a Gali asks to see them. He is distrustful of Gaje, but accepts their necessity for the camp to blossom. Partially from pressure from Ther, he chooses not to show them his finer stock.

    Jasmine and Jafar Kross - Husband & Wife Merchants Extraordinare this mercantile super team is flamboyant, setting up an exotic stand near the big fires in the inner camp full of wonderful exotic products from far and wide across Toril. They are open to anything that will make them more profit, and as a result are very concerned with Gali-Gaji relations ((Strangely Dressed Romani))

    Lilin - Camp Elder - Often seen around the fires or innocently in the company of Corran, Lilin is a common sight around the camp, and is ready to offer help to anyone who comes to ask her for it. She is a collector of books and other related works, and is always excited to hear a good story and discuss something that interests her. There is something a little off though…

    Dart - General Store - One of the oldest Romani in the camp, Dart is also the most distrustful of the Gaje and some Gali. He is often at odds with Jonni, though is not on the elder council.

    Master Nefzen - Gambler - An old man with a fast tounge, and rumored to have even faster hands and feet, once being quite the swordsman. Left the glorious life and settled in the camp, never really discussing the past. When not in the earthen nook gambling, he can be found at the winery, taking in the drinks.

    Shady Varr - ????? - A mysterious veiled woman who showed up in the camp one day, talked to Jonni briefly and staked claim of her own little corner of the nook, giving the camp its first unofficial inn. Her mysterious nature has lead to a great deal of speculation by those around the camp about who she is and where she is from. Its rumored, that beneath the veil, she looks a great deal like the paladin Shane Andryl.

    Jonathan - Swordsman & Gaurds Leader - A Romani from the south, Jonathan is Jonni's right hand man and oversees the pink and black armband squads. Sweet harp music can often be heard from his tent.

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  • Ragnhild Sigurdsdottir - Spear-wielding barbarian of the north and Guardian of Brigandia

    This tall, leggy blonde has been a resident of the camp for at least fifteen years, alongside her husband Zoma and their two daughters Lycka and Asha. Ragnhild is most often seen wearing a chainmail and cloak in soft reddish brown and golden tones, leaving her muscular and tattoed limbs mostly bare. A wickedly sharp tooth of some great beast tips the long, well-made steel spear that she typically favours. Dozens of paler scars crisscross her tanned skin, leaving little doubt to the fact that this woman is a seasoned warrior. Inspite of a perhaps slightly intimidating exterior, a hot temper and a competative streak a mile wide, Ragnhild's warm and genuinly friendly nature often wins her many friends.

    Lycka Zomasdottir - Gypsy battlesinger (pink armbands) and bardic apprentice

    Ragnhild's pretty teenage daughter is slightly shorter and less powerfully built than her mother, but shares that same joyful and enthusiastic approach to life. Lycka's eyes are a bright, pale blue, her skin fair and her hair a startling silvery white, falling in gentle waves down to her shoulders. She's currently training hard to become a Gypsy Warrior, alternating this gruelling physical exercise with lessons in the arts at the Bardic Collage.

  • Steelfin - Knight of the Merciful Sword, Lieutenant of the Black Dragons.

    A large and imposing figure, Steelfin stands at about 6 feet tall. His eyes are amber and his scaly skin is a rich copper color. He has a large finlike crest at the top of his head, and a face similar to that of a stegadon. He appears to be more like a small dinosaur that has learned to walk on two legs than one of the lizard folk from the north. He wears an amazingly well crafted suit of plate armor that was custom made for him during his stint as a guard in the city of Peltarch. The armor is no longer the city's green colors, but a subdued variation of browns and dark greens. The breastplate has Tyr's symbol lovingly engraved on it. On his arm is the black armband of his squad.

    At his side he holds his fabled sword. Aequitas. Known as a mighty blade crafted to punish the unlawful and uncaring, It is unknown who created the magestic blade, but it is obvious it was no human or dwarf. The hilt of the blade is oddly shaped as is the blade, something that some may consider ineffective for regular use, but somehow it works just as well as any regular blade of its same type.

