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 ===== Orders and Multiclassing ===== ===== Orders and Multiclassing =====
-Narfell ​is set in the Forgotten Realmswhere Monks are generally prohibitted from multiclassing except as allowed ​by specific Monk orders. See our forums and official Forgotten Realms source material for listings of Monk orders and their multiclass rules.+In Narfell, ​Monk's must take 4 consecutive levels before multiclassing into other classes. They are also only allowed ​to multiclass into classes associated with their order.
-Monk characters are required ​to take four levels ​of pure Monk before any multiclassing.+To browse the known Monk orders of Narfell, see [[guides:​monk-orders|]]. 
 +For a more in depth set of rules around multiclassing and how it affects playing a Monk on Narfell, see [[rules:​multiclassing|]]. 
 +If a character breaks these rules, they will not be allowed ​to take another level of Monk and are no longer considered part of the order.
 ===== Narfell Modifications ===== ===== Narfell Modifications =====