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 ^Bastage| USA |UTC-5 |Bastage|Bastage#​6457 |Hitodama|aka Roslyn Underhill| ^Bastage| USA |UTC-5 |Bastage|Bastage#​6457 |Hitodama|aka Roslyn Underhill|
 ^Void| USA |UTC-4 |Void|Void-Image#​5405 |???|| ^Void| USA |UTC-4 |Void|Void-Image#​5405 |???||
-^Wywernywin| Euro |UTC+1 |Wywernywin|Wywernywin#​7953 |DM Stuiped|aka many many alts| 
 ^Caoimh| Euro |UTC+1 |Caoimh|Caoimh#​3423 |DM ???|aka Reyhenna Jorino| ^Caoimh| Euro |UTC+1 |Caoimh|Caoimh#​3423 |DM ???|aka Reyhenna Jorino|
 ^Flom| Euro |UTC+1 |Flomuxed|n/​a |Xanatos Gambit|aka Nate Wingates, IBM| ^Flom| Euro |UTC+1 |Flomuxed|n/​a |Xanatos Gambit|aka Nate Wingates, IBM|
 +^Wywernywin| Euro |UTC+2 |Wywernywin|Wywernywin#​7953 |DM Stuiped|aka many many alts|