Camp Bon Fire Rumors and Stories

  • Narfell DM

    It seems a large and tired looking group entered camp late one night.. that in itself isn't a rare thing, but along with them was a Frost Giant named Alfgeir that apparently will be staying in the camp for some time. Some of the group stayed and talked to him while he settled into his corner of the camp until something can be built for him to sleep in.

  • Oreth comes out from the inner camp, tilts his head, and sits

    Dondiah. What's happening?

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  • Sara spends some time with the bereaved families that recently lost children asking, in her own way, if there is anything she can do to help them, but withdrawing if her presence seems to worsen things.

  • Dondiah is seen wandering in and asking if anyone has seen Oreth, she then sits and waits, often glancing at the Romani a bit nervously, as she is an outsider.

  • Some tongue wag about two elves camping out near Raver and William's house. Some of the young warriors swear they saw some skin. Others pooh pooh the idea and say that the elves were friends of the Morrison's clearly waiting to see the new baby.

  • With increased clarity of mind, Cherry is found helping her grandmother more often than not when spending her time in CampÔÇŽespecialy helpilng her in whatever way with the lost children.

  • A great rumbling sound is heard coming from the gnoll woods followed by a handful of frantic looking adventuers including Z, William, Kara, Dietrick, Gears and Reilash running fast as hell from that direction towards the camp. Rumours go about that the great cold caves have collapsed.

  • _With slow, weary steps, Lycka returns from one of her frequent visits to Norwick. Her pack is unusually bulky and heavy seeming, something inside emitting a low, snoring noise. Dragging her helm off to wipe back a few sweaty strands of silver-white hair from her forehead, Lycka sets the pack down to catch her breath.

    As she murmurs the word "diet" under her breath, the pack suddenly squirms frantically and a very, -very- fat squirrel tries to make a break for the nearest tree, collapsing and wheezing before it gets half-way there. With a soft sigh, Lycka goes to attempt to get the squirrel back into her pack, with visible effort, only really managing to roll it over onto it's fuzzy back. The exhausted young bard kneels next to the pudgy creature, pleading:_

    "Come ooonnn Portly.. let's get you inside to meet the others.. there's -food- there, nuts and berries, even more torti fruit, promise! Just get in the pack.."

    At the word "food", the squirrel lifts his head, then squirms his large bulk back into the pack with a small burst of renewed energy. Lycka breathes a sigh of relief, then hauls the pack down the stairs to Shady's tree as gently as possible.

    //kudos to LD for cracking me up with the "Fattest squirrel you've ever seen", weighing in at around 50,5 pounds ­čśä

  • Oreth stomps out of the woods, covered in bits of zombie, goes to Jeni for purification, then becomes a raven and flies off to the south.

  • Tala seems very concerned over the missing children. She works to comfort the families as much as possible in this time checking the sites of the abductions of tracks and prints trying to chase down any leads

  • _Having developed a particular distaste for undead due to recent events, Celebring more often stands watch with the guards near the woods. Augmenting his allies and destroying the zombies to distract himself.

    When not with them, he speaks with Cera and the Gypsy common folk, trying to identify the lost children._

  • Narfell DM

    _The guards at the gates to the spider woods have reported unusual amounts of zombies wandering around the woods. They don't seem to get to close to camp, they just wander around out of bow range. As soon as some seem to be destroyed, the next morning, more walk in to take their place.

    Some whisper about an attack coming on the camp, even though the woods have healed from their earlier state of disease a bit, it still seems a bit lively with these zombies and occasion diseased animal. No word has been heard in some time from the woman known as Taly Blackthumb about the blightlords in the woods, most are simply blaming her for the new surge of blight things walking about._

  • Half-a-dozen children of the Camp suddenly go missing one day, with no explanation, and no sign of where they went. While the Camp mobilizes to search for them, Cera closets herself in her tree, apparently searching for them in her own way.

  • _Cherry lay perfectly still in catatonia for weeks, either groaning or mumbling nonsense in response to being moved. Her body would keep most any position it was move into, taking hours before she would shift position again on her own. It was not pretty to watch the drool dribble out and down her cheek.

    She was moved from Norwick back to the Camp and taken under her grandmother Cera's care. Cera looked after her catatonic granddaughter until she finally broke from her state all these weeks later.

    Though Cherry can now feed herself and is what you might call alert and responsive, she now makes her grandmother sound lucid and rational by comparison._

  • _Upon returning from the Glaciers, Ragnhild can be observed tidying her tent, stowing away childhood things of Lycka and Asha's with loving care. Collecting one of the less worn and torn stuffed dolls, she goes to visit Raver, William and the tiny Morrison offspring, returning with a soft and strangely wistful expression.

    On the subject of Asha, Ragnhild simply states that her time to go walking has come, to learn and find her path in life, just like she herself did all those years ago. Though sadness shines in her eyes, she also seems proud and confident of Asha's abilities in finding that path, and perhaps comforted in knowing that the panther Pounce is sure to remain close to the young ranger._

  • Those with a keen interest in looking for Asha might have noticed by now that she's either hiding really well, or simply not there anymore. However, where she has gone remains a mystery. Maybe she's finally gone crazy and went to look for the fabled gillants on her own? Or she actually managed to find wood giants?

  • Narfell DM

    A small stuffed Romani Warrior doll was left at Raver and Will's doorstep. The doll having a pink and black armband, a small stuffed longsword and longbow held in it hands. Wearing imitation Romani leathers. An adorable little present for the new baby, yet who exactly left it remains a mystery.

  • Tala delivers the rocker she used for her children to Raver and Williams home with much cursing as she lugs it up the cliff face. The rocker having been hand carved with woodland animals has seen some use, but is in good repair and by all accounting seems to have gotten a fresh polish and gleams to it. She is seen leaving the house later with a softer look than her normal gruff exterior.

  • _Will and a very pregnant Raver were seen going in to visit Jeni, and many long hours later, leaving with a carefully wrapped bundle - and Raver looking much thinner than she has in some months.

    Rumors quickly spread that they are the proud parents of a baby girl_

  • Speaking of marriages, it is said that a small wedding party gathered recently in the camp, soon thereafter leaving via portal to the Great Glaciers. While the guests Nicahh, Peppy, Mareann, Celebring, Horbag, the silent traveller known as Sara and a few others all returned after a day or so, the newlyweds Aelthas and Lycka stayed behind for now, along with Ragnhild.