Surviving Events

Attacking a plot monster usually wont accomplish anything but a quick and painful death, talk first then attack if you have to. Combat is not always the solution to the problem.

Every opponent has a weakness, i.e. Vampires and Liches can be killed quickly by use of healing magics. Know these weaknesses so when you get involved in a fight you can resolve it quickly and safely.

Though you are a hero of the people that does not mean you can face any foe unscathed, some opponents are simply beyond your ability to handle in combat and you have to understand that they will kill you sooner or later, if you wouldn't challenge a bugbear alone don't do it in a Dm event just because its a Dm event.

You may not be able to kill a Dm plot monster in a normal fashion, in fact you usually can't. If you have to engage them in combat do so only to buy time to escape so you can deal with the situation on a more permanent basis.

A Dm event can happen at any time, in any place. Even if the only reason you left town was to skip rocks across the pond in the North Rawlinswood, be rested to full capacity, there is nothing worse than having some Dm decide to have the deflier make an appearance and having to spend 30 seconds preparing for combat while the bugbears he summoned up pound you into a bloody pulp.

If you and the DM (discuss this with the Dm) decide that you will need help on a Dm run event, don't form a party of 6 of the same class, odds are good that you will need a skill that you arent good at and if you are all the same class, then odds are even better that no one in the group will be good at it.

Once you form a party for a Dm event, don't act like 6 indiviuals running around killing everything. Your class is better at something than any other class. i.e. Bards can act as good archers and increase the entire parties effectivness, mages deal with groups of weak monsters faster than anyone, clerics and druids can heal, rogues disarm traps, and fighters stand toe to toe with monsters. If you do your job then the odds are better that the whole party will survive the event.

When a Dm event starts people are going to want to get involved, this is inevitable, however not everyone can function at the same level of capability. Try to keep the parties small (6-8 people) and try to segregate the lower level people into their own party. Find things for the lower level party to do so they can be involved. For example if you have to enter the lower crypts for something, have the lower level party guard the head of the stairs so that when escape becomes necessary you have a clear route out, this way the Dm's can send threats at this party that challenge them without instantly meaning their death, and they are not facing the things that will challenge a high level party where the only thing they can do is act as a target. The third bonus of this is that it reduces lag on the server which we all want.

Communicate with your party, things happen to people on Dm events, i.e. Poison, Diease, Curses. someone in your party may be able to deal with that issue right now and you may not have time to rest before the next threat raises its head. Also by communicating you begin to act as a group which will make you more effective.

When you get involved in a Dm event, have necessary supplies with you, (Healing potions, medicine bags, healing kits) these things can save your life in the long run because then you dont get stuck with the cleric needing 6 hours before he can heal again, and a horde of orcs breathing down your necks. Also be paitient, despite the fact that the fighter and rogue need to rest only rarely OOC, that does not mean they should go looking for trouble while the members of the party who do rest often (clerics, mages, bards) are resting. If you run into more than you can handle you could get the whole party killed. Also if someone needs a minute to buff up to survive, give him that time it will benefit you as he will be a more capable companion.

Things will change mid-event, there is nothing that you can do to prevent this. When it happens the only thing you can do is adapt quickly, Rogues and bards may have to act as momentary tanks, mages may have to turn into healers, and the fighter may have to act as the problem solving thinker. Be prepared as it will happen.

If you get involved in a Dm quest, that Dm has taken special effort to involve you in it and taken note of your skills as a roleplayer. Don't spoil this by whining, making dozens of OOC tells, shouting, complaining about the monsters OOC, inviting a Dozen people from halfway across the server or anything of the sort. Try to look at this from your characters point of view and Ham it up a little, if by your efforts you make a Dm event memorable for everyone, it will happen to you again. Also if after the event ends you dont get Xp from the Dm or some neat prize for being involved, ask politely once on the Dm channel then drop it. Sometimes the only reward of being involved is just that, being involved. You meet new people, your name gets remembered, and you may get involved in the main plotline, these are all worthwhile rewards and more valuable to me personally than some arbitrary reward of points.

In the course of the event the likelyhood of someone falling in battle is high, do everyone a favor and dont loot the body, this is supposed to be someone that trusts you and respects you and it seems horribly innapropriate to take everything they owned and sell it just because they died. I personally would do everything I could to restore my fallen friend to life before I did something that abhorrent. If the player and the Dm agree that the person is not going to return to life then take their equipment, but dont just snatch everything up because they fell down and you didn't. The Dm's and players frown on this and there can be stiff penalties from alignment shifts to banning, do yourself a favor and don't do it in the first place. I'm sure you wouldn't like it if the reverse happened.

While most of us have spent a long time and a considerable amount of mental and emotional effort making a character we love, Death happens, characters die, and heroes are slain. The thing to remember is if you work hard at being a good roleplayer and making the event a positive thing for everyone involved then the Dm's and other players involved are going to make an effort to keep you on the server, they are going to try to get your body, raise you or otherwise try to continue your character, Dm events can be lethal but that doesnt mean just because you die that you should throw a fit, log off and never log on to Narfell again. If you stay in the spirit of the Dm event things will work out, you will be remembered and probably brough back to fight another day.

I hope that all of these lessons serve you well in you future event dealings and make your time on Narfell more enjoyable.

(this information has been extracted from this forum post