Camp Bon Fire Rumors and Stories

  • Seeing that she's not going to be listened to, she departs quickly without risking antagonising them further.

  • A shout followed by an arrow is the response…

    Tell that shite to the last elder ya all jus' wanted to farkin' speak to!

  • A brown haired woman, dressed in red, approaches the Hoaran sentries with no weapons bared, her hands raised as if to signify no ill intent.

    Please, hear me out before you dismiss me. I'm a historian and I'm recording the history of the land. I wish to speak with one of your elders, to learn of your history so that it can be recorded for others to learn from.

    I bear you no ill will.

  • ((If you use this as a rumor or as direct gained information, please PM how your PC got wind of the story please))

    Jonathan waits by the fires, staring into its flames while he waits for the Hoaarans to gather themselves. Finally looking up from the flames he turns to his people and begins speaking softly.

    We can no longer stay quiet my friends. We can no longer hide ourselves here in our valley and declare ourselves safe. Soon, I will give the order to take our old positions in the pass, soon we will work to regain what is ours.

    He looks quietly around the crowd.

    Violence will meet violence, my friends. Our scouts have brought word of a Peltarch agent trying to frame us for the murder of a Legionaire in the pass. An agent so BRAZEN as to come to our gates and try to blackmail us into complacency. I had our old friend Silverblade speak to this woman in good faith… and in breach of good faith she stabbed him in the neck and fled like a coward.

    What once was old blood on their hands has been dipped fresh anew from the bodies of our fallen. If we do not respond, we will only invite future attacks upon ourselves. Many of you know we have tools we did not have the last time, tools we swore not to use unless we must.

    I say now we MUST! I say now we WILL!

    Bring vengeance upon any who walk our lands, and know that THEY have brought this upon THEMSELVES!

  • _Slow rumors begin to seep out through reports of some Legion scouts and those few who are brave enough to sneak close to the old camp. None have seen anything themselves, but it seems that every watch group set out by the old camp seems to have one story on their lips, spoken about in hushed tones. Though the stories always differ as to purpose they all seem to be around one theme. Jonathan was seen entering Cera's old tree with a young child, and exited hours later with a box that he immediately left to parts unknown with.

    Theories abound about what was in the box. Some as simple as him wanting to clean out the tree to make room for new growth. Some that he's adopted the child and is claiming the tree as his new home. A few make note the box had to have contained some kind of powerful artifact left behind by the tree's previous owners and that it would be used soon.

    Either way, as confusing as the stories may be, it certainly does seem interesting._

  • Narfell DM

    *One of the last remaining true gali strides into the camp, presenting his oath whenever he is stopped, heads down into the communial tree and gathers up his belongings. As he strides out of the camp, he nods to all the Hoarans. When he is out of arrow range he sits and straps on his armour which has changed to black and blue, colours of the Leigon and heads up to Peltarch.

  • A few muddy Hoarans who work near the bridge have been grumbling lately about sticky-fingered fey who've been grabbing gold pieces out of the toll barrels and dropping the coins into the river. The slick little faeries are lightning fast and impossible to catch.

  • A naked guy can be seen waving his hands about and chanting sometimes for hours until it begins to snow near bridge. What in the world he's doing or why he finds it so entertaining is anyone's guess. Rumor has it he even briefly having a spat with Rass over temporary use of the top of her cave.

  • _Curious signs of an intruder have been seen early in the mornings around the camp.

    Boxes have been left open and tree branches broken have been broken. Some camp dwellers even claim to have smelled dead fish._

  • A man in dark leathers is rumored to move about the camp tending to any injuries of those willing to accept his aid. Though using herbs and bandages unless the injuries require more in which other means are used usualy resulting in him coughing a lot after treating the person in question.

  • One day near the central fires Johnathan speaks to Sarah. She smiles and nods in response. Not long there after the young woman is seen heading south into the spider woods. Climbing gear and rope slung over her shoulders. She pauses to look back at the camp briefly before moving south resolutely

  • two field dressed deer are left near Johnathan's tent with a note by long time camp resident Sarah'linae. What she wrote is anyone's guess, but judging from the grumbling coming from the family's cave it has Tala in a mood. The old wives tongues wag saying it is about a boy. What else could cause mother and daughter to fight?

  • Shady seems to be in a particularly good mood of late, humming contentedly to herself, and greeting her customers with a smile

  • _Will spends an afternoon at the forge making a few small things, then packs up his tools and heads home just before dark.

    Shortly after, he speaks briefly with Ther and leaves the camp afoot wearing dark-colored light clothing and a black cloak rather than his green and gold armor.

    It is midmorning before he returns, heading directly home again._

  • Quietly and without much fuss, the tall blonde warrioress Ragnhild leaves the camp with a moderately sized pack strapped to her back, heading north and not returning. Her tent is neatly swept and tidied, all remaining belongings boxed up as if for prolonged storage and her weapons collection missing entirely. The bed however, is made with fresh sheets and soft furs, a small note fastened to the cover with a pin. On it, a stick-figure blonde hugs a far shorter brunette, what may be a large black cat sitting next to them. A heart-shaped red line encloses all figures, and though the drawing is quite lacking in artistry, the warmth of the message still shines through.

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  • Jonathan simply smiles in the face of Celebring's anger
    giving him a friendly pat on the back

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  • Celebring approaches Johnathan as he's moving in, a few brief words are exchanged, Celebring seems angry.

  • Several of the older women fret and frown as they watch Jonathan whistling while he moves into Jonni's old tent

    …..barely in the grave he is....