    When he talks in common it seems as if each spoken word causes him some measure of pain, and he keeps his sentences as short as possible. In draconic his speech is much better, but it feels slow and dull, as if he was forcing himself to talk in a different tone of voice. Only a few beings are capable of hearing his true tongue, much too high pitched for humanoid ears, he seems only able to speak it with dragon-kind and fey. He does have a variety of smells that accompany his moods, some easy to figure out, others very complex. Speaking with this saurial truly is an intense olfactory experience.

    He is well known in the lands, mostly for his service to the city of Peltarch. He holds his oath to Tyr and his duty as a paladin above anything else. Willing to risk his own life for others, and as humble as can be found he has made many friends, and many foes. Rumors go on about an air of sadness that surrounds him at times.

  • Alexi Shivarn:

    Simple merchant extrodinare, jack of all trades. Alexi is what most people would call "odd." Often talking about the oddest of things and nearly always wounded he isn't found far from the pixie glenn and when he is it isn't for long. Often on the occasions he is gone he comes back with several large bags of apples and carries them into cera's tree. Always seems to be in pain and weary of those that that wish to spread their blessings to those that are injured.

  • Buttercup Tealeaf - Naturalist, Mushroom Afficianado, Spice Maker

    One of Ginger's many cousins, she is the mute one in the large hin family. Quiet i more ways than one, she can just kind of disppear on people. Sometimes without even trying. She is often seen, whenin Camp, either sketching or notating in one of her journals varoius plant samples, insects and other specimens she has collected from her wanderings or even the wildlife that pass through or near camp.

    Buttercup also seems to hold conseverations with people that seem one-sided, theother person dong all hte talking. Yet the conversation always evolves as if there is a second unheard side to it.

    Also a mushroom gourmet, she has been perfecting something she calls Butterspice as of late, made from various dried mushrooms. It's a good thickening agent for stews.

  • Celebring - Black Dragon, Overseer of Spellweaver Keep

    A tall and handsome elf with smooth, shoulder-length, jet black hair, fair skin, and silvery-grey eyes. He wears a heavy blue cloak and mantle wrapped around his shoulders, often covering the lower part of his face. A black armband on his left arm denotes him as a member of Raver's Black Dragon Warriors. He has a beautiful Elven Longsword girt to his left side, fit for an Elven Lord, and a finely crafted Oak Longbow strung over his back.

    Mantle aside, he seems to carry a heavy burden on his shoulders. A smile is rare and a brief sight upon his face, even more uncommonly does it actually seem genuine, and not just something he performs in an attempt to appear pleasant and polite. Nonetheless, he strives to find joy in life, which is found in his sense of humor, although leaning toward the cynical and sarcastic. Beyond that, the machinations of his own mind are closely guarded, he is a very difficult one to read.

    A calm and practiced user of the Arcane Arts, he can sometimes be found within the walls of the camp, open only to the oath-sworn, where he practices basic form of Elven Swordsmanship, drawing near his cottage, or struggling to keep up with physical training along with the other Warriors of the camp, during the early hours before dawn . Mostly he is a wanderer by nature, traveling the lands of Narfell freely and at whim. He seems pretty fit, but not extremely so.

  • William Morrison

    Husband of Raver Morrison, Will is often found in the Camp when he is not patrolling. He is usually a quiet fellow, unless he has something worthwhile to say. Will holds no official position in the Camp and does not get involved with his wife's Command, though he's well known as a Legionnaire, and somewhat less so for his work with the Wolves and the Druid Circle. Somehow, he always seems to have a flower for those he thinks could use one. Will is an accomplished weaponsmith, and several people in Camp and elsewhere have fine blades with the Morrison maker's mark.

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  • Raver Morrison - Black Armbanded Warriors

    Wife of William Morrison, Commander of the Black Dragons Warriors of the Gypsy Camp, and staunch Defender of anything Romani.
    She can be found either walking around the perimeters of the Camp, training with her men, or close to the fires, laughing with friends. Though she does not smile much, and growls plenty, she does have a sense of humor that more often shows itself to those she trusts.

  • Cherry Amalith - Cera's Granddaughter and Pristmatic Dragon

    With lavender hair and matching lavender eyes, Cherry does not have much luck blending in. She is the teenaged grandaughter of camp herbalist, Cera. New amongst the warriors of camp, she tries very hard to give back to the camp which has given her so much. It's no secret, Cherry could one day end up as…"special" as her grandmother is in the head and more than once she has been seen running off in terror and screaming her head off when there's absolutely nothing around.

