Narfell is a roleplaying server. We should strive to present our characters' actions through the unforgiving medium of text. There are 2 obvious characteristics:

  • What We Say - Happens in text!
  • Everything else - Happens in emotes

Strike a friendly balance between typing lots to add detail, and typing shorter punchier things to add dynamism or responsiveness.


This is used to represent tone of voice, smells, tastes, feelings that your character can reasonable control. Good emoting takes practice, but just do it - It makes everything feel alive.

Emoting what another Player does, or their reactions to what you do is very inappropriate.

Party Chat

This is often used in DM events, or parties for conversation across different maps. It can also spam the DM channel, so if anyone asks you to stop, please do so :). It uses the prefix /p.

  • /p *A prearranged birdcall from the scouty druid signals it's clear to approach*
  • /p *There is a horrible bloody sound like a scout being murderised just over the transition*

If you die while typing an awesome emote - you almost always get less xp than if you'd handled the NWN engine killing you.

Useful Hotbar

The Hotbar in NWN allows you to hotbar an emote - that can help for some combat because you can hit it as appropriate.

The prefix /tk means it's said as talk, rather than a Shout. e.g.

  • /tk *executes a perfect stop-thrust at the charging monster*
  • /tk *flicks blood from their blade, and sheathes with a flourish*
  • Run away! Aiee! All is Lost! 1)

NWN Quickchat

The Soundset you chose for your character Voice at generation also has the presets you sometimes hear when makign attacks, or using emote sounds from the radial menu. These also have key shortcuts so you can quickly hit them to warn nearby players with audible voice, and a text alert from your character in local chat.

While they may not be your exact vision of your character's voice, they're quick and informative.

Very useful examples for combat include:

  • Enemy Sighted (VWA)
  • Flee! Run Away! (VWS)
  • Heal Plz (VWD)
  • Help! (VWW)
  • Stop! (VSE) and Hold Position (VWX) - Useful if you see traps, etc.

Full List of Quickchat commands

Voice Chat

There is a Voice Chat facility on Discord. This can be fun for socialising, and increasing the Community feel of the server. However…

It should NOT be used in place of text-based roleplay in-game. It cannot be used as a roleplay substitute and should not be used as the only channel for communication for the following reasons.

  • People not in voice may get confused at the telepathic goings on.
  • My actual voice may sound nothing like my character on server.
  • People in voice can easily forget to emote, even when not in combat.

will be shouted, no /tk prefix