Within the community of Narfell, many sub-communities have formed. These speciality groups represent special interests of same-minded individuals within the game. These interests can be of anything, from the defense of a city to monopolistic trading pacts to equal rights for women. These societies are known as guilds and organizations.

There is very little difference in internal structure between guilds and organizations. The real disparity lies in their founding and out-of-character management. Guilds are formed by players that wish to create a focus on a particular role-playing element, while organizations are creations of the DMs and serve to further plot devices within Narfell.

Joining a society has many benefits besides just as a background for role-playing. Guilds and organizations usually recieve more attention from DMs and have special events and adventures. They also grant access to special equipment not normally available to the general public.


Home of the most notable Nars barbarians. This small village attracts a fair share of new adventurers trying to earn glory. Just be sure you abide their laws before you decide to venture here.

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A mighty port town, where the well-to-do and those who wish to do well come for it's many splendors and rich politics.

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A home for those who wish to stay out of the light.

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This town was once a small encampment for travellers on the Nars. It was destroyed during the N'jast war and subsequent Demon plot.

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Gypsy Camp

A sharp eyed and wandering people known as the Romani set up camp in the shadow of the Giantspire mountains thirty years ago and don't seem to be wandering anymore. The Gypsy camp has been destroyed and abandoned.

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