  • Rhistin - Wolf of Narfell and a Guardian Sister

    Previously living in Norwick, but talked into living inside the Romani camp by Star, Rhistin has taken the Oath. She's made it her duty to secure the Nars for travellers. Recently, she's been hunting and tanning to provide food and clothing to aid the rebuilding of Norwick.

  • Hiram - Druid without a circle

    Together with Ecos, his trusty wolf companion, Hiram's been searching for years to find "the emerald sickle". He's given up hope of becoming a full class druid in his old Yuirwood circle, since he couldn't find the sickle in time to rescue the birches there. In the Romani, he found his new family.

    He's always looking into the cookings of others and "improving" their recipies. Sticking his red olfactory organ into businesses that wouldn't / shouldn't concern him.

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  • Tala :Camp Elder, Pack Leader of the Wolves of Narfell.

    A half elf in her late 30’s with auburn hair and hazel eyes this woman of the woods spends most of her time now around the camp. She shares a home with her husband Arandor and their new baby twins. In theory she shares this home with her other daughters Star and Sarah, but the two older girls tend to hide from the squalling in Star’s tent. Tala’s tea and her cookies are renowned as is her temper, her acid tongue leaving more than person wishing they’d stayed on her good side. She is however kindhearted and motherly watching over the Camp and her Wolves with a raptor gaze. Whilst they suffer her temper, Meilikki help any who try and harm one of hers.

  • Penny Lane: Prismatic Minister of Fashion

    A long time Gali, Penny's flare for the dramatic is as well known as the prismatic dragon scales that adorn her face, neck, and abdomen. While her approach to life tends to be decidedly chaotic, and apparently focused on ensuring that everyone finds themselves wearing the latest fashions, many would notice that she is tolerably good at stealthy travel, and she will often emit deafening banshee-like wails in battle to confuse and demoralize her opponents. Her presence in camp is not as obvious as in past times, but she still pokes her head out of the shadows every now and then when threats against the camp begin to mount.

  • Arandor - Camp Elder, Warrior and Tracker -

    A warrior of considerable strength and skill and experienced tracker and scout. Arandor first arrived and swore the Oath many years ago, long before the Gnoll War. Becoming well known and trusted through his dedication to the Camp, he was eventually named an Elder to help act as an Envoy for the new Gali and former Romani Elders, as well as the many travellers passing through.

    Arandor (sometimes called Iron Door or Elrin by those who have known him longest) is a family man, genuinely kind and friendly at heart. He is married to the fiery half-elf, Tala, and their daughters are Star, Sarah'linae and Amissa. He has one son named Elrin. They are both master crafters in the Union and the sharp of eyed will often see a fang on a leather thong tied around his left wrist.

    It is rumoured he slew the Gnoll Priestess in the final battle with the Gnolls. Even now he wanders frequently into the ruins to battle the Gnolls until he is too wounded or too exhausted to fight any longer, some strange act of self-mortification.

    ((Is also known to some as the Great Pumpkin))

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  • Star: Camp Elder, Wolf of Narfell

    Star is usually quiet, only becoming vocal when she has something she feels worth hearing, or when she's pretty sure everyone around speaks elven or romany. She seems to have severe difficulty speaking common the harsher sounds seem to trigger a terrible stammer in her. She is usually seen, when seen at all, in soft green leather armour and carries a veritable arsenal of swords and a great elm longbow. She is never very relaxed in daylight or too close to the fires, holding to the darkness and shadows.

  • Wolf: Druid of the Circle of Quercatha Terr

    He came to live in the camp with his mate, Raisa Dyernina, a year or so after the camp was liberated from the gnolls. Often seen wandering about the camp in a mindless fashion and with a blank expression on his face, though if he sees some friends by the fires, he will gladly sit by them. Usually he is seen sitting near Lilin, where they bicker with each other like children.

    He doesnt seem very trusting of strangers, and usually is quiet around them. Though if spoken too in a friendly way, he always lightens up to talk with them.

  • Belade - A paladin of Sune

    This young elven woman spends a lot of her time in the camp, helping with chores, and tending to small pains and injuries when she can. Not always easy to get along with, though she tries hard to be friendly.