Evil Roll Call

  • Login: Linnatha
    Character: Arizima Sepret
    Alignment: NE
    Residence: Arnath
    Information: Wow, for this you might actually look at her character history, it pretty much speaks for herself. In short… child of the Sepret, a church of Set. Defied Set, now is godless and struggling. About 17 years of age and has the attitude to match

  • Narfell DM


    Login: Katebush
    Character: Erevaine the Quiet One
    Alignment: Neutral Evil, though the neutral isn't by much
    Class: Cleric 3. Rogue 3
    Residence: Norwick
    Info: A high priestess of Mask, an elven supremacist and a dominating sarcast. Her aim in life is to be a beautiful widow and then get over him….Of course she still needs to marry him yet 😉

    Just Kidding Ikurus darling......honest.


    i'm not scared.




  • Login: Katebush
    Character: Erevaine the Quiet One
    Alignment: Neutral Evil, though the neutral isn't by much
    Class: Cleric 3. Rogue 3
    Residence: Norwick
    Info: A high priestess of Mask, an elven supremacist and a dominating sarcast. Her aim in life is to be a beautiful widow and then get over him….Of course she still needs to marry him yet 😉

    Just Kidding Ikurus darling......honest.

  • Login: Gadzooka
    Character: Narfil Cudin
    Alignment: LE
    Class(es)/Level(s): Rogue/Wiz
    Residence: Norwick
    Information: A former wizard's apprentice who had to interrupt his studies after a prolonged period of debauchery left him penniless, Narfil has survived on his wits and aptitude for business. He now understands the payoff from the grueling study of the arcane, and is determined to master the arts and apply his business skills to it, so he can get back to living the life of pleasure in earnest.

    He prays to Azuth, but could be converted.

    What makes Narfil evil is the absolutely self-centered tilt of his moral compass. He's a perfectly amiable fellow, which helps him seal a deal with laughs and friendly banter while ripping off the target. He's not incapable of being kind or doing a favor to someone– but it's from a cool calculation that it'll have a payoff eventually. He's not a baby-killer, but he'll gladly trade in baby skins. And he loves nothing more than the company of good people. Good people do things for free.

    ((I'd love to meet more evil chars in-game and scheme, but Narfil should get on fine with most good/neutrals. My intention is to inject a bit of humor into situations, or add a twist to a plot, as in the recent Penguin piligrimage.))

  • Login: Glarr
    PC: Joseph Xiliun
    Class: Ranger 6
    Diety: Sheverash
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Residence: Norwick
    Info:Has a strong need for power, not willing to have other raced friends besides half-elves, continues to insult other races

  • Login: Enemy of the Mirror

    PC: Nathan Darkspell
    Class: 2wizard/1figther
    Diety: Orcus
    Residence:The crypt of Norwick
    Info: Being a badass necromancer, like dragging corpses down into the crypt, and is currently plotting a revenge on Velsharoon(well, im powerfull! :D) and Norwick..

    (Coming soon)
    Name: Unknown so far…Female Human..
    Class: Wizard1/monk Rest
    Diety: Kossuth
    Residence: Probaly Norwick
    Info: A member of 'The order of the Salamander'.

  • Login: SickFish

    PC: Denny
    Class: Fighter(1)/Rogue(2) will continue as roge possibly one more fighter lvl
    Diety: Bane
    Residence: Peltarch
    Info: Just your basic scoum of the street. Nothing real special. Ended up in peltarch after a long night of drinking. Zanetars little lacky.
    PC:Garth "Ug"
    Clases: Monk
    Diety:Cant remember the name, orc god that starts with an I
    Info: Mingiling with the people of narfell. When he comes to some power will try to raise the next hord to overrun the regon. Uses the alies "Ug" to escape some hunters. Seems like an inteligent half orc. Canot seem to get his orc bretheren to listen to him.

  • Narfell DM

    Forum ID/Irc/Narf/ - metagod/Cyrian/metagodX

    PC: Chaevre' Vaelen
    Class: Fighter 1 / Wizard 6
    Diety: Mask
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Residence: Norwick
    Info: A Merchant of Magical merchandise, many wonder where she aquires her wondrous wares and how she managed such wealth. Using her monetary influence she has gained respect by many in Narfell, also has made many enemies as well as allies, She also has begun infiltrating into the better respected groups in narfell to maintain her believed neutrality, but she would do what is necessary to aquire wealth.
    She hates when men Hit on her in any fashion and has been known to hand out beatings to those that do happen to transggress.

  • Narfell DM

    Login: flomuxed

    Character: Ikurus Darkrune.
    Classes: Sorcerer (6)
    Alignement: Lawful evil.
    Diety: None.
    Residence: Norwick at the moment.

    Reason of being evil:

    Greed and lust for power. He does'nt want to destroy, nor hurt people. he just wants power… and lots of it.

