Upon request, the Admin Team has come up with the following forum use guidelines:

General Forum Use

  1. This is a private forum and is not a public document protected by free speech laws. This is not a court of law, so prescendence does not apply, and is only used as a guide. The moderators of these forums will edit or delete any posting in here they deem inappropriate.
  2. The primary purpose of these forums is the discussion of the Narfell NWN PW Server and to promote the cohesion of the community of members that plays on the game server. It is to enhance game play by adding additional depth to the experience and to inform the members fo the nuances in the game systems. There is a section of the forums called Rass's Lair that allows for off-topic discussions, so long as they do not break any of the other rules laid out here.
  3. If a moderator has locked a topic, continued posting on the same topic will eventual lead to that member been removed from the forums. If you feel there is still something positive to add on a locked topic, feel free to send a PM to the moderator that locked the topic and they will make the judgement call on whether to unlock the topic, or add your response to a locked topic.
  4. It is unacceptable to advertise or promote or recruit for any other NWN servers or games in the forums. These posts will be removed and a PM sent to the poster explaining why it was removed, or edited and locked. A locked and edited post of this type will count as a warning to the member. Any additional postings of this type after that and the member will be banned. There are forums out there for the discussion and comparison of various games systems and other NWN servers. This is not one of them.
  5. Sexually explicit materials or links will be deleted. Particularly offensive materials will get the member banned from the forums. These include any sex involving children, any rape, and any torture of a sexual nature. There is a section of the forums called the The Underground Chronicles that allow for adult storytelling, but there are limits to even that section of the forums. We do not have an age identifier on the membership to these forums, so please be aware that children may be reading your post.
  6. Moderators will always identify edits to your post by signing their name to the edited area to allow you to contact them privately, if you so chose.
  7. These are guidelines only and moderators will make their own judgement calls using them as an outline.