  • Login: Zanetar

    Character: Zanetar Den 'Kath
    Class: Cleric (Pure, no dualclassing planned)
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Deity: Bane

    His history is in the archives somewhere…

    Character: Zalus Khano
    Classes: Monk 3 / Sorc 2
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Deity: Shar
    Order: Dark Moon

    A stern monk of the Dark Moon order, he is eager to experiment with Shar's gift, the Shadow Weave. (Nothing special rule wise, but definitely shadow weave for roleplay purposes. Ayup. ph34r.)

  • Character: Seyris Blackhand
    Class: Monk(6)
    Aligment: LE
    Residence: Norwick
    Info: considers himself a scholar. By witnessing dying people, experimenting with wounds and the dead he tries to understand the body of the mortals, meanwhile weaving some dark plans…
    Although evil, he is often ready for exchanging words of wisdom with almost anyone (save good clerics and paladins blinded by their faiths and other zealots).

  • heya 🙂

    Alignment-Chaotic Evil
    Class/Level-Wizard 3

  • **Login-**XxDark_HuntressxX
    **Character-**Paneia Mestros
    **Alignment-**Chaotic Evil

  • Login: Void-Image
    Character: Elvadriel Gal'awen
    Alignment: Nuetral Evil
    Deity: Velsharoon
    Class/Level: Wizard (6)
    Residence: Peltarch

  • Login: Coaan
    Character: Arora
    Alignment: Chaotic (15) Evil (15)
    Class(es)/Level(s): Illusionist (4), Cleric (1)
    Deity/Domains: Cyric (Death, Evil)
    Residence: Arnath

    Information: Arora had been a good kind soul once, ready to aid anyone who might need it until the disappearance of her love, More and more fools rushing out to their deaths despite offers of help and a few deaths finally sent her over the edge. Cyric had offered what she wished to hear and released the shackles. Now there is only a careful mask of hatred and cruelty.

    She owes her alegiance to few, Namely Cyric, Her Yuan-ti sisters and brothers and Arnath. She extends the dark gifts to all who are foolish enough to accept them.

    Her recent deeds can be accounted as sealing open the portal in Norwick for all of demon kind to come pouring through.

  • Login: Wywernywin
    Character: Mellikant Nokild
    Alignment: Lawful (85) Evil (15)
    Class(es)/Level(s): Wizard/6
    Residence: Arnath
    Information: –-

    Login: HedCker
    Character: Elrinia Cendel
    Alignment: Neutral (50) Evil (15)
    Class(es)/Level(s): Ranger/5, Rogue/1
    Residence: Arnath
    Information: ---

    Login: Wywernywin
    Character: Crianarh
    Alignment: Chaotic (0) Evil (0)
    Class(es)/Level(s): Cleric of Orcus/6
    Residence: Peltarch
    Information: ---

  • Login: CyberJesterB
    Character: Jard Bloodthorn (AKA: Thorn)
    Alignment: NE
    Deity: Malar
    Class/Level: Fighter 4/ Rogue 2
    Residence: Jiyyd
    Information: Son of a noble family in Waterdeep he became obsessed with hunting for sport at a very young age. As his obsession grew he no longer found animals to be sporting game and turned to more intelligent creatures for entertainment. This climaxed in his turning on a fellow hunter and making him run for his life as he methodicaly tracked him down and murdered him. Rumors began spreading at the man's dissapearance after a time and some suspected Jard for his act. Malar came to him in a dream at this time and informed him that he was to travel to the land of Narfell and persue a new life. Now a follower of the Lord of Beasts, Jard seeks to gain the power of Lycanthrope believing it to be the most complete mix of human and beast and thus the ultimate hunter. He has joined Mavado as a member of the Outsiders.

  • Login: Spoon_Of_Death

    Character:Luke The Swordsman



    Class/Lvl: Fighter/1 Cleric/1 (rest will be cleric)

    Residence: Norwick (Should be Arnath, but was created before I could start there, dunno if anyone could help me out with that little detail)

  • Login: Argos5
    Character: Val'danis Ceness
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Deity: Velsharoon
    Class/Level: Ranger(2)/Fighter(2)/Cleric(1)
    Residence: Arnath

    Once known as Val'dur Ceness, Val'danis was resurrected to service the Lord of the Forsaken Crypt as a weapon of disgrace to Kelemvor who Val'Dur once served. A scholar in his early days and a part of a family of clerics to Kelemvor, Val'Dur met his fate and now as Val'danis serves Velsharoon to further his passions to ultimate power and destruction.

    Login: Argos5
    Character: Arkan Tir-Dann
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Deity: "I'm no faith-fool, cony!"
    Class/Level: Rogue(1)
    Residence: Peltarch

    After an incident with Mind-flayers upon the planes beyond, Arkan lived in Sigil for a decade trying to piece together his past… inevitably finding himself in service of Githzerai he traced his memories back to Icewind Dale and later searched Abeir-Toril to rediscover his past and forge a new future.

  • Login: Sab1
    Character: Sasha Da'erfin aka Shai'llyn
    Class: rogue/ranger
    Diety: currently shopping around
    Level: 8/1
    Alignment: LE
    Location: Underground

    Isn't really evil just angry and full of revenge for her belief that she was betrayed and abandoned by those she considered